Brantley Foster (Michael J Fox) heads to the Big Apple to make something of his life - but soon learns that finding a job is not as easy as it seems, and success is just as elusive as it was in Kansas. While at a company party at uncle Howard's house, Brantley is asked to keep his Aunt Vera occupied - and Carlton Whitfield away from Christy.
With two suitcases and my trusty laptop in tow, I left sunny Mexico and headed for the crisp autumn air of the Midwest. Carnegie chalked it up to his “eagerness to work day and night to make good.” And he looked for ways to make things happen. And enthusiasm worked for Carnegie, so much so that he went on to gain a wealth of knowledge about communications. So how can you apply the secret of success to your website content, blog articles and press release marketing? As a professional copywriter, I am tempted from time to time to become a little lackluster with my online content. Be Your Own BFF – Some entrepreneurs find that it’s easier to pretend they’re writing to their best friend. Put It Away for Another Day – No matter how badly you want to get this project off your desk, allow yourself the chance to read your work with fresh eyes. It Takes A Village – Just to be sure your online content is in tip-top shape, ask a trusted colleague to read it.
Maak een goede app, begin die handige webshop of dat inspirerende blog en het geld stroomt binnen. We zien dat je waarschijnlijk een adblocker of andere software gebruikt die onze banners ontregelt. De intelligente en goed geschoolde Brantley Foster is een boerenzoon die naar New York komt om snel carriere te maken. The more time I spend working from home in my online business, the less convinced I am about the age-old mantra that it’s hard work that makes you successful. But I actually think there is something even more important that a lot of people don’t really talk about. I wanted to start this post by highlighting something that always bothers me with the word success.
And, perhaps more importantly, it’s good to challenge the idea of what success means if you find that your pursuit of it is making you kind of miserable. For example, if you have a loving family that you never see because you are trying to make $1m a year by working from home then maybe you need to reevaluate what it is to be successful.
For me, success is more about doing something that I love and ensuring that the work I do and the money I make goes towards helping people and doing something useful and beneficial with my life.
Last week I posted a tweet and got a very interesting response from someone who has a very good track record with successful online businesses (he’s also one of my best friends in the world). There seems to be an attitude, particularly amongst the older generations, that hard work is all you need if you want to be successful in business.
As I said in the opener, I regularly get emails from bloggers and business owners who work night and day for years and don’t see the results that some people get in a matter of weeks. Well, one fundamental thing that I think everyone needs to acknowledge is that not everyone has the same starting point.
For example, it’s ridiculous for someone whose parents paid for them to go to Harvard to think that someone who dropped out of school to care for a sick parent has had the same opportunities they did.
When you want to learn about starting a blog or using online marketing to grow a business it is vital that you acknowledge your own starting point because it will really help you to not feel disillusioned when success doesn’t come right away. I don’t have any children so I naturally can devote more time and money to my business.
One thing that was mentioned in the Tweet above that I really can’t emphasize enough is the ability to learn.
When you look at all of the people who have had some online success you’ll notice that the common thing they all share is that they have an inherent curiosity for the web.
Figuring out the real problem that your readers are having on a day-to-day basic is an extremely simple but very important bit of information to have. I spend a lot of time writing them so please consider giving it a share, or you can subscribe below to get updates sent to your inbox. I also don’t think it matters though how you start (to a degree), as an awesome attitude can get you further in life than most things!
I have to absolutely concur – which may sound sycophantic but good honest horse sense is a rare commodity in these times.
The one other piece I find a requirement for solo entrepreneurs is their passion must shine through their work, otherwise it just looks like they are only trying to make money.
For me building a business is like crossing a lake, you need to swim a lot, but if you swim in the wrong directions, you’ll never make it. If I had to summarize my point of view, I would say the most important is to work hard yes, but work hard on things that move your business forward. Being a 60 year young man who has been online 10 years…I have found out the HARD way Just Hard work alone as you say, is NOT the answer to online success that translates into a comfortable living.
I’m not sure what the future holds for me as an author, speaker and musician, but if I ever stop genuinely helping others, I probably need to retire. There are a lot of industries, particularly in trading, where I feel like people add on value but still make a lot of money by moving things around. The successful results of hard work and the other big picture factors you mentioned are evident all around us.

