We aim to be a satisfying and joyful ‘Online Mall’, with a large selection of high quality virtual stores offering the best value for money.
We consistently work towards making the shopping experience a delight for our customers and your opinion matters to us. Snapdeal offers the most comprehensive range of laptops, mobile phones, apparels, household appliances, toiletries, personal care products for men and women.

Snapdeal offers pretty much everything that one needs to lead a happy and comfortable life at at click of a mouse. Here, you can also pay your landline bills, gas bills, postpaid mobile bills, and other utility bills in the most simplified process ever. Started with a platform of just online recharge of mobile phones, today Paytm is a leading market place consisting nearly 20 million registered users with 15 million orders per month.

Paytm also offers a wide range of consumer goods like electronics, books, apparels and home furnishings.

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