Arthur Tate rose to his fame, wealth and respectability quickly from humble beginnings as a naive and somewhat bumbling police constable in a small English town. He becomes the corporate mailboy who rises meteorically to the top of his company (by impersonating an executive) in order to win the love of an icy woman executive.
He attributes this rise to his mantra: "believe in people, have faith in mankind, and never search for evil", which was instilled in him by his mother.

He spends his days running frantically between his real job in the mailroom and his fantasy position, with various sexual shenanigans with the boss's wife thrown in to keep the viewer alert.
Fox is charismatic while working with a cliche-ridden script that ties up everything very neatly at the end. Tate, who always seemed to have an extra piece of information which would make her suggest to the people in power that her son Arthur be provided a position where he could do more good.

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