He has played more hard men than most East Ender's have had jellied eels - but actor Danny Dyer is not without his sensitive side - as his MUM reveals. His East End mum described the painful moment she discovered Antony had a secret mistress on the other side of London in November 1986.
That evening Christina told Tony to sling his hook and then broke the news to Danny's brother, Tony, then seven. Danny went on to get over his issues but his mum admits he was a troubled teenager, before his acting talent was spotted by his drama teacher.
Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness?

She told The Sun on Sunday: a€?A posh woman called and said, a€?I think ita€™s about time you knew your husband has been having an affair for a year with a woman called Andreaa€™. Although Tony took the news well, Christina said son Danny became so withdrawn she became concerned and visited his headmistress who recommended counsellung.
Christina, who had daughter Kayleigh in her arms, decided to confront Andrea Talbot and immediately picked up the phone. Porimal Mitra, is a middle-aged, responsible housewife who takes care of her entire family.
Life takes a turn when Inspector Arup, brother of Parama\u2019s sister-in-law, approaches Parama with a crime case.

Parama, who has always had an inclination towards mystery novels since childhood, solves the complicated case with her intelligence and sharp mind.
But she declined to comment further, insisting it all went down "too long ago." C"Elke always knew Angelina was special, and she's very proud of her," said the source. Arun, surprised at discovering Parama\u2019s hidden talent, convinces her to become a real-time Detective and solve real crime cases.

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