Content owners must understand that by having a link removed from this website they will not be removing the actual source video from the 3rd party site. Jerry meets Karen, Miss Rhode Island (Marguerite MacIntyre), who is competing in the Miss America pageant and consequently must be chaperoned on her date with Jerry; Kramer fills the role and quickly becomes her personal coach. Elaine must find a special mechanical pencil for her new boss and soon finds herself dealing with the romantic advances of a stationary store clerk. Jerry dates Katya, a Romanian former gymnast whom Jerry says won a silver medal at the 1984 Olympics, (although if this were confirmed, she would also have won a gold medal as Romanian women took the team title in Los Angeles). George is set to buy a 1989 Volvo 240 Sedan, but instead the car salesman talks him into buying a 1989 LeBaron convertible, said to be previously owned by Jon Voight, as George liked the idea of driving a car he thought was formerly owned by Jon Voight. George walks down the street and meets an old friend, Gary Fogel (Jon Lovitz), who apparently spent the last few months undergoing chemotherapy.
Jerry, George and Kramer finished playing a game of basketball with Jimmy(Anthony Starke), a man who always refers to himself in the third person.
Jerry and George are having dinner with their new girlfriends, Shelly (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) and Paula (Christa Miller). Elaine starts dating Jerry’s mechanic, David Puddy, for the first time in the series. Jerry is dating Gennice, the understudy of stage performer Bette Midler, who bursts into tears for foolish reasons (for instance, when she drops her hot dog at the park) but not for expected reasons (such as when her grandmother dies). The New York Street set is the set used for most scenes taking place on a street, beginning with “The Big Salad”. While most storefronts are generic, there is a bicycle store, "Special Bike Shop", which stocks and promotes only Specialized brand bicycles.
Other stores include the stationery store where Elaine tries to buy the Rollemech 1000, a liquor store, grocery, restaurant, discount health and beauty aides, and teleflorist. The New York Street set is located in real life between Stages 14 & 15 at CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles. Stores on the older New York Street set include Almo’s Bar and Grill, Tom’s Market, and a newsstand. The Secretary, and check out The Secretary on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. As it turned out Steinbrenner gave Ada a $25,000 raise, which makes Ada's earnings greater than George's. The bill approved late Saturday would require that the secretary of state receive a roster of lawyers eligible to participate in the elections of the commission's attorney members. When the Secretary of State found out the truth about the whole a€?settled issuea€? predicament, I can practically see the brief awkward tension that followed.
Thus, the Secretary General is charged with both a bureaucratic function and an agenda-setting role. A Denver judge ruled Friday that certain signatures the Secretary of State tossed should be included, which meant Keyser is on the ballot. Jerry Seinfeld proves to be quite the ladies man, with 66 girlfriends throughout the series. He basically declared a figurative ‘Prima Notca’ on these actresses – many of whom have since tasted stardom. When you are done with that, we also compiled all 47 of George’s girlfriends, as well as all 16 of Kramer’s girlfriends, and Elaine’s boyfriends on Seinfeld too!
When she comes to stay at Jerry’s, he is surprised to learn that she’s engaged after her fiance calls her at Jerry’s apartment.

