Have you ever imagine to design different amazing way to save the room space as good as possible? Courtney McCarraher Bonnet, a mom of two from Pittsburgh, moved into a new home with her family a few months ago. On the surface, the home was pretty un-noteworthy — until she spotted a tiny, rusty-looking cupboard under the staircase.
She wanted to recreate the iconic little room under the stairs from the Harry Potter series, books that had made a profound impact on her. Like the mom who used bare materials to make a lovely tepee for her kid, Courtney was particularly resourceful in her use of leftover and recycled objects. Scroll on to find out what the inside of this mysterious cupboard looks like, and let us know what you think in the comments below! Whether as adults or children, we all discover a handful of books that make powerful, lasting impacts on us. For Courtney McCarraher Bonnet, a mom of two and a librarian from Pittsburgh, it was Harry Potter, the world-famous series of fantasy novels written by J.K. A few months ago, Courtney and her family looked at a home in Pennsylvania while house hunting.

Initially, she wasn’t too keen on the home — but changed her mind after she spotted a tiny, curious cupboard underneath the staircase.
The first image that popped into her head was that of the iconic “cupboard under the stairs” from the Harry Potter books.
We are first introduced to the cupboard in the series’ first book as a tiny, dusty, spider-filled bedroom at Number 4, Privet Drive.
Courtney immediately thought of recreating her own little cupboard under the stairs to pay homage to the series.
So in just eight days, she managed to transform the rusty old space into a fantastic, cozy reading room for her and her kids.
Before adding on any decorations, however, Courtney had to make some preliminary adjustments. After repairing a hole in the wall, she sanded down some surfaces and added wood panels around the room.
She used pages from an old, recycled copy of the first Harry Potter book as wallpaper, and added a new carpet and soft pillows to liven the atmosphere.
She even taped a poster of Harry Potter’s face to the wall, placed a vintage steamer trunk in the corner, and plastered a wonderful lightning bolt fabric across the ceiling.

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