Your arch nemesis, Jacques, has stolen an ancient relic and kidnapped Professor Columbia, absconding with them both to the Lost World. Hide and Secret: The Lost World blends frequent hidden object scenes with a multitude of mini-game segments scattered around an exploration-based adventure core. You'll spend quite a lot of time in Hide and Secret 4 sifting through the hidden object scenes that seem to appear every few minutes.
Some of the puzzles, unfortunately, feel rather pointless and end up serving as busywork rather than honest challenge.
Hide and Secret: The Lost World has a lot of hits and misses to its name, with muddled puzzles but good challenge and length. Anna and Will are the regulars in the Hide and Secret series, Jacques is the villain, and the 3 characters on the left are along for the expedition to see The Lost World. Relaxed Mode has shorter times for the Hint and Skip buttons to refill, and there is no click penalty. In Expert Mode, the Hint and Skip buttons take longer to refill, and there is a click penalty for rapid clicking. The Option's screen indicates that low Eye Candy and no Custom Curser may improve the speed of the game, but I didn't find the other choices slowed down the game.
When the game is paused, you can change one or more Options or return to the Main Menu or game. Hints can be useful when you are not in a Hidden Object Scene, but they will bring up a Help screen to give you hints of what to do next.
Below the Journal is the Menu where you can change your options, resume the game or quit to the Main Menu. In the center of your screen is your Inventory, Objectives, and where Hidden Object Scene lists are shown. There are 12 items to locate in the Hidden Object Scenes including one item for your Inventory. The items to locate are the same for everyone, and the Inventory item will be marked in bright blue.
If you back out of a Mini Game, you will be warned that you will need to start over if you leave the game. When you start the game you get a mandatory Tutorial that finally disappears once it is decided we are good to go on our own. In the beginning of the game, you will not be expanding your adventure beyond the need to go a short distance from your Base Camp, which is where you find the Map. As the game progresses, you will greatly expand your area of search, so trying to figure out how to get somewhere becomes more difficult. Once you have visited a location, that location becomes available on the Map, so all you need to do is click on the map and immediately go to that location.
When the walkthrough says to go to a location, unless there are instructions to go to a neighboring location, use the Map.
The planes headed for The Lost World are shot down by Jacques, so everybody takes to parachutes while the planes crash land. Use the Sharp Axe 3 times on the rotten tree, and it will knock the grinder out of the way to give you a bridge to what will become your Base Camp.
The fire is roaring until the rain begins to put it out so you can grab the Map Jacques tried to burn.
Grab the Journal page and try to see what is in the distance, only to find out you need binoculars that you don't have. There looks to be a good spot to put Lord Rockwood, but you need to find something to make it more comfortable.
He will give you a lighter to start up the fire, but the wood is wet so you need something to ignite it. A Giant Spider appears, so go back to the Giant Nest to see what you can find to get rid of it. The Torch it is standing on becomes available for you to collect, so take it and return to Base Camp. There are actually two ways to refer to the conical-shaped dwelling of Native Americans from the Great Plains. The game developer chose to use the Tipi spelling, so that is what will be used for this walkthrough. Use the binoculars on the distant horizon to see a little girl being carried away by a Pteranodon.
Play the Hidden Object Game on the beach area across the river, and then travel on to see what is next.
You cannot play the Mini Game to open the door at the left because you need more information, therefore head off to the Lake.
If you use your binoculars to view the distant Pyramid, you will see that Professor Columbia is a captive there. Check out the elevator, use your screwdriver to open the plate to see there is a missing microchip.
When you try to go to the distant door, you find out that the animal skin is covering an open Pit. Pick up the Bolt Cutters, view the distant horizon, note the locked suitcase, and exit to the Elevator.
Check out the magnifying glasses, move the foliage to uncover another Jewel Key, and play the Hidden Object Scene. Go to the Beehive Tree, place the Step Ladder, and use the Bolt Cutters to get Captain Winters out of the tree. When you give the bandages to Captain Winters, he will give you a sketch of some herbs he can use to heal his eyes.
Your goal is to swap the horizontal and vertical bars to produce the solution shown in the screenshot.
Give the Animal Skin to the shaman who will play the sacred music that announces you for a visit to the Chief. The Chief will give you access to his medicinal herbs, if you turn off the toxic sludge in the Lake.
