This is the most amazing discovery of all times, I really really wish I had known this 25years ago! Learn how to access the hidden powers of your mind and use a remarkable technology called ?visioneering? that focuses the power of the mind to make your dreams come true. It gives you some strategies and also explains the law of attraction with the examples of the former successful people.  It was also widely criticized by the reviewers as well as the readers.

It tries to convince you that if you think positively then you will be able to change your life. Besides this, in the year 2007, the Secret book reached at number one position on the bestseller list of The New York Times. One can imagine its popularity that above 19 million copies of this book have been sold are around the world.

The year 2007 was so successful for her as during this year, the Time Magazine has included her among a list of the hundred people, who shape the world.

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