I have built my professional guide service on teaching anglers at all experience levels how to catch largemouth bass. Now with the introduction of the Lake Fork Secrets instructional dvd series I can share more secrets with more anglers than I am able to just guiding one angler at a time. In 2008 Lance Vick, and his team took home the Toyota Texas Bass Classic Championship Title on Lake Fork. Texas Bass Fishing, Southern Sporting, Texas Sporting and Texas Hunting & Fishing News. Lance Vick has guided thousands of big-bass trips to Lake Fork and now, with the creation of the "Lake Fork Secrets" DVD series, he can share his Lake Fork Secrets with you!

Legend tells of an impenetrable fog that slid down the mountain and covered the town in a deep shroud.
Bonus Gameplay: Play through “Claire’s Mind”, where the Witch proves she’s a real nightmare! Bloodless bodies, strange silhouettes and an abduction feature in this enthralling hidden object adventure. Locate objects, solve ingenious puzzles, and speak with key characters to work out how the murderer escaped?
There are some great games in here and they are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Those who stumble upon this ghost town are said to become delirious, losing themselves in the strange, grey mist.

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