It looks like the tension between Monster and the Yamaha Racing MotoGP team have eased, as the Japanese manufacturer announces a 5-year deal with the Spanish telecom giant Movistar. Monster invoked contractual clauses when Yamaha first brought the situation into discussion and the whole affair suddenly becoming very difficult, with Yamaha officials reportedly flying to the US to talk Monster into a solution. As we reported earlier, the negotiations have come to a halt as one of the main sponsors of the team, Monster Energy Drinks refused to have its logo relocated on the side panels of both Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

There is no word on what the Tuning Forks and Monster agreed on, but it appears that things finally went smooth. We cannot wait to see how the bikes looks and what happened to Monster’s logo, and how has Yamaha convinced the energy drinks manufacturer to accept the new terms (read how much it cost).
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