The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) world with a unique modern-day setting and unparalleled freedom of character progression. Reviewing a new MMO is tough work, but aficionado of the genre, Nick Tylwalk, is up to the task. If there's such a thing as a stealth launch for an MMO from an established developer and one of the industry's largest publishers, “The Secret World” has been living it.That's not to say the latest effort from Funcom, known to fans of the genre as the company behind “Anarchy Online” and “Age of Conan,” hasn't been receiving its fair share of coverage, most of it quite positive.
Maybe that's appropriate, given the way the game colors outside the lines of many genre conventions.
That's an absolute necessity, because the rising tide of evil referred to in the “Dark Days are Coming” ad campaign threatens to overwhelm everyone. To do that, characters have the power to wield Anima, a primal energy source that can be conveniently channeled through a variety of weapons and magical focuses. You'll quickly want to pick a second weapon, because one of the slick parts of the combat system is that every character can have two equipped at a time. Visually, “The Secret World” gets an A-plus for atmosphere and a slightly lower grade for overall graphical achievement.
Jag minns Funcoms gamla spel Anarchy Online, en van till mig spelade det nar han fick sitt bredband. It's just that with “Star Wars: The Old Republic” still garnering plenty of attention with its struggles and hardcore MMOers focused on the August release of “Guild Wars 2,” it almost seemed as if “The Secret World” crept into the space between before bursting its way into the gaming consciousness a few weeks ago. The game takes an all-inclusive approach to the threats it throws at you, assuming just about every scary legend from every culture has some truth to it. You'll get to play around with all of them during the tutorial, then pick one to take with you to start vanquishing the darkness.
All of the abilities in the game are mapped to the ability wheel, where separate trees for each of the nine weapons (and a few small miscellaneous trees) branch out from the center. Most actives have cooldowns, others are channeled, but there's nothing in the offensive combat mechanics that won't feel immediately familiar to anyone who has logged any time on previous big budget MMOs. Bosses and lieutenant-type enemies often have attacks that give you a visible sense of when they will hit and how far away you need to be to avoid them. Funcom put some serious thought into the quest system, resulting in a greater variety of quest types than anything on the current market.
It's just a fact that it's easier to make things look cool when dark and spooky is the feel required as opposed to bright and majestic. Nar man tidigare skulle besoka Funcom, Norges storsta och mest kanda spelutvecklare, hoppade man pa en buss i centrala Oslo och drog vasterut mot Skoyen.
Imagine a world where you can become anything you want to be, without restrictions such as classes or levels. NVIDIA FOURNIT LES CODES DE THE SECRET WORLD "EN La€™A‰TAT" ET NE FOURNIT AUCUNE GARANTIE, EXPLICITE, SOUS-ENTENDUE, STATUTAIRE OU AUTRE RELATIVE AUX CODES DE THE SECRET WORLD.
The Illuminati and Templars have been at odds for centuries with the Dragon playing them both against each other, but a grudging truce has emerged everywhere outside of Player versus Player (PvP) areas, allowing characters from any faction to team together. If there's a supernatural creature or myth out there–zombies, vampires, werewolves, Lovecraftian horrors, Egyptian gods, and the list goes on–it's a pretty safe bet you'll fight them at some point.
Since there are no classes in “The Secret World,” every character has access to every tree, with abilities higher up each tree generally costing more ability points to unlock. Seven active and seven passive abilities are all you can have enabled at any given time, but otherwise you are free to mix and match to your heart's content. If anything, limiting the amount of actives makes things a little more spammy than in games like “The Old Republic” because there are fewer available options. Double-tapping any direction key makes your character quickly roll away, allowing you to mitigate some high damage headaches. Some of the side quests are still of the “Kill X” or “Gather Y” persuasion, but others require more brains than brawn. But the Investigation missions don't always have glowing signposts for you to follow, leaving trial and error, asking other players and good old Mr. The artwork is certainly moody, it just isn't quite up to the level of “Rift,” which has become the de facto genre standard bearer for the time being. This is the premise for The Secret World, Funcom’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game set in the modern-day real world. The only prerequisite is the correct weapon–to use Shotgun abilities, you need to have (surprise!) a shotgun equipped.

And you should, because experimenting with the interactions between them is one of the game's true pleasures. The developers promise that it gets better the further you progress, but this reviewer didn't sense that after three weeks of fairly regular play. Many are puzzle-based, and the fact that the devs included an in-game web browser tells you that some of them are tricky. Kanada har bra stod for spelutvecklare, och bara i Montreal, finns det flera utbildningar inriktade pa spelutveckling.
