Welcome to Movie Jail, a facility like any other, only its inmates are Hollywood writers, directors, actors and producers. Yes, he's staring movies as of late have been crap worthy and enough to throw him in jail but in larger movies he is doing a great job as a supporting actor and most importantly his staring roles have been in Straight To DVD flicks.
PLOT: Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a dreamer who yearns to escape his hum-drum existence, and fantasizes about dating his pretty Life Magazine co-worker, Cheryl (Kristen Wiig).
REVIEW: THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY has its origins as a short-story written by humorist James Thurber, which was turned into a big 1947 Technicolor musical starring Danny Kaye, which truthfully wasn?t that closely tied to the short story that inspired it. Stiller?s THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY is at least as different from the old forties version as that movie was from Thurber?s original story. The biggest difference between MITTY and those films is that it?s utterly lacking in cynicism. It?s actually quite surprising what a quiet, atypical movie WALTER MITTY is for a big-budget studio comedy, but Stiller makes it work beautifully.
This is easily Stiller?s best role since his own TROPIC THUNDER and while his shtick was wearing thin in THE WATCH or LITTLE FOCKERS, this is a re-energized Stiller working at his best.
It?ll be interesting to see how the public reacts to THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, as it?s probably the quietest, most introspective would-be blockbuster I?ve seen in a many a year. Frozen 2 will be a sequel and also a prequel, following the first movie, with Elsa as the protagonist. The movie will also shine light on the three cousins, Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel, and their inherited natural elemental powers that each contain. The movie will go deep into the pasts of the main characters of Frozen, along with their futures. It is unknown how they inherited these powers (which will be explained in the movie), except for Rapunzel, whose mother was deathly sick whilst pregnant with her. Jack Frost and Elsa have been friends since they were very young, just keeping it a secret. They became friends after meeting each other accidentally and discovering that they possess similar abilities. The movie cuts back to the scene in Frozen 1 where Elsa is in chains in the castle jail after being captured by Hans. He goes off and finds her in the prison, and is able to destroy the walls using his powers and help Elsa escape. Sometimes Elsa meets her only and long time best friend, the only person in the world who knew what she was experiencing. One day on vacation trip, Princess Rapunzel and Prince Eugene go to visit Arendelle for their anniversary, visiting the place they went on their honeymoon.

Hearing of royalty from another country visiting, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna immediately go to greet them and welcome them to their country.
The King and Queen of Corona were just never aware that the King and Queen of Arendelle had any children. In spite of surprise and fear, Queen Corona upon seeing her long-lost nieces faces, collapses onto the ground. Elsa reaches out her hands to try and aid Queen Corona but she accidentally strikes her with ice. Rapunzel immediately runs to her unconscious mother, hoping the tears falling beneath eyes will heal her mother. Before the magic tear touches her mother, a sack is thrown over Rapunzel’s head and she is taken away before anyone has a chance to save her. Carefully, Anna explains how it is not her fault, even after years of having her powers, she can not fully control them. On the other side of the world, Jack is sleeping and senses the same feeling he had two years ago, feeling Elsa’s pain. Meanwhile, Eugene, the King, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and a few other citizen volunteers have gone on a search to find the missing princess. After a few musical numbers, the search crew has been searching for a few days and finally finds a cave with a fire lit up that seems a bit suspicious.
They sing about their feelings a little bit and after reminiscing their old memories, they rekindle their relationship and turns into something more.
Hans and the robbers have other men with them who immediately try capturing Anna and running away with her. Everybody holds their breath, and after minutes of waiting, Jack is still on the ground, cold and motionless.
In an effort to comfort Elsa, Rapunzel and Anna take Elsa’s hands, the three of them holding hands together. Jack’s heart begins to beat again, color comes back to his skin and Elsa feels his heartbeat against his chest. The kingdom of Arendelle rejoice that both princesses are safe, and in honor of all that has happened, they lift up lanterns and begin a new annual tradition in honor of Corona. As soon as he arrives in his home country, he is send to court and punished for his crimes.
When the print edition of Life Magazine is scuttled, and the final issue?s cover photo is misplaced, Mitty takes it upon himself to find the missing negative, which is in the possession of globetrotting photographer Sean O?Connell (Sean Penn).
For decades, various stars (including Jim Carrey) and studios have been trying to mount a WALTER MITTY remake, with several full-fledged Mitty scripts floating around at different times.

The only similarities are that the main character?s name is Walter Mitty and that he daydreams. The movie is helped enormously by gorgeous cinematography by DP Stuart Dryburgh that captures the impressive location shooting done in Iceland. Kristen Wiig is also appealing in a surprisingly straight-laced role as Mitty?s dream girl, a kind single mom looking for love on websites like ?e-harmony?.
I hope that it?ll be appreciated, as there is something charming about watching a movie that so proudly wears its heart on its sleeve. She ingested the magic golden flower and with Rapunzel in her belly, she absorbed the powers the flower contained. Because of the shame and crimes that Hans has brought upon the southern isles, his brothers exil him into the woods of the mainland.
Mitty?s quest takes him from Iceland through the Himalayas and beyond, in an adventure that- up to now- he could have only dreamed-of. Finally, a modern version has arrived although it would be wrong to call Ben Stiller?s movie a remake.
Stiller?s film is a real departure for him as a director, feeling more in line with his more thoughtful, earlier work like REALITY BITES, than the hilarious, twisted humor of later efforts like THE CABLE GUY, ZOOLANDER and TROPIC THUNDER. This is altogether different, and is a surprisingly introspective work from such a big comedy star as Stiller. The pop-soundtrack is also appealing, with music playing a big part in Mitty?s adventures, with David Bowie?s ?Space Oddity? memorably spurring him-on at one pivotal point. Funnyman Patton Oswalt has a fun cameo as the ?e-harmony? tech support agent who becomes a surprising asset to Stiller on his adventures abroad, while Sean Penn cameos as a character that seems patterned on the public?s own perception of him through his work overseas. His Mitty isn?t that different from his usual nebbish characters, although unlike them Mitty?s not really anyone?s victim other than his own. Often in a road-movie like this, Mitty would be meeting a variety of off-the-wall oddball characters, and while there are a few of those (including a drunk helicopter pilot) the focus mainly stays on Mitty?s inner journey, and his evolution from meek dreamer to confident man of action.
Mitty?s fantasies are only really important for the film?s first act, with the most lavish one being a loud New York battle that plays like a satire of the destruction-laden superhero fights we?ve seen done to death in movies like THE AVENGERS and MAN OF STEEL.
Knowing what he has done to Anna, he swears to never harm another girl ever again and starts loving Merida for every second for the rest of his live. Once the proper story kicks into gear and Mitty?s on his adventure, it becomes a quiet, surprisingly affecting travelogue more in the vein of LOCAL HERO or a more upbeat INTO THE WILD than anything else.

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