The Secret World's story revolves around the ever-evolving conflict and cooperation between three factions trying to stop the forces of darkness in the world.
Dragon: The Dragon are a secret order originating in Asia that focus on harnessing the power of Chaos in order to bring about change and balance. Illuminati: The Illuminati thrive on acting from the shadows and pulling the strings of their multiple puppets, whether in politics or business.
Templar: From their headquarters in London, the Templar seek to win the war against darkness through structure and discipline.

Special Assignment for your specific faction; completing this quest unlocks your First Faction Outfit. Each faction will eventually give you access not only to specific story elements, but also faction-specific skills.
With their power base in New York and the Americas they send their agents throughout the world in order to subvert their enemies and further their cause. They are crusaders against darkness following a long tradition of uncompromising battle against all those they deem evil.

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