Unfortunately for Jerry, he agreed to take a 4 hour boat ride around Manhattan with her before learning about her fiance. Jerry learns that she works at a Law Firm called ‘Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft’, and decides to stake out her office to ask her out. Jerry should have listened to George, who advised against the weekend get-away calling it a ‘dating decathlon’. When Marlene and George break up, Jerry gets involved romantically with her while retrieving George’s books from her apartment.
Later, Marlene says that she can’t date Jerry anymore because she saw his act and loses respect for his profession.
They establish a set of rules to help avoid the complications that can arise when two people sleep together. Turns out they overlooked another aspect of the relationship when Elaine expresses her desire for this, that, and the other. Elaine gives Jerry another shot in Season 5, The Mango, when she tells Jerry they must have sex to save the friendship. When Donna says that she kinda likes the commercial because the dialog rings true for her, Jerry is perplexed and tells all of his friends.
Donna gets upset with Jerry when Kramer and George both meet her and mention that she likes the commercial.
Jerry meets with her at the coffee shop and he finds out that his recollection of Sherry was a bit different than reality.
Second, the book they read to each other was actually Tropic of Capricorn, not Tropic of Cancer.
The problem is that he so attracted to her physically that Its like his penis is playing his brain in a game of chess.
When Jerry’s neighbor Martin goes into a coma, Jerry gets involved with his girlfriend Gina but is worried about anyone finding out. Only problem is that Newman of all people becomes aware of the affair and plans to bring Martin up to speed when he comes out of the coma. Jerry witnesses a hit-and-run but realizes that the driver is a beautiful woman and asks her out. Jerry lies to Elaine and tells her that he went to Queens and intimidated the man with his karate moves. After dating Angela, Jerry finds out that the car that she hit belongs to Becky Gelke, another woman he has always wanted to ask out.
He tells Becky that he will do something about the damage but she believes he is the hit-and-run driver but won’t admit it. After an argument, Nina sends Jerry a breakup letter but he realizes that she plagiarized the letter from a movie. Jerry is dating Naoimi and accidentally plays his voice mails infront of her and she hears George make a comment about her laugh sounding like Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer. Later, Kramer and Naomi attempt to meet Jerry, Elaine, George, and Susan at Susan’s family’s home up country. Pitt eats a Snickers bar with a knife and fork, starting a trend that seems to sweep the city. However, Jerry is stunned when he finds out that Lois works for Duncan Meyer, his old rival from high school. She is going as a beard for a gay man (Robert Mailhouse) whose boss, he believes, is homophobic.
While walking down the street, Jerry and George meet Elaine and her friend, Wendy (Wendie Malick), who is a physical therapist.

Jimmy is wearing special training shoes which supposedly improve vertical leap, and George wants a pair so they can be matching twins. During their first night in bed, Puddy does a sex move which she recognizes as Jerry’s (albeit with a pinch, not a swirl). A bicycle seen in the front window of the shop was later placed in George's Apartment in “The Postponement”. This was the ninth episode for the sixth season, and was the first to use Castle Rock Entertainment's new logo after its acquisition from Turner.
George is going to hire a secretary; he says he'll pass over attractive women so he can concentrate on his work. Elaine bought a dress on sale at Barney's because it looked great in their mirrors, but now it looks awful. Bania wrote the telephone number from the ticket before it was washed out; he got a date with this "Uma", and he hopes she is good looking.
Former Colorado State University athletic director Jack Graham has already made the ballot. After dating for a short time Jerry takes her to a bed and breakfast in Vermont but rainy weather keeps them inside and ruins the whole trip.
One night they were watching TV and came across the ‘naked station’, which got them to think about becoming friends with benefits. For one, Sherry says she wore a purple dress, and not an orange dress as Jerry originally thought.
When she offers George her father’s tickets to the owners box at Yankee Stadium, he reluctantly purchases a painting for $500.
But Kramer leaves his lit cigar near some old newspapers, which causes a fire that destroys the cabin. On his way in Jerry has an awkward conversation with the doorman, played by real-life friend Larry Miller.
The store's street address is 426, and the store's hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, 10am to 2pm on Saturdays. At the store Kenny Bania (Steve Hytner) is looking for a new suit ("The Soup"), and he purchases Kramer's garments for $300.
Jerry cashes checks long since written by his grandmother, causing her account to become overdrawn.
Kenny Bania (Steve Hytner), an obnoxious comedian, offers Jerry a brand new Armani suit for free.
Jerry asks Kramer for the ticket; however, it was left in Kramer's trousers which are now in Bania's possession.
Kenny Bania wants his money back because the suit he bought from Kramer is stained by the moisturizer. Jerry demands his mother's fur coat and the dry cleaner pauses looking to the side implying that it is not there.

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