Critically acclaimed 1982 animation The Secret of NIMH was significant in that it was the first film directed by the esteemed Don Bluth after he had broken away from Disney. One of the masterful decisions made by the crew was the choice to enlist Jerry Goldsmith as composer.
It proved to be a genius move (as did most things with this fabulous composer) and helped lend a riveting sense of dramatic momentum to the film itself. Goldsmith was going through a remarkable purple patch in the year he scored The Secret of NIMH.
The Secret of NIMH truly is a remarkable piece of work, one of Goldsmith's finest scores and one of the finest ever composed for an animation. The Secret of NIMH came out when I was young and was a much darker movie than many of Disney’s offerings.  Being a kid, I had a lot of The Secret of NIMH merchandise including the original novel…so much so that I can’t remember if I even saw the movie when I was young. For its time, The Secret of NIMH also employed strong voice actors.  Elizabeth Hartman (in her last role) provided the voice of Mrs.
The Secret of NIMH is one of the few animated films not from the House of Mouse that I actually remember from my youth and that is saying a lot.
The Secret of NIMH is filled with magic and wonder, supported by beautiful animation that reaches the level of a Disney classic. The Secret of NIMH may offer some minimal improvement over the DVD, but this is certainly no spectacular hand-drawn animation release along the lines of Disney.
A former animator at the House of Mouse, Bluth had left to set up his own production company. NIMH would in fact be his first animated score and Goldsmith admitted that the medium was initially alien to his sensibilities.
The end result is one of the greatest animated scores of all time and one of Goldsmith's personal favourites.
And the score's "Main Title" bears inflections of his masterful work on Poltergeist, composed around the same time. Beginning with a stark cello, the music suddenly erupts into one of Goldsmith's patented action cues, in which the orchestra is exploited to its absolute limit. The choir re-appears and Goldsmith then introduces a doom-laden piece for swirling strings as the disturbing history of NIMH is revealed. That Goldsmith was able to sustain such dramatic tension in a genre renowned for musical "mickey-mousing" was an incredible achievement, and helped pave the way for animated scores to follow.

Brisby (voiced by Elizabeth Hartman) must turn to the help of the unnaturally intelligent rats and their wizard Nicodemus (voiced by the inimitable British actor Derek Jacobi). It is fantastical fun for the entire family, although smaller children may be a bit frightened by the film’s moodiness. It seems a minimum amount of effort has gone into to bringing this AVC transfer to Blu-ray, thus there is a lot of source damage still present, it is swarming in grain, there is definitely some harsh video noise apparent, flickering, and wavering color reproduction. Hitting theatres at a time when powerhouse Disney was in a serious lull, United Artists stepped up to the plate and hit one out of the park with this magical fantasy.
However, as with all the genres that he tackled, Goldsmith unlocked the conundrum with one devilishly simple and enormously effective move.
On the DVD commentary for the film, Bluth explains how Goldsmith put in an extra three weeks overtime on the score, such was his love for the project. Beginning with a mystical choir and swirling, enticing orchestrations, it gradually builds into beautifully romantic heights.
The music is so uncompromisingly bold and dramatic one could be forgiven for thinking it wasn't composed for an animated feature at all. The scene in the film is famous for its unflinching depiction of experimentation on animals, and Goldsmith's hugely dramatic score only adds to its effectiveness.
The choir and orchestra reach astonishing proportions and the listener's spirit is sent soaring.
Alan Menken's scores for Disney and Goldsmith's 1998 classic Mulan are just some of the scores indebted to NIMH's legacy.
Brisby must seek out help from unlikely sources in a crow named Jeremy, the Great Owl, and the mysterious rats that live under the Fitzgibbons’ rosebush.  When Mrs. Hopefully one day we’ll get the fully restored, pristine high definition release that this film deserves, until then, this Blu-ray is only a minor upgrade. Instead of "mickey-mousing" the action in the manner of past masters like Carl Stalling, he instead decided to score the film as he would a live-action project, emphasising the emotional core of a given scene instead of accentuating what's apparent on-screen. A gorgeous solo trumpet then ushers in the first statement of the glorious main theme for strings and celli. From here, the score proceeds to alternate between this thrillingly exciting action music and the soaring interludes for the film's more fantastical sections. The lengthy "Moving Day" expertly builds tension across several minutes before erupting into enormously aggressive music in the final two, as Goldsmith scores the film's terrific climatic swordfight between hero rat Justin and villain Jenner.

Un extraordinar, magnific, un triller psihologic de exceptie cu rasturnari de situatii neasteptate. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH will whisk you away into a magical fairytale world, hidden away from eyes of humans, where you can let your imagination run wild. Entitled the "Flying Dreams Lullaby", it's a truly lovely piece and makes regular appearances throughout the score. Brisby learns there is more to them than she thought, and a desperate race against time to save Timothy begins. Brisby due to Wham-O’s Frisbee products (most of the film had been shot so the dialogue was altered to make it sound like a B.  The movie was released to critical acclaim and was praised for its animation.
At the time of the film's release, Bluth and his fellow animators were dubbed the "Disney Defectors" in the press. Later on, it receives a heart-wrenching, beautiful vocal rendition by Sally Stevens and a slightly more naff, dated one sung by Paul Williams for the end credits.
The year before, he'd scored the final Omen instalment, The Final Conflict and the years before that had seen the likes of The Boys from Brazil, Alien and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Famously, Disney was not experiencing great fortunes in the late 1970s and early 80s and NIMH owed few concessions to the cutesy style associated with the studio. A dramatic and often frightening children's story, it centres on a timid field mouse (named Mrs Brisby in the film for copyright reasons) who, in order to save her sick son, must seek the help of a group of rats a€“ the subjects of human experimentation. 2: Timmy to the Rescue is a 1998 direct-to-video animated produced by MGM Animation and the sequel to the 1982 animated. Frisby and the Rats of ( being an acronym for the National Institute of Mental Health), this is most assuredly not a kids movie. 2: Timmy to the Rescue is a 1998 American direct-to-video animated and the sequel to The produced by Metro-Goldwyn. Watch The Online Free on, Stream latest released Movies TV Shows online for free. On this one picture rode the hopes of the young Bluth studio, and animation fans around the country.

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