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Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. Favreau’s JUNGLE BOOK Plus The Next GOTHAM, LAST MAN, SILICON And All The Marvel, DC & Trek News!!!! Dapplewood is ransacked by NIMH's scientists, thinking it to be the dwelling of the intelligent rats that escaped their facility years earlier, that is until they find more than just rats living in an intelligent manner. Naturally I was very happy to see this photo of Don Bluth and crew shooting a live action lantern plate for NIMH came across my desk. Nimnul becomes much more evil after being let out of the insane asylum and joining NIMH, stalking Penny and becoming hell-bent on killing intelligent rodents. Amplifier Artifact: The Stone, which only works for someone with courage of the heart, and is unlocked by love.

Abigail is only able to use it to kill Nimnul when he is directly threatening the life of Brutus. Bamboo Technology: Gadget is impressed with the Flapper Wingamathing, built of fully organic materials.
Berserk Button: Waggs picks the wrong time to tease Edgar and imply that they abandoned their families. Buffy Speak: It's common for Dapplewood residents to explain human inventions beyond their understanding in these terms, hence for example, 'monsters-on-wheels' for cars.
Break the Cutie: Michelle pretty much starts off broken, having lost both her parents, having her vision damaged and severe asthma from the gas.
Big Applesauce: The story assumes, like many Rescue Rangers fanfics, that they're based in New York. Canon Discontinuity: The Secret of NIMH II is disregarded, and both NIMH and Thorn Valley are re-imagined more along the lines of the first movie. Cats Are Mean: The son of Dragon, like his father, is a monstrous cat that all rodents fear.

Celebrity Paradox: Dale takes the furlings to see Jurassic Park, the very film that killed Once Upon a Forest at the box office, ironically, though the film itself isn't mentioned. Ages guesses an animal from the city must have brought technology to Dapplewood at some point in the past. Crystal Spires and Togas: What Thorn Valley is like, with it's many crystals that seem to be used to conduct energy.
Humans Are the Real Monsters: Discussed, with different characters giving different opinions.

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