You have a page from Jacques' notebook in your Journal and the panel has an additional number to offer you.
The solution to the game is shown in the screenshot, but a step-by-step solution is available below. For this puzzle, you will need to rearrange the horizontal and vertical strips so complete the solution shown in the screenshot.
The Chief gives you access to his Medicinal Herbs, so click on the alcove at the right for a Hidden Object Scene. Give the Herbs to Captain Winters who says he also needs some Aloe Vera and a mortar and pestle. Examine the big stone head, and go forward to the Pteranodon Door to trigger a Hidden Object Scene in the broken wall. You have found the Big Stone Head, abandoned huts, are the base of the Pyramid where Professor is being held captive. Pull Lord Rockwood out of the mess and he will give you a Crowbar in found in the quicksand.
Zoom in on that Stone Head and change the eye color to blue and yellow as shown in the screenshot.
Zoom in on this Stone Head and make certain the eyes are green and blue as shown in the screenshot.

Zoom in on the Stone Head and change the eyes to green and yellow as seen in the screenshot. Know the symbols for the first 3 Machines, but we need to find out how to set the 3 new Machines. The Location of the Machines, which are shown on the Map earlier in this walkthrough are as follows. We were not given a clue about the Machine at the Telescope, but there are a total of 6 symbols on the Machines. All of the other symbols have been used, so the Machine at the Telescope needs to be the one remaining symbol. You can visit each location in any order you wish, but I suggest ending up at the Telescope. Now that all the Machines have been set, zoom in on the hatch and press the blue button to test them. Zoom in on the right computer for a Mini Game to focus the telescope which is currently set to be viewed by Jacques' monocle. Each ring of planets needs to be brought into focus with the exception of the outer purple ring. Your fish may not be in the same exact places because the fish swim around while you are completing the puzzle. You have found a Golden Egg in the items, and it will go into you Inventory when everything is collected. The Chief is thrilled to have his family back together so gives you a Gear Mechanism in hopes it will help to stop Jacques.
You can now begin the Constellation Mini Game that will run you back and forth between the Telescope Controls and the Telescope. You will be turning the dial to each constellation, and then going to the Telescope to view it.
The screenshot shows the Constellations page in your Journal and a sample of what you will see through the Telescope.
Once you have viewed the Constellation, return to the Controls and turn the dial to the next symbol until all the Constellations have been recorded in the Journal. If you accidentally miss a Constellation, go to the Controls, choose it again and go view it. Zoom in on the Bell, place the Clapper on it and a Locket will fly out of it, hit the post and fall to the ground. Exit the bell and pick up the Locket which apparently belongs to Jacques, and it is the correct shape for the Mini Game at the Top of the Pyramid, so go there.
Zoom in on the column and place the Locket to trigger the Mini Game to free Professor Columbia. As I play almost exclusively with a small cabal which attempts to solve instances without looking anything up, (at least not before wiping a good score of times and exhausting all the strategies we can think of), I may be missing easier solutions that are more widely known.
Some monsters have frontal cone or blast attacks that you will not be affected by if you are careful to keep behind them.
Use the less frenetic parts of the fight to position your character appropriately and be aware of what directions are best to dodge in if something happens where you are standing.  It is easier to get out of enemy attacks quickly if you have planned which way you will run.
More generally, the environment can include things like fiery jets coming up from the floor, inanimate traps that fire off circle attacks when you stand near them, filthy water pools that damage you while you stand in them, electrical fields, or circles that leave a permanent puddle behind them that continue to exude damage if you walk in them. This can be surprisingly tricky, because you are already trying to watch your colleagues, watch for circles, and if you are the healer or tank, watching everyone’s health bars as well. Listen for audible catch-phrases that indicate incoming attacks or phase changes in the fight. Watch the boss’s cast-bar and note the names of attacks as the boss casts them, as these can tell you what is about to happen a little earlier and helps you associate attacks with specific emotes. Make sure you read through all your abilites (and easily obtainable potential abilities) carefully.  Lots of skills complement each other, so look for passive abilities that give bonuses to the type of attack your active abilities use (eg. This seems like it should be ultimately obvious, but it is less so when you are confronted by a fiery pulsing circle on the ground, or a sudden green swirling that might be poison or might be healing…  Player attacks come in many different forms, and as a Noob it is difficult to be familiar with all of them. The nefarious treasure thief Jacques has kidnapped another damsel, and it’s up to you to stop his plans before she is sacrificed!
Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
This document contains a complete Hide and Secret: The Lost World game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! When there is an item to find, clicking on the HINT button will show it circled in white stars. When there are no items to find, clicking on the HINT button will display text instructions for solving your current Objectives. Move your cursor slowly around and you will find from 1 to 4 yellow arrows which are exit points to other scenes.
Sometimes the Up Exit is off to one side or another, usually associated with a building or path there.
When you get stuck and can’t think of what to do next, check your Handy Items to see if there are any you can use. When you are doing a jigsaw puzzle mini-game, a piece will lock into place once it is in the right position. When you are doing a rows and columns mini-game, the pieces do not lock into place when they are in correct position. There is one piece of SPANISH MOSS in each of the 3 locations, at Base Camp (G), by the Giant Nest (H) and at the First Landing Site (I). Light the TORCH from the Giant Nest mini-game in the Fire, then use it on the Giant Spider. Use the BAMBOO on the BINOCULARS (G) then click in the upper left to view the Hilltop Temple (9).
One way to solve it is to have the top head in place looking straight at you and the center and bottom heads lined up together anywhere else.
Look at the symbols etched on the wall until you find one that matches one of the small yellow buttons.
Return to the 1st Landing Site, where you cut down the tree to make a bridge to the Base Camp. Once you reach this point in the game you are searching for many things: the 2 DIAMOND EYES for the Panther Statue at the 1st Landing Site, more JEWEL KEYS, the HERB to help Captain Withers, something to fish with for the Pteranadon at the Giant Nest, the missing ALTAR PIECES for the Altar across the Lake, the missing TILES for the Sun Puzzle on the Gate across the Lake, the Code for the Panther Statues, the CLAPPER for the Bell, the CROWBAR for the big Crate by the Guardian statue, the small suitcase key for the Suitcase by the Tree where you found Captain Withers, and the Corkscrew for the Barrel by the Temple Elevator. The Chief wants you to stop the toxic sludge polluting the Lake, then he will give you the right HERB.
Now there are many places you can search, but eventually you will find that a Hidden Object Scene is available in the Village across the Lake. Use the SOLDERING IRON that you got from the Village across the Lake on the Control Panel outside Jacques’ Control Room. Since you just saw ALOE at the Village across the Lake, go back and ask the Chief for some. Since you should now have the 5 remaining JEWEL KEYS, let’s go see what’s behind the Spooky Door. The six JEWEL KEYS were: on the hill path in front of the Spooky Door, under a Mask by the Pit, under a Barrel at the Boat Dock, under a Log on the Steps by the Plane Crash, on the right side of the Temple Pond, and in a Hidden Object Scene by the Tipi. Give the ALOE from the Village across the Lake and the MORTAR AND PESTLE from the Hillside Path Alcove to Captain Withers. Once you reach this point you are trying to rescue the Girl behind the Spooky Door and the Professor.

Once you reach this point in the game you are searching for: the 2 DIAMOND EYES for the Panther Statue at the 1st Landing Site, something to fish with for the Pteranadon at the Giant Nest, the missing ALTAR PIECES for the Altar across the Lake, the Code for the Panther Statues, the CLAPPER for the Bell, and the CROWBAR for the big Crate by the Guardian statue.
You have seen some Altar Pieces in some of the Hidden Object Scenes, but the game won’t let you collect them yet. Professor Columbiana is on top of the Pyramid, but Jacques will light a wall of fire between you. When all 4 panther head statues are set correctly, go to the Panther Village at the base of the Pyramid. The Blue Light Devices are located by the Telescope, at the Giant Nest, at the Broken Bridge, at the Panther Village, at the Lake, and at the Plane Crash.
Once you reach this point you are trying to free the Girl behind the Spooky Door and repair the Telescope so you can get the constellation codes to free Professor Columbiana from the top of the Pyramid. You are still missing something to fish with for the Pteranadon at the Giant Nest, the CLAPPER for the Bell, one of the ALTAR PIECES, and a telescope part. Search everywhere and you will find that a Hidden Object Scene is now available at the Plane Crash.
Take the FISH from the mini-game by the Bell to the Giant Nest and give it to the Pteranadon.
