My competitors are diluting my online presence because they are engaging with my target audience in an efficient manner. Here are the strategies of online influencers on how they connect with their target audience. Connect with your audience through stories they love and by simply answering their top questions along the buyer journey.
I like to segment my target audience into Twitter lists and engage with them there by answering questions and retweeting them. Engaging blog readers to build a thriving community requires empathy, generosity, writing skills, personality and a touch of vulnerability. I send them email newsletters filled with personal stories lined with actionable info that they can use to grow their business. Connect with your target audience by following the followers of your competitors on Twitter. I create content my audience finds valuable, put it where they can find it, and then they connect with me.
Guest Blogging and social media website are the best way to find your hungry audience and feed them with the right ingredients.
For me, guest posting and being interviewed on podcasts has proven to be a lucrative way to get in front of my audience on a regular basis.
I tend to be a trainer so I use as many real world examples & case studies as possible with steps on how to apply to their biz. Meet your audience where they're at -- add meaningful value, celebrate "likes", make a memory. By constant listening and engaging, I try and understand what my target audience is interested in.
Thanks to all the contributors who took out time from their busy schedule to share their strategies in connecting with their target audience. Your parcel can contain a personalised note, feel free to write it in the special instructions box at checkout and we will include it for you!
Neil Freemount, Kirk Anderson (the obnoxious but gorgeous new guy) and their buddies get together after school one day to read “Quasimodo’s” latest letter to Jamie. Jessica has gotten a few responses to her ad and she decides to meet with Paolo, one of her admirers. At lunch on Monday, Kirk Anderson and his buddies are talking about what a close call Neil had at the mall.
Neil tries to talk to Penny and explain what happened, but he just can’t seem to get the words out. Liz’s plan for Kirk starts with Liz pretending a famous supermodel, Erica Hall, is her cousin.

Jessica goes out with John Karger and has a wonderful time, even though he cuts the evening short because he has to get home and study. Without another word she handed her friend a sheet of notebook paper and found an extra pencil. I think the ghostwriter forgot Jessica and Lila were at the beach, and you know those two aren’t taking notebooks and pencils to the beach. Her hair was swept back from her face except for a few carefully chosen tendrils, which curled forward, suggesting rumpled abandon.
The Cover: My husband picked this book up and said, “Why is this woman so worried about what time it is while she’s standing in front of books about Monkee Mania and Poems?” It made me laugh. I hated Amy Sutton after this chapter until Book 75 when Kirk called her a dumb blonde and made her cry. WTF is wrong with Mr Collins and how has he not been sacked and struck off from teaching on account of his inappropriate behaviour?!
It's important to be where your audience is, and not force them to be where you want them to be.
Whatever the reason, have a backup of delicious treats you can sneak into or share anytime. She gets all dressed up for her college boy, but when he comes to pick her up, Jessica finds out he’s fat! When they saw Penny show up, they started making fun of her for being a good student (ugh) and talking about how boring it would be to go out with her.
So instead, he writes another letter from “Jamie” and tells Penny he’ll be waiting outside the Dairi Burger on Thursday at four o’clock and she can meet him if she wants to. She and Enid talk loudly about how Erica will be coming to Sweet Valley the weekend of the dance.
He also doesn’t kiss her goodnight, but Jessica is convinced they’ll have another date and they’ll be making out in no time. Collins is inappropriate, Lila and Jessica show up with two college guys they met at the beach concert, Penny and Neil are happy and Kirk Anderson is pissed at being stood up by Erica Hall. I suppose it has something to do with Liz’s hard-hitting journalistic prowess or something. I always held Amy to blame for Regina’s death, and I think Bruce did too, henceforth they stopped seeing each other until book 55, they shared one dance or so.
Steve gets the high school paper up at the college, so Jessica’s sure some college boys will reply. But Neil, who is actually doing all “Jamie’s” writing, is starting to get invested and wishes he could write to her without the other guys’ involvement.
Neil, who seems to have a man-crush on Kirk, can’t stand up to him and tell him he really likes Penny.

On Thursday, Neil sees Penny waiting for him and is about to go meet her when Kirk and his minions show up and laugh at him when he says he’s meeting Penny.
She’s also sure she’ll win her contest with Lila, but Lila says she’s got a guy she’s sure is even better than Jessica’s and that she’s going to win.
Lila thinks they should describe themselves and let the perfect guys find them, but Jessica thinks they should describe the guys they want. The guys decide to try to meet her, and Neil drafts a letter telling her to be at the bookstore in the mall at four o’clock on Friday.
Liz hesitates, explaining Erica only likes to go out with really good-looking guys, so Kirk gives her a picture of himself to give her, then instructs Liz to let him know “when she says yes.” Douchebag. Neither one of them mentions the name of her date or uses any words to describe him except “gorgeous,” so I’m pretty sure I know how this one is going to turn out. When she gets home that night she decides to spruce herself up a bit and goes off to find the makeup sampler her aunt gave her. At the mall, Neil tries to lose his friends, but they want to check out “Quasimodo” and see if she’s ugly.
He tells her what really happened on Friday and apologizes, then asks her to the Swing Fling. A few days later Liz calls him and says Erica got his picture and would love to go to the Swing Fling with him.
Sure enough, at the beach concert before the dance on Saturday, Lila says her date’s name is John and he’s meeting her there.
She doesn’t know what to do except go with him, but when they get to the restaurant, Jessica starts acting like she has some kind of terminal disease. Kirk is all, “of course she would, duh.” Liz tells him to wait for Erica outside the gym on Saturday.
When he finally shows up, he has his steady girlfriend on his arm and is surrounded by girls who all thought they had a date with him.
And setup for the next book: Regina is at the dance alone because Bruce has a lot of schoolwork to do. Penny shows up, wearing a red headband as instructed, and waits forty-five minutes before giving up and accepting the fact that Jamie isn’t coming.
He was just doing sociology research and can’t believe he gave all these girls the wrong impression.

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