Specialty Press is forging a deservedly brilliant reputation for unearthing aviation exotica with gems like these. This is a fascinating book as it describes the efforts that were being put forth in the new designs, the way such projects were handled during the war, and the resulting design improvements that eventually led to features incorporated into later designs.
Another highly informative title that is packed to overflowing with the type of techincal photographs and diagrams that modelers love. This title, like others from Specialty Press, is impressive and thorough with many never before published pictures of XP54, 55, and 56 designs. This is the definitive book about the three aircraft, written in a readable, agreeable style that demonstrates the author's mastery of the subject.
The book is very well written, and contains many interesting pictures and drawings that are presented for the first time. You did know there was no sam heck in chance that Marvel was going to leave Civil War out of their upcoming Secret Wars event, right?Me? In the weeks following the announcement of the Secret Wars mega-event at New York Comic-Con, Marvel released 15 teaser images for event comics. To get you up to speed and excited for Secret Wars, wea€™ve prepared a series of articles breaking down the events that were teased so that youa€™ll be ready to revisit them next summer.
Iron Man backed the government, along with Hank Pym, Reed Richards, and most of the superheroes who were either already on the governmenta€™s payroll or didna€™t have much of a secret identity to protect.
Captain America saw the law as the governmenta€™s attempt to control the superhuman community and dictate who they fight. Separate from the experience, Civil War is still a pretty fun, big budget style superhero slugfest.
Lasting Consequences: For an event that centered on a conflict between Iron Man and Captain America, no hero felt that effects of Civil War and the Superhero Registration Act more than Spider-Man. Even after Capa€™s surrender, the Avengers would remain split on the issue of registration.
This split would remain intact until the Superhuman Registration Act was repealed following the events of Siege.
The death of Captain America is often associated with Civil War, but thata€™s a fuzzier measure. The Teaser: The teaser by Adi Granov seems to focus squarely on the tug of war for Spider-Mana€™s allegiance between Captain America and Iron Man. These radical designs ("Pusher" referred to having the engine in the back) used non-strategic materials and were developed in secret. I found this an engrossing title and one I recommend for anyone with an interest in WWII aviation and aviation technology in general. Specialty Press has once again provided the public with a superb product that fills a void. Perhaps more interesting was that most of those teasers were for events that have already happened. These were the worlds that would come together during the events of Secret Wars to form Battleworld, the battleground planet where the event will take place.
Civil War was Marvela€™s big a€?action moviea€? style event that pitted superhero against superhero over the issue of superhuman civil rights. Fearing that the government might begin trying to use superheroes as tools to solve political problems, and that being forced to reveal their secret identities may have dire consequences for his friends, Captain America went underground and formed a team of a€?Secret Avengers,a€? including Hercules, Luke Cage, Cable, and several other young and street level heroes. If you were reading Marvel Comics at the time, it was hard not to get caught up in the a€?Whose side are you on?a€? marketing of the event, and it was exciting to see the tide of the battle turn back and forth. It doesna€™t deliver the goods in the political philosophy department (in his defense, writer Mark Millar maintained in several interviews that a superhero slugfest is all he ever envisioned this series to be, that The Ultimates was his political superhero book, and the rest was all Marvel marketing), but Steve McNivena€™s art provides plenty of gravitas and drama to the book to make it an entertaining diversion. Bill Foster was killed by a clone of Thor created by Tony, Hank, and Reed (the clone would later be renamed renamed Ragnarok) who possessed all of the God of Thundera€™s power and none of his morality. Upon his return, Thor gave Iron Man a pretty mighty beat down for killing a friend in his name). Spidey revealedA his secret identity, letting his entire roguea€™s gallery know who he is and where to find him. Iron Man formed a new team of government sponsored Avengers that featured many classic Avengers that had left the team after the events of Avengers Disassembled.
Yes, it occurred in Captain America #25, which was labelled a Civil War epilogue, and yes, the assassination occurs while Steve Rogers is standing on the courthouse steps, waiting to stand trial for his actions during Civil War.

