Everyone loves a good story of redemption, especially when there are super powers involved. Today marks another evolution for the game, with new features, new heroes, and updated looks for some of the title’s original roster.
Marvel Heroes 2016 also brings with it a new story chapter based on the 2008 Secret Invasion event. This update also brings the full release of the Mac version, controller support, Steam achievements, and leaderboards.

Preston Garvey might not be the most annoying NPC since Roman Bellic but man, he’s up there.
When it first launched in 2014, Marvel Heroes had some issues, but over the past two years developer Gazillion has been hard at work improving the experience. Captain America, Black Widow, and Jean Grey are the first to get the makeover treatment, bringing them in line with the more realistic art style more recent heroes sport. Black Cat also joins the fight, with Jennifer Hale returning to the role she played in the 1990s animated series.

To show off how far the game has come, Gazillion has released an infographic comparing Marvel Heroes at launch to its current state.

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