There are Decks, which are faction-specific combinations of mostly high cost abilities that provide extra bonuses and spiffy outfits if you finish them, but that's as close as “The Secret World” gets to the concept of classes. For players who are new to MMOs, the frustration factor is very real.Especially difficult quests can be paused to take on another of the same type, requiring you to return to the original quest-giver to restart at a later time. My review computer is an Asus gaming laptop that is just over two years old and sports an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M graphics card, and that just barely hacks it for running the game at a medium detail level.The audio side of “The Secret World” is more impressive, especially when it comes to the NPC dialogue. Om man moter nya manniskor i Montreal och berattar att man arbetar med spelutveckling ar det ingen stor grej for mannen pa gatan, sager Ragnar Tornquist, designer hos Funcom och en av de viktigaste personerna bakom de tidigare spelen The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, Anarchy Online och Age of Conan.Jag alskar konspirationsteorier.
Every quest giver is fully voice acted–something I suspect will be the lasting legacy of “The Old Republic”–even though your character is not. As your experience bar fills, there are separate mileposts for additional ability points and skill points.
The voice cast knocks the ball out of the park almost to a person, creating the most interesting set of NPCs to ever grace an MMO. We've already discussed the former, while the latter can be placed into two trees for each weapon, one offensive and one support, for small additional bonuses. When you see people posting online that they clicked on all the flavor dialogue of random quest givers just to enjoy it, they aren't joking.This is evident right from the beginning of the game, when you encounter the citizens of the town of Kingsmouth. Spanningen ar darfor stor nar jag ska besoka Funcoms studior i Montreal, dar jag kommer att delta i en av varldens forsta test av deras kommande onlinerollspel, The Secret World. More importantly, they can be used to allow the wearing of more powerful Talismans, also known as the armor and trinkets that contribute the most to beefing up your character.Why, you might ask?
Overrun by an aquatic menace that has also reanimated the dead locals, the survivors speak with a pitch perfect mix of determination, fatalism and gallows humor, delivered in blatantly stereotypical yet undeniably awesome New England accents. Spelet har ett rykte om att vara full av konspirationer, men kommer det att halla mattet for oss krasna spelare?- Vi har forsokt att ga bortom de klassiska konspirationsteorier som har funnits i spelvarlden de senaste aren, berattar Ragnar. It's because “The Secret World” is very much a gear-based game, with the weapons and Talismans holding all of the stats. If this doesn't sound like your cup of chowder, you can skip right by it, since it's mostly flavor.Some skipping may be advised if you enjoy playing multiple characters, as this isn't a particularly alt-friendly game. Vi borjade for nastan nio ar sedan med att lasa pa om konspirationsteorier, myter, legender och fabler, for att sedan vava ihop allt till hela projektet som nu kallas The Secret World. With no leveling, even your health only goes up when you find gear with more health built into it. There's only one starting zone, and even without levels, there's really only one way to proceed unless you have an extremely high tolerance for grinding. Resultatet ar en varld dar spelaren kommer att serveras nagot valkant, med en twist av markligheter.Ragnar fortsatter med ett engagerat leende, och presentationen av The Secret World starker hans ord. A general sense of the power of Talismans and weapons is given by their Quality Level, which also affects how difficult they are to craft. The perspective of the storyline does shift depending on our faction choice, but that alone doesn't encourage replaying big chunks of the game.
Har far vi hora att allt onaturligt ar sant, men det gar betydligt djupare an det paradoxala mantrat man stoter pa i Assassin's Creed-spelen. Last but not least, savvy players didn't take long to figure out what QL gear was necessary to venture safely into different zones or dungeons, since the game only gives you a vague description of whether something you are attempting is Normal, Hard, Very Hard or Damn Near Impossible. Har ar absolut allt sant: varje myt, varje legend, varje teori som man nagonsin har fatt hora. Younger gamers and people who get offended or grossed out easily probably should look elsewhere. The Secret World visar dig hur det hela hanger ihop.Den forsta som kannetecknar The Secret World jamfort med andra onlinerollspel ar den moderna miljon.
There is gory violence, sex both implied (the Dragon initiation scene has already achieved infamy) and discussed, some rough language and some legitimate scares.

Pa en marknad som ar overbelastad med spel i fantasy- eller science fiction-varldar ar den moderna miljon nog for att fa spelet att sticka ut. I realize there are plenty of gamers who find all of those to be positives, but some others undoubtedly won't.All of this leads us right back to the beginning, considering how a game with so much potential to shake up the status quo launched in relatively low key fashion. It hasn't been hyped up as a “WOW-killer” and isn't really even taking on the bigger games in its genre head on.In several meaningful ways, it is an original, and there's plenty to be said for that. Varje fraktion har sin distinkta stil, vision och framgangsmetodik, och du bor overvaga noga i borjan vilka du vill samarbeta med.
