Hey guys, today we are continuing my character build series with Deadpool, easily one of the most hilarious and overpowered comic book characters out there. Hey guys, today Ia€™m going to show you how to get a massive head start on your character in a new playthrough.
Hey guys, today Ia€™m going to share everything you need to know before choosing a faction, because that decision really determines the outcome of the game.
Fallout 4 Top 10 Character Creations in the Wasteland: Hitler, Walter White, Obama and More! Just a stupid animation I made dealing with the strangeness of the character creation in fallout 4.
Hey guys, today Ia€™m going to share everything you need to know about trapping and caging creatures in the Wasteland Workshop DLC. Hey guys, today we are continuing my character build series with the other highly requested video game assassin, Ezio Auditore de Firenze.
Hey guys, this time I have a super effective a€?get rich quicka€? scheme for those of you running low on caps or just wanting a ton of caps.

Fallout 4- The Legend of Cabot House- non-human artifacts, a mysterious serum and an immortal family. Hey guys, today Ia€™m sharing my companion guide for Piper, the Commonwealth journalist who is quite literally obsessed with the news.
Cabot Circus has over 90 stylish shops for you to explore including Apple, Harvey Nichols, Joules, and Zara. Find out all the latest from Cabot Circus - including store openings, events, fashion and food news and much more.
From fashion shows to student events, there are always exciting events happening at Cabot Circus. Whatever the occasion, you don’t have to think twice about buying the perfect present, thanks to the Cabot Circus Gift Card. The Gift Card from Cabot Circus offers access to 120+ shops, restaurants and cafes and a 13 screen Showcase Cinema de Lux . Purchasing the Gift Card from Cabot Circus is easy, simply visit the secure website to buy now.

Boux Avenue creates irresistibly beautiful lingerie, nightwear and accessories in a stunning luxury boutique haven.
Long, short or romantic, there's wealth of choices to suit all tastes and desires for reasonable prices in the centre! John Cena battles Batista for the WWE Championship in an I Quit match.Batista's last match.
Take advantage of the best in digital cinema in all 13 screens which feature Real D 3D and Sony 4K Digital Projection. I admit that the Fallout 4 created character, what I shall now dub as a€?Senior Cenaa€? could have been a bit better.

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