I took a little time to hunt all of these down and see what I was missing or still needed to get. As always, if you like to read about minifigures, please like my page so that you get that latest posts automatically! Optional down payments included a kidney, firstborn child or indentured servitude…just kidding.[ New Research Says Hermes Handbags Are a Better Investment Than Diamonds ]While plummeting luxury handbag sales are driving brands to create mini, more affordable versions of iconic shapes, the secondary handbag market is booming, strangely enough.

Christie’s even created in-house teams dedicated to buying and reselling Birkins, Kellys and the like. Whether these investment pieces will be worth their weight in croc skin and precious metals if the economic forecasters are correct and another recession is on the horizon remains to be seen.In the meantime, anyone care to place bets as to whether the studded shoulder piece will show up next to Kim’s custom George Condo?

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