In the morning, before I go off to work, I will review the same topic from the prior night on Schweser’s tri-fold QuickSheet, which is like applying Pareto Principle to the Secret Sauce. Then I will take a 20 question quiz with Schweser’s Q-bank on the same topic before leaving for work. With 10 topics and 95 days remaining, this will ensure I get through each topic multiple times and I will get a chance to answer approximately 1800 Q-bank questions. This film is the clearest, most compelling explanation offered of the Fed, and why curbing it must be our first priority. Doc Zone has traveled the world, from Wall Street to Dubai to China, to investigate the secret history of the global financial collapse. Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of lotto winners who made hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of winning the jackpot prize but after 1 or 2 years later ended up being broke?
It is sometimes confusing and even mind baffling of how people who used to have all the money in the world lost everything and how people who had nothing gained everything! Some of the habits that you can greatly utilize for overall success and financial freedom would be becoming organized, energetic, hard working, street smart, goal oriented, determined, persistent, self-motivated, cooperative, resourceful, outgoing, creative, innovative, and many more. These are just some of the few habits of highly effective and successful individuals which is why they still attained all the success they could ever have including financial freedom despite of having no capital or no money to start out with.
Just take for example Abraham Lincoln who had the persistent attitude of never giving up despite of his many failures in life. I finished my Equity Analysis class in the MSAPM program, and somehow maintained my 4.0 grade point average. The idea is to spend one hour or less per day on this plan and just keep the material fresh in my head until exam day. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.
No matter how good you are if you do not develop the right kind of attitudes or habits then your success such as financial freedom would never last very long.

And why there are also individuals who came from a very poor background who almost had nothing but suddenly became one of the richest people in their time and in their place? When you technically think about it, people who have a lot of money seems like it is very impossible for them to bankrupt but how come there are already a lot of instances wherein they indeed really got bankrupt and lost everything. They succeeded and attained long term financial freedom because they developed the right attitudes and applied it every step of the way.
His persistent attitude led him to become one of the greatest presidential figures not only in the United States of America but to the rest of the world as well. He trains people in offline and online marketing and values building relationship with new people he meets every day. However, with 10 topics, by the time I loop back around to a topic, I have forgotten a great deal of what I spent so much time learning. Inefficient to say the least. It doesn’t cover everything, but it works on the Pareto principle, covering the 20% which will make up 80% of what I am likely to see on the exam. This is what we refer to as rags-to-riches success stories telling how simple people living very ordinary lives turned out to be the best in their field achieving the financial freedom everyone always wanted. Based on our diligent researches and after hours of analysis we finally came into conclusion that the difference between the individuals who achieved true financial freedom from the ones who temporarily did was plain attitude and habits. Another example was Thomas Edison who failed thousands of times before he finally discovered the light bulb, which we all benefit from and enjoy today.
I can’t believe I only have two classes left until I am complete with my masters degree.
This the primary challenge with the CFA Exams though; there is such a tremendous amount of material, that it is difficult to master it all.
It is not really about how much money you have or how much money you make, to truly acquire real financial freedom starts with your attitude and habits within yourself. So if you are serious about financial freedom, then start by developing the right winning attitudes and habits.

Since I am running out of time, I have to figure out how to remember most of what I am studying while I keep stuffing material into my head at a geometric rate.
The good news about this is that everyone is given the chance to develop these good attitudes and habits to become rich thus every human being in the world has the chance of attaining financial freedom.
Maybe it is time for us to think again.From the time we are university students there is overt and covert pressure on us to mortgage our futures by using consumer credit that ultimately devastates our futures. I would awake in the middle of the night barely able to breathe because of my fear and worry about my finances. I also need to do this efficiently, because as I already pointed out, I have 11 readings to cleave through over the next seven days. Finally, it all came to a huge crash when in the summer of 2012 my health and well-being revolted. I have only given myself one week to work through the 11 readings which make up Fixed Income and Derivatives. There is pressure on us to sign up for credit cards, buy cars we do not have the money for, or buy electronics with delayed payments. I was diagnosed with severe depression, adrenal gland burnout, I had addiction challenges, and I gained a bunch of weight.Somehow my financial life had become excruciatingly stressful and complicated. As if 11 readings in 7 days wasn’t enough to deal with, I need to solve another problem.
I read tons of books on business development, self- development, and on financial well-being.

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