The pro-ana and anorexic Instagram society has a beautiful woman to look to as a mentor in terms of recovering from eating disorders. Using hashtag such as #realcovery and #tastingtheworld, Amalie is showing a post-by-post view of how to reclaim her world and speak directly to those who are suffering the way she previously suffered with anorexia, reports the Daily Mail. Women23 November 2014 - Jos VeldsemaHot On Instagram: Sara SampaioIs deze Portugese schone de nieuwe Adriana Lima? Technically speaking, the case could be made that the photo broke the sharing terms of the site, which explicitly state that users may not post partially nude photos…but, leta€™s get real.
This came as a tough blow for a young lady who was sharing her affection for her body as a member of the self-love community, especially considering how she explained ita€™s a form of therapy and an antidote to depression caused by years of bullying. I see a decent sized payday for this girl via discrimination lawsuit, but I’m no lawyer.
The what looks like ass cheeks on her stomach could have been flagged automatically as non partial nudity by Instagram’s filters.

Her name is Amalie, and as noted in the New York Post, Amalie isn’t a normal food blogger. See: Kendall Jenner, Jen Selter, or any girl whoA wore wings at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Yeah, shes fat but putting a picture on the internet to demonstrate bravery isn’t going to help her cause. Instead, Amalie posts photos on Instagram of her meals that help her gain weight and are part of the re-feeding process to help her recover from years of being underweight. If this photo is considered a€?partially nude,a€? then isna€™t any bikini picture ever taken?
Kudos to Instagram for obliteratingA her self-esteem and probably destroying years of therapy. But the wisdom she dispenses is invaluable to those who’ve experienced being super-skinny and recovering from eating disorders.

And if every bikini picture is hence banned from Instagram, whata€™s the point of Instagram? Kijk maar eens rond op het Instagram-account van deze 23-jarige (1991) Portugese schone die ook wel de nieuwe Adriana Lima wordt genoemd, zie jij de overeenkomsten? Hitting the gym day in and day out and seriously dieting and putting in a real solid effort in improving her image and health.

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