With a background of the popular children’s book series The Borrowers this delightful film is a must see for all ages.
Arrietty falls for the sickly human boy Shawn (voice of David Henrie from TV’s How I Met Your Mother and Wizard’s of Waverly Place) and the Clock family life of secretive borrowing suddenly ends.
They reside secretly in another family’s home and occasionally borrow basic items to help make their residence home like. This captivating animated film brings mysticism and a delightful story of a tiny family living under the floor boards to the American screen. When their fourteen year old daughter Arrietty is discovered by a human boy all of their lives change, resulting in them no longer being anonymous.

Based on a Japanese story and transferred to the American screen, Secret World is a classic Disney story that is well written and voiced. 14-year-old and the rest of the Clock family live in peaceful anonymity as they make their own home from items that they borrow This is hosted on Thevideos and was not uploaded by us or any person Critics Consensus: Visually lush, refreshingly free of family-friendly clatter, and anchored with soulful depth, The World of lives up to Studio Ghiblis reputation. Critics Consensus: Visually lush, Review January 7, 2013 Watch online and download anime The World of (Sub) in high quality. Filename: My Please Login or Register to use Bookmark feature Show Comments Box World of is available on Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack and Digital May 22.
Walt Disney Pictures is distributing this Studio Ghibli animated tale about a hidden world microscopic people.

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