The Chief will give you the GEAR MEDALLION—the last piece you need to repair the Telescope. When you have all 4 constellations in your journal, you can return to the top of the Pyramid, but you will find that you are missing a LOCKET you need to complete the puzzle. Margie B is the Senior Strategy Guide Editor for Big Fish Games, working on the East Coast. Move from place to place, investigating pieces of each scene and hunting for items that will help you progress. The former offers faster hint recharges and makes the mini-game skip button fill much faster. For the most part, they aren't overly challenging, though you'll often wonder why you have to continue with the exercise once you've found the key inventory item you want to walk away with.
The hint system also doesn't function properly all of the time, leaving you a bit stranded when the game wants you to trigger a specific event before continuing. The scenes are filled with animation and lots of dramatic mood, something the storyline demands to be shown. It's definitely worth checking out, especially if you're itching to see if Jacques gets that immortality he so desperately wants! Perhaps these things are true if you are running an instance with a bunch of over-geared people who know exactly what they are doing, but if you are playing with a group of raw noobs who are all there for the first time (perhaps because you are not interested in having the solution completely handed to you by someone else), it is a different matter entirely. Playing with the Akabs in the Savage Coast (the second zone in Maine) is a good way to practice this.
Where you stand and move can be incredibly vital in Secret World, and is often the difference between success and failure.
Dodging into walls or objects seldom ends well.  You will be either unable to dodge in that direction, or your dodge is cut short. Some monsters target you with targetted AoE attacks (circles) that follow you wherever you go.  Running to get out of these circles straight over the top of other players will probably drop circles on top or them and is counter-productive. In the end, Secret World instances are like puzzles in which working out the correct party-wide combination of abilities can be vital.
Some of them look surprisingly like some monster attacks, and may be bright enough to make it difficult to see hostile attacks. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited. You must watch until the Pteranadon flies off with the girl before the Down Exit arrow will appear. This shows you how the 3 Blue Light Devices in the other scenes are currently set, but it doesn’t tell you how they should be set. After a lot of exploring, you will find one near the 1st Landing Site and one in a mini-game near the Tipi.
However, if you think back, you may remember seeing the tiles when you were doing two previous Hidden Object scenes, the one where you collected the Bones and the one where you collected the Footprints. If you look in your Journal, you have a page from Jacques’ notebook that shows the first two numbers, 2 – 8. When you get back to the room behind the Spooky Door, a Hidden Object Scene will be available. There were eggs in the giant Nest, but first you need a FISH to get the pteranadon to move. The picture will change as you are working on it because the fish are swimming through it, but the puzzle isn’t too complex.
She has been creating guides for the past 7 years and has several hundred guides under her belt.
You want cheesy storylines with French villains obsessed about obtaining immortality, kidnapped scientists, plane crashes and giant spiders? Your team of fit adventurers sets out to stop him, but before you make it, your plane crashes in the jungle. Sometimes you can find the objects you need laying around the place, but most of the time you'll need to find your next inventory prize at the end of a hidden object scene.
It's based on every trope from the last hundred years of creative writing, but somehow it comes across as a caricature of the genre, not a poor example of it.
The characters look remarkably stiff, though, and seem to have been rendered with software from 1994.
You can get all the abilities and skills in the wheel if you are willing to put in enough time.  There are numerous guides and decks that specify decks for different roles. In her spare time she enjoys playing games on her iPad, going to the movies, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Rescue your crew who are barely holding on to their lives (quicksand, collapsed pillars, etc.), then set out to stop that Jacques!
Expert mode shortens the timers and slaps you on the wrist for clicking too frequently in hidden object scenes.
Besides secret rooms make space for your old stuffs that otherwise clutter your valuable space around the house that can be used for more creative and contemporary items. Hide and Secret: The Lost World from Anarchy Enterprises is the fourth game in the hidden object adventure series, featuring a classic-styled plot ripped out of your favorite dime novel from a century ago. The 4 statues are: 1st Landing Site, the Lake, the Temple Pond, and the Spooky Door, but you still don’t which code goes with each one.
Secret rooms can also be used as bedrooms and study rooms apart from play rooms for your kids. So, start looking for space under your stairs, in your attic or inside a closet and start making your secret rooms in your own creative and fun way. Each Blue Light Device has its ID code just below the window where you can change the symbol so you know which one you’re changing.

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