I actually found that gif because my housemate always sends me 5 text messages instead of just one.
I suppose hard work is this ever-present thing that has to exist while you’re trying to make a project kick off. Look where you want to go (just like if you were driving), make sure you have a somewhat clear sight of what that looks like and how to get there (in terms of particulars), and you’ll stand a pretty decent chance of ending up there. You worded it well, we all must have that curiosity, and always be a lifelong learner to improve.
Yes it does take hard work, but the real key is being enthusiastic and curious to learn more, and to find out more… regardless of what the subject may be. The results was not as good as current projects that I outsource tasks and given up a percentage to other experts. I think James Altucher said in a post on Quora about what it was like to make a million dollars that he felt like everyone around now had 10 million dollars and he needed to get to back work to be successful. You genuinely, positively must LOVE what you do or else you can’t generate that curiosity factor. Smart, effective action, coupled with curiosity, and persistence, this mix helped me expand my presence online. People who keep trying to shoot in the dark take more time as compared to people who have clear vision and strategies.
He started his journey with a blog but soon he understood his audience and converted his blog into a money funnel.
Another important thing to remember is that every online business’ journey is different.
So I think we should aim to tinker our way to the next level of remarkability rather than having a big sucess goal. Becoming desperate, he uses a loose family connection with an Uncle Howard he has never met, but impresses him sufficiently to be given a job in the mail-room of a large company. That night, while the exec sleep over in the mansion, Brantley finds files that Christy has stolen from his room and hides in her bed. Fox) is a typical high school student who plays basketball for the underachieving Beavers who regularly get humiliated by their rivals, the Dragons. I was working away as the rest of the house enjoyed their newly adopted Mexican siesta tradition.
While they were “switching cars and unloading freight,” he’d run into town to make sales calls. He then penned the famous bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People and build a thriving corporate training empire.
There was something about your star product or service that you thought would benefit your fellow man.
But when you sit down to create business-related online content; your excitement takes a siesta. Be sure this culture makes an appearance in the copy. This can be done using the same voice, style and personality of other copy produced by your business. It allows for a more friendly and conversational tone which will better relate to your readers. Yes, you may feel a little self-conscious at first, but you’ll soon see the value of listening to your copy. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours before rereading and publishing your online content.You may find that a little “professional polish” is needed before it goes out to the world. Set the timer to see what you can do “before heading back to the train depot.” You may be surprised at what you can accomplish. I offer copywriting solutions to capture your enthusiasm, inspire your readers and increase your bottom line. I always appreciate hearing from readers and am delighted you found the tips to be helpful. Zo simpel is het niet, maar met deze tips is de kans groot dat je van je digitale hobby een dikbetaalde baan maakt. De sollicitaties verlopen helaas niet helemaal zoals hij verwacht maar gelukkig kan hij in het bedrijf van een ver vermogend familielid beginnen.. We do not offer any copyright infringement material, all our data comes from TMDb and trailers from YouTube.
Every day I get emails from bloggers who work their fingers to the bone but still aren’t seeing results. But I also never worked in a corporate environment so maybe don’t have the experience that other people have. My favorite example of this is good old Copyblogger and how Brian Clark took it from a simple two-column blog to a company that sells hosting, software and memberships to hundreds of thousands of users. Unfortunately, most people including myself usually make things harder and more complicated than they are… leading to work or success being harder than it is. Just trying to live honestly, enjoying what we have and working for what we want and enjoying ourselves in the process… makes life so much easier and worthy of a successful celebration. I think a lot of it comes down to whether you are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. In this email, you ask if the person receives the ebook, and what they struggle with the most. So far, this is the best way I’ve found to know what your readers want, which is also important for success IMO.

Lord knows, I have worked on a number of things VERY Hard yet found I was applying things in a WRONG way or the opportunity did not really work. I have more success with my wine travel website due to the wine tasting tours I did in the past. As the whole wine thing is in the meantime more a hobby of mine, it’s enough successful for the moment. Before she changed her life and started to live and work here in CH, she was working at a Bank.
I typically fall into that group of people you mentioned who think hard work is key and the younger generation’s entitlement attitude is at the heart of their lack of success and laziness. Expect things to not go as well as you’d like them to, but keep pushing for a better long-term and forget about the short term. We all definitely don’t have the same starting point but its the determination, passion, and new ideas that will take you to the top in your industry or niche.
Bloggers always seem to think that they need to put all their content on their own site when in fact you want to be putting it elsewhere!
Yesterday I was reading one of his niche ideas blog posts and read that he made $350,000 with OptinSkin plugin. I sell relatively low-priced products, so it took me a while to get to a comfortable income stream – whereas others, who sell high-priced courses or consulting, were able to reach six figures in a matter of months. I guess I just was trying to point out that some people have had very different opportunities and head starts. Howard sneaks into her room and climbs into bed - closely followed by Christy and aunt Vera.The lights are turned on and everyone knows what is going on.
With coattails flying, he spoke to as many people as he could before dashing back to the train depot.
And other times, I just can’t bear to spend hours at the computer perfecting a single paragraph.
Get to the heart of the matter by addressing the “who, what, when, where, why and how.” Draft an outline that highlights each point.
Expansion for you, however, might be something as simple as experimenting with a 9,000-word blog post. Success can mean just making a basic wage each month but being at home doing it…and of course doing it your way.
Some people are better off doing something they love for less money because it will provide a lot more satisfaction. Means interestingly my wine tasting tour website where I post only once in a while something has more success and is way better ranked than my german wine geek website, which I use only as a blog. In the comments, passion was mentioned, and I do agree that it’s certainly more than helpful, but not always necessary. Expect everything you do to pay of 6 months from now, and don’t worry about the meantime until then. I wish I could afford to hire someone to help me do it the right way because I obviously don’t get it.
But I shouldn’t compare my progress to theirs, because our niches, audience, and positioning are totally different! Make the changes as necessary and then enthusiastically treat yourself to a pat on the back. Omdat Brantly geen zin heeft om onderaan de ladder te beginnen speelt hij al snel zowel een hoge manager als postbode. Seeing how they solved problems or accomplished goals that the audience is currently struggling with.
But you HAVE to build relationships with other people in your industry if you want to make it. Especially when Google talks to me (tells me of some settings or whatever that has to be changed), I don’t understand a word they say, is it only me?
She said the shitloads of money she saw when working there where absurd and mostly made by people who didn’t even knew what they where doing. Het is een dubbelrol die hij maar met moeite vol kan houden, helemaal wanneer de vrouw van de baas hem probeert te verleiden. Maybe their ability would be more in knitting fancy things, or baking fab Muffins, creating dog apparel etc. So long as the *result* is something other people can be passionate about, you’ve struck your gold. You have to participate in the blogs and forums in your niche so that you become well known. And she also falls for the mail-room friend.Brantley can now fly back to visit his parents in Kansas - not with the return ticket but the company jet, to prove that he is a success and has made it in New York.
It finally made sense that my chances of someone seeing my well-thought-out comments were much greater if the person had a much larger following.

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