The book takes you into a world where Kevin, a 14 year old white boy and his mother, move into the Appalachian town called Medgar.
On the surface, The Secret Wisdom of the Earth looks like a book my personal taste would agree with – its Appalachian characters, environmental themes and coming of age storyline. I don’t know if it’s because I tend to prefer the economy of language, and the dialogue in “Secret” was excessive to me.
I like things edgy and out of the ordinary — for instance, I’m fond of the novels West Virginia native Giancarlo DiTrapino is publishing. Most everything about “The Secret Wisdom of the Earth” was predictable to me – the Appalachian plot and characters, the “modern” twist with “diversity” in a gay character, a black family, and the ending.
But while I’m telling my truth, I need to tell you why I persisted in the book and why maybe you should too. Rooted in narrow rock, hard set to the crest, fused in the folds and braes where the white water races.
I was encouraged to keep reading by thinking about how others might read this story and take an activist stance, how others might see Appalachia and the devastation of mountain top removal, how others might see the region in all its beauty that is both of the land and its people. When he used humor in the dialect, this is where the author’s understanding of the region stood out to me. I have a hard time recommending this book; however, John Grisham is recommending the book, and to everybody.
I decided to use the Chinese code written with walnut ink on a piece of handmade paper, can you decode what I wrote? And now, the study of quantum physics is finding proof that supports what the ancient mystics and modern day spiritualists have always taught. Explanations to some of humanities most ancient beliefs were found everywhere they looked - even by accident.
In one experiment designed to test the effect of single DNA strands on particle level space, results far beyond the expected would illustrate an ancient manifesting power buried deep within us all. These tiny wormholes would later be found to be the key to unlocking our manifestation potential. Through rhythmic sessions and beat tones or binaural beats, the brain reaches a state called "coherence." Coherence is reached when waves in phase and of one wavelength simultaneously are generated in the different parts of the brain. Researchers of Stonehenge noticed that the side of the rocks facing the interior center of the circle were carved out somewhat to produce a concave "dip" in the face of the rock. It was later found that our very own DNA could influence ultraviolet photons in an aura directly affecting human metabolism.

To further add curiosity, science in other areas has produced evidence linking cross species manifestation and influence to our DNA. Many are the recorded incidents of spontaneous, unexplainable behaviour from our feline friends, giving firm support to the supernatural power of cats put forward in ancient human history. In research conducted in the institute of heart math, involving the isolation of DNA and the focused power of human emotion, we find answers to some ancient riddles. The aim of the research was to study why the heart produced a greater electromagnetic field influence than the brain, not just with us, but in our DNA.
Confirming that an empath can not only feel your emotions, but is actually able to manifest them within themselves, on a genetic level.
To test this, further research continued at a variety of distances that further confirmed these earlier findings.
Good is a writer poet, Affrilachian homecoming queen, TEDx Talker, tunk player, Mom of three, author of “Valley Girl.” She is currently entangled in Charleston, West Virginia. I saw all the plots and turns coming like an Andy Griffith show episode– except for what I’m calling the ‘Ode to Deliverance’ canoe chase. Their earliest recollections manifested to primordial, wild and feral, then become tamed with people.
The book is set in 1985, but mountain top removal is still happening today, right now somewhere in Appalachia. They travel the highways and byways of the Appalachians searching for descriptive words and photos. All visuals are used in accordance with the Fair Use Law (Per Title 17—United States Code—Section 107) and remain the property of copyright owners. Many deny its existence; however, the study of quantum mechanics has actually found scientific proof of its existence.
In quantum mechanics, a vacuum would represent a complete absence of any particle matter, but in reality this cannot be the case.
Not only did the Russians believe the current scientific ideas of the West to be too fixed, they believed them to be wrong.
This is why monks chant, those of Jewish faith rock back and forth (davening) while praying and indigenous people incorporate drumming into their rituals. Modern western physics was unable to provide an explanation for how our DNA could manifest these changes at distances of over 350 miles in instant, real-time speed that was synchronised by atomic clocks. And they still have potential to grow but we couldn't knew when exactly this would produce more or effecting our whole life.

Through the narrator, Kevin readers start to uncover the hard facts of the region: prejudice, mountain top removal beside the intimacy and challenges of family. I just don’t understand why a sentence such as “As he defecated, I turned to the travois.” is needed. And, the section doesn’t stop there it keeps going with throttle and truth, and there are several of these nuggets. Appalachians tend to find humor in most anything but it’s a raspy type of funny, often during the most inappropriate times.
Their work appears in several outdoor publications, and at Appalachian Outdoor Recreation Examiner. While western science focused research only on 5% of the total human genome, Russian research would focus on the whole human genome in a project that would bridge the gap between ancient mystics and modern quantum physics.
Donors were tested and emotionally stimulated in order measure changes in samples of their own DNA. Further, they could not answer as to why there should even be any such existing connection at all. Peter has an extensive background in Sports Science and due to his Military skills, he is in demand to a wide range of clients.
Peter, if you're still around, thanks for the article - I wasn't aware of the Russian research and it is fascinating! These italicized passages that preceded a few chapters were my favorite sections of the book, and of my reading experience. What they discovered was that an emotional peak in one room - lead to an emotional peak in our DNA in another room. Currently working as a SOF Performance Trainer while running his own personal training business, Peter is an enthusiastic reader of many subjects with an interest in outdoor pursuits and sports. Sure, it has all the elements of craft, and the author, Christopher Scotten, spent years of his life writing and doing all the things a good writers do to birth a story, but it was a slow, a very slow read for me.

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