1943 – At Crickley Hall, a home for London orphans evacuated during The Blitz of World War II, eldest orphan Maurice Stafford tells six-year-old Jewish German orphan Stefan Rosenbaum that house owner Augustus Cribben wants to see him. 11 Months Later – Gabe asks Loren if she will help him convince her mother to move temporarily so that they will not be in London on the anniversary of Cam’s disappearance. 2012 – Eve worries about the girls getting into the cellar where there is a padlock over a deep old well. 1943 – Nancy meets Maurice and learns that everyone must remove their shoes because the noise of footsteps carries throughout the building. 2012 – Eve dreams of Cam saying, “I’m not dead mommy.” She goes downstairs and notices small puddles on the floor that lead from the open cellar door.
2012 – Reverend Andrew, the priest at the church, tells the Caleighs that 68 people died in the flood. 1943 – Nancy returns to class and instructs Maurice to fetch her a glass of water from the well in the cellar. 2012 – Loren punches her bully in the nose after being insulted about her kidnapped brother. 2012 – Gabe and Loren agree not to tell Eve about the fight, instead blaming Loren’s injured hand on a hockey accident.
1943 – Nancy goes to the church and pretends to apologize to Magda while the children are there for a service. 1943 – Nancy tosses stones at the window of the children’s bedroom and summons Stefan to let her inside Crickley Hall.
2012 – The school bully uses keys from her grandmother, who is a housekeeper at Crickley Hall, to sneak into the house.

1943 – As floodwaters enter the house, Magda and Maurice flee Crickley Hall in fear of Augustus. 2012 – Percy tells the Caleighs that he set up Stefan with a friend who lost his child in The Blitz.
Culture Crypt is the most reliable website for genre movie reviews and the best in popular culture, specializing in independent horror film entertainment. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Register so you can check out ratings by your friends, family members, and like-minded members of the FA community of users. Do you know what article about Maisie Williams talks about her dropping out of school to persue acting? Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams quits educationMaisie Williams, the 16-year-old Game of Thrones actress, says she has stopped seeing a tutor as she wants to focus on acting. Meanwhile, in 1943, Nancy Linnet accepts a job at Crickley Hall, as a teacher for the orphans housed there and almost immediately runs into trouble with the Cribben siblings, the owners of the home… VERDICT The Secret of Crickley Hall impresses from very nearly the first time anyone opens their mouths.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. A year after their sonvanishes they take their family–including their daughter, played by none other than Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones)–to Crickley Hall in an ill-fated attempt to escape the past. When supernatural events begin to take place, Eve feels the house is somehow connected to her lost son.
It’s not only that Maisie Williams is involved: It truly looks like an amazing project!

In the present, Suranne Jones and Tom Ellis do the near impossible and make you care for Eve and Gabe within minutes of meeting them. The story will shift between the present day and 1943, as the family attempts to unravel the secrets of the house and find out what those secrets have to do with their missing son. Their sleepy, very funny, breakfast routine has the look of something that’s been done a thousand times before and you feel like you know this couple, or at least know people like them.
Cribben curses Maurice for disturbing his peaceful moment and demands that the boy return upstairs.
It makes what follows all the more horrifying, and Jones in particular sells the empty-eyed, dead-inside limbo halfway between denial and grief effortlessly.Eve is an open wound, and one of the most affecting moments comes early on when she screams at an empty street on finding a Missing Cat poster stuck over the poster of her missing son.
Those of you expecting a Nick Cutter do-over will be both disappointed and amazed at Henshall’s excellent 1940s upper-class pronunciation, clenched teeth and ever-on-the-verge-of-breaking-down civility. I particularly liked the revelation that the area is called Devil’s Cleave, which would be more than enough to get me throwing my things in the car and heading anywhere but there.
The cast is uniformly great, the setting is suitably menacing and there are some genuinely surprising turns in this first episode as well as some great scares. Just hopefully not a noisy one, after all, we don’t want to disturb Mr Cribben do we? CREEPIEST MOMENT A toss up between the sudden appearance of the cane (Twice!) and the moment where Gabe noticed the plaque about the flooding in the local church, then notices how many people died in it… UNANSWERED QUESTIONS Why did Percy take Clyde the dog?

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