Det val du gor for din karaktar i borjan galler for alltid.Nasta sak som kannetecknar The Secret World ar att spelet har kastat bort allt som heter level, vilket milt sagt ar kontroversiellt med tanke pa att spelet trots allt tillhor genren onlinerollspel. Fragan som naturligtvis uppstar ar vad den drivande kraften i sa fall blir for de langsiktiga spelarna.- Beloningar i The Secret World kommer framst att ske i form av nya krafter, ny utrustning och en hogre rang i det hemliga sallskapet spelarna har valt.
Med 588 olika krafter och egenskaper i spelet finns det mer an nog att anvanda sina intjanade erfarenhetspoang pa.Battre och starkare vapen kommer ocksa att gora en kapabel att ta pa sig storre och svarare uppgifter an tidigare. Klader paverkar inte karaktarens egenskaper i The Secret World, utan ar forst och framst till for att visa vilken stil man har, eller for att skryta med att man klarat av specifika uppdrag.
Saledes ar det inte nodvandigt att skapa en ny karaktar med en viss klass for att fa tillgang till vissa funktioner.
Istallet valjer man vid olika tidpunkter vilka sju aktiva egenskaper man vill ha, och vilika sju passiva egenskaper som sparkas igang vid behov.
Sammansattningen av olika egenskaper ger ocksa rum for sa kallade synergieffekter, inte olikt det system som finns i Magic the Gathering.Vad galler storyn var demoversionen forstas for kort for att kunna komma ordentligt under huden pa spelets komplexa helhet.
Testrundan pa tre till fem timmar indikerar dock att det finns mycket gott att vanta sig, aven for sana som jag som alskar djupare konspirationsteorier med excentriska personligheter och mystiska figurer.
Striden mellan de tre fraktionerna ar central, samtidigt som de morka krafterna och avskyvarda varelserna i varlden gor livet surt for de flesta.- Vi gillar att se historien i The Secret World som ett pussel, berattar Ragnar. Det finns tiotusentals bitar som ska monteras, och detta ar en linjar historia som presenteras pa ett icke-linjart satt.Story-uppdrag loper som en rod trad i de 150 forsta timmarna, och aven om spelarna har full frihet att utforska varlden utanfor ar de viktigaste uppdragen i spelet knutna till berattelsen.
Under spelets gang dyker det i nya miljoer upp nya uppdrag, som presenteras i Augmented Reality-stil.Det ar roligt att se hur brett Funcom har latit sig inspireras av allt och alla i utvecklingen av The Secret World. I var testgenomgang av spelet fick vi se hur livet som en London-baserad Templar kan utvecklas. Organisationen gav mig direkt associationer till organisationen Hellsing fran anime-serien med samma namn. I Kingsmouth kastade vi oss in i kampen mot zombie-liknande varelser, men ocksa mot diverse varelser fran norsk folklore.Nar vi sa smaningom fick prova pa en dungeon vid namn Polaris fick vi slass mot den stora bossen Ur-Draug, som bevisade en gang for alla att spoken har ett slaktskap med Cthulhu. Senare vi ocksa se hur utvecklarna satt och arbetade med en kommande bana belagen mitt i en egyptisk oken, och vi fick aven hora rykten om kommande uppdrag i karpatiska bergsomraden. Med andra ord, det ar dukat for variation i spelet.The Secret World fokuserar mycket pa mojligheten att spela ensam. Fraktionerna skapar en utmarkt bakgrund for PvP, och Ragnar Tornquist berattar ivrigt om hur de mindre, tidsbegransade PvP-striderna kommer att handla om kontroll av viktiga reliker i mytiska platser runtom i varlden. Namn som Shambala, Stonehenge och El Dorado namndes, och den sistnamnda fick vi prova pa i ett Capture the Flag-liknande lage. Storre och mer kontinuerliga PvP-strider ager rum i sa kallade Warzones, och vi fick spana in utvecklingen av en sadan bana (som preliminart har namnet Chinese City).Det ar fortfarande (minst) ett halvar kvar tills The Secret World lanseras, vilket innebar att det fortfarande finns mycket puts att gora innan spelet ar redo for release.
Detta ar Funcom dock medvetna om, och senior designer Joel Bylos poangterade under presentationen att det mesta fortfarande ar i ett ''diamond-in-the-rough''-stadium.
De flesta karaktarsmodeller och animationer ar inte slutgiltiga, nagot som ocksa maste beaktas nar betan lanseras.Om man tar hansyn till detta finns det mycket som tyder pa att The Secret World ar en av de mest spannande spelen vi har att vanta pa onlinerollspelsfronten. Personligen ar jag inte ett stort onlinerollspels-fan, men The Secret World gav mig definitivt mersmak. Det ar talande.Slutligen, under intervjun med Ragnar Tornquist, kunde jag inte lata bli att fraga vad som hander efter The Secret World.

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