If I had to guess, I would think Civil War #1 will be told from Peter Parkera€™s perspective, as a universe still in the middle of its own Superhero Civil War suddenly finds itself part of the Battleworld and the Secret Wars.
I would definitely recommend this book to both aircraft historians as well as model builders.
Following an explosion that wiped out an elementary school during a battle between the New Warriors and Nitro, the United States government enacted the Superhuman Registration Act. Many fans criticize it for codifying the event comics cycle, for beginning the trend of superheroes fighting each other more often than they fight villains, for being too dark and serious, and for not following through on its lofty political themes.
This was a huge turning point for the series, as heroes on both sides of the conflict reconsidered their stance.
Meanwhile, Luke Cage took up leadership of Capa€™s Secret Avengers team, which consisted of many of the members introduced by Brian Michael Bendis in Breakout a€“ Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Woman a€“ as well as some first time Avengers like Doctor Strange and Iron Fist.
In addition, this book details the technical difficulties of mating an advanced aircraft design with inadequate engine development. Learn how to rig up a makeshift radio, how to pass undetected in enemy territory, how to live off the land and make shelter, and how to work as a sniper.
The law required all superhumans and vigilantes to register their secret identities with the government and become licensed government employees. A hitmanA found and shot Aunt May, leading to Peter putting on his Black Costume and becoming much more ruthless willing to break the law, as depicted in the Back in Black storyline. Learn how operatives blow up bridges, roads, railways and arms depots and how they work with the local resistance.With more than 120 black-&-whiteA?drawings and with easy-to-follow text, World War II Secret Operations Handbook is an excellent guide to the techniques and skills used by the men and women of the special forces, techniques that are as relevant today as they were in 1945. With May on deatha€™s door, Peter makes a deal with Mephisto to sacrifice his marriage to Mary Jane in order to save Maya€™s life, as depicted in One More Day. Up until Secret Wars, no big event since Civil War could match or exceed the sales success of Civil War.While I enjoyed the main Civil War title I hated most of all of the Civil War tie-in issues. The result is the dissolution of the couplea€™s long lasting marriage, and the beginning of the Brand New DayA storyline that set the stage for Spider-Man comics continuity as itA continues to be today. A longtime writer, editor and children's book author, this is her first major comics work outside of Marvel or DC. So, I was hesitant to pick up a copy of Secret Wars Civil War #1.However, the fact that Charles Soule was the writer helped to allay some of my fears. Soule is both an attorney and a talented writer so I figured he would be much more intelligent and better equipped to handle the subtext of Civil War in a far superior fashion than the vast majority of comic book writers. Black Panther tells Dagger that Tony has rigged the entire prison with a self destruct device and the whole place is going to blow up with Steve and their teammates in the prison. Black Panther tells Dagger to get Cloak and have him teleport as many people as possible out of the prison.We then cut back to the prison.
Mariah Hill radios Tony and tells him that Black Panther hacked into his system and activated the self-destruct system. Cloak transported as many people as he could but around 15 million people died in the massive explosion. Then Norman Osborn attempted to take over the United States, but he failed.Click for full page viewThe United States then split in half. Steve Rogers ruled the West and it was called The Blue.We cut to a young mutant suddenly getting the power of flight. Carol tells the girl who now that she has powers that she has to become registered.The girl says she was not going to hurt anyone. That there are many unintended consequences to untrained people just flying around.We shift to The Blue. It is a large canyon that is the dividing line between the order between The Blue and The Iron. She is the one who started the entire Super Hero Registration push once her son was killed.Miriam is being interviewed by a reporter. Miriam talks about how she has invited Tony and Steve to meet at The Divide in hopes to finally end the cold war between the two countries.
That the United States needs to be unified once again.The reporter says that Miriam is a polarizing figure and that many see her in the same light as the Bullseye Boys and other terrorist groups. The woman then transforms into She-Hulk.Steve, Peter, Tony and She-Hulk then all meet up with Miriam. Steve and Tony then walk into the negotiation room with Miriam.Miriam says that they need to talk about reunification.

Steve say that The Blue has twice the land of The Iron and half of the population of The Iron.Steve says that Tony wants land. That Tony has been starving The Blue by cutting off the flow of all the resources in order to force The Blue to give up some land in exchange for resources.Tony says The Iron is recognized internationally and is a legitimate trading partner so of course they get all of the resources. Miriam stands up and begs both men to sit back down.We hear a gun shot and we see that Miriam has been shot in the chest by a sniper.
I appreciate that Soule delivers a substantive issue that makes the reader feel that they got more than their money’s worth.
I also appreciate the depth of this issue as well as the incredible attention to detail.Soule does an impressive job world building in this issue. The reader gets treated to an incredibly well-developed setting and a wonderfully detailed history of this world.
Soule pulls off more world building in this single issue than I think I have ever seen before. Such a well-developed world helps to pull the reader into the issue and delivers a truly immersive reading experience.Click for full page viewSoule fleshes out every single small aspect of this setting from The Iron to The Blue. I love that Soule even touches on some of the fringe groups like The Punishers and the Bullseye Boys.
The concept of the Punishers is spot on and it makes sense that such a group would exist in The Blue in order to enforce their brand of justice. Yeah, Bullseye as a leader of a terrorist group is fitting for this character.What was also impressive was how Soule was able to really nail the philosophical differences between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Soule was able to take those differences and extrapolate them into the future when asking what if Civil War had never ended. The end result was a logical evolution of both Tony and Steve.Basically, Soule writes The Iron like the present day Northeastern states of New England, New York and New Jersey. Like America’s Northeast, The Iron is liberal in that it favors heavy gun control and heavy government regulation. On the other hand, Soule writes The Blue like present day Southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. However, the rush to do so was based upon a lack of intelligence about how our legislature and judicial systems operate.
Soule clearly tapped into that same view.Click for full page viewIn this issue, Tony comes across far more reasonable and rational about how a modern civilized society should be run.
Possibly.Steve, seems more stubborn and narrow-minded as if he simply wants to keep the war for the sake of fighting. Soule even has Steve say at the end of the issue that it no longer even matters why he and Tony are fighting. It is quite a fascinating take on the conflict from Civil War.I have to admit that even though I am a massive Peter Parker fan, Pete came across incredibly annoying in this issue. She-Hulk being an attorney understands how the legislative and judicial systems work and she would understand Tony’s motivations. Also, being an attorney, She-Hulk is going to understand that the only way to deal with problems is through the proper channels of the American judicial system. Also, it just works that Tony would be attracted to a smoking hot giant green woman!Soule certainly ended Secret Wars Civil War #1 with a huge hook ending in the surprising assassination of Miriam Sharpe. This was compounded with the fact that bullet was aimed for Steve and may have been commissioned by Tony. But, this issue read like it was written by an attorney, which is Soule’s occupation. The issue comes across as dry and a bit dull.Click for full page viewSecret Wars Civil War #1 reads a bit like a history book. However, the reader’s eyes begin to glaze over halfway through the issue much like when slogging through a history book. If Soule can crank up the emotional side of his story then we could end up getting a real treat of a story.

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