Lauren tries to help people but Twilight gets hill, and she has to try helping others to make him better. In 1933, Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics, considered to be the first true American comic book, was published.
Lauren and Twilight have been busy using their special magic to help all their friends, but suddenly Twilight gets sick.
Her Rainbow Magic fairy stories by Daisy Meadows usually have about 80 to 90 pages, whereas this book has a whopping 122 pages! Any bags of candy sold the rest of the week will continue to add $2.75 per bag to that total.

Our oldest wasn't so sure she could read this book quickly, but I encouraged her to break away from her "fairy-only" mold.
And she read it in about 3 days of reading and I think she was impressed at her ability to read longer stories.
Unicorns will continue to multiply, and we’ll be here every day to welcome them into our fandoms. The story itself was good - nothing too impressive, but engaging and entertaining for elementary school age children (probably more for girls).
We will be sure to read more books in this series, and I'm glad that our oldest is expanding her tastes, if only a little bit.

They come seeking all manner of comics, from Adventure Time issues to the Zomnibus paperback. The seek the perfect mini for their Savage Worlds campaign, and the latest Arkham Horror expansion.

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