I now know it is that family who you think are not very important when you are 18, who had then and has now, always got your back. My book is about my journey in my life from a young girl from the burbs to a woman in her late forties and changes I went through whilst creating this business called Boost. How do you turn a single juice bar into a global company with more than 6000 employees and $160 million in global sales?
For today’s entrepreneur looking for non-traditional paths to extreme success, The Secrets of My Success offers practical business and leadership wisdom combined with Allis’s own compelling personal story. The growth in obesity and obesity related diseases has increased with the growth in fast food. We do BHAGS (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), which is to be the largest and most successful juice and smoothie bar in the world.
John Purcell (aka Natasha Walker) is the author of The Secret Lives of Emma trilogy published by Random House Australia. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Everyone seems to be on the Paleo diet bandwagon these days – from celebrities to health nuts to mums, the Paleo craze is sweeping the nation. As new parents, Cairns couple Jai and Marlies Hobbs were prepared for sleepless nights and endless nappy changes, however what they weren’t prepared for was for months of anxiety and desperation as they watched their newborn son, Troy, suffer from sever acid reflux. Without answers, Marlies and husband Jai did their own research on what was causing Troy’s severe acid reflux and after four months, discovered that he was dairy intolerant.
With this newfound awareness of the effects of dairy on her baby, Marlies set about researching what other foods had potential effects on our bodies.
Marlies recalls, “I was a bit dubious at first – Jai was always coming home with all sorts of new diets. In a bid to give their family the healthiest nutrition possible, both Jai and Marlies followed the strict Paleo diet and discovered amazing results. However sourcing ingredients to live a Paleo lifestyle was more difficult that they expected. Marlies, a Planning and Environment lawyer at the time, was back at work after maternity leave, “I had less time to plan meals for family and source ingredients. The idea to start a Paleo Cafe came to us and we registered the business name the very next day! For someone with limited experience, Marlies became quite the entrepreneur and within a month of the cafe opening (October 3, 2012) she quit her fulltime job. By the end of 2013, Jai followed suit and sold his financial planning business to act as CEO in the company. Marlies and I then get on to the topic of how the Universe will often open up opportunities when we least expect them and push us forward to our passions.
With all the amazing health benefits Marlies and her family discovered from living a Paleo lifestyle, I wonder why most of us aren’t eating this way. Riding on the back of their franchising success, Marlies is about to release her first book – a cookbook, ‘The Paleo Cafe and Lifestyle Book’. With their Cairns cafe now the busiest of its size in the region it seems there are many following the trend of Paleo, even if they don’t eat Paleo at home.
This year is all about family, health and nurturing – I want to spend more time with Troy, be a good wife to Jai. And now with the book due out late this month and a tour in the pipeline commencing March, Marlies is sure to be busier than ever spreading her message across Australia.
And on advice for women who are looking to attain their goals, Marlies says, “I think every year will give you a new set of dreams.
Simon Nash, a Booktopia founding director, read a proof copy of Run Like Crazy by Tristan Miller, and loved it.
Run Like Crazy by Tristan Miller describes the adventures a keen runner can get up to when they embark on the grueling task of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks, in 40 countries, over 7 continents. The story tells how the running was mostly a side-light to the year, meeting new and old friends at various events, juggling travel arrangements and time-frames, and the personal highlights and positive outcomes of planning and completing a year travelling became the focus of the book. In 2010, Tristan Miller ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks, in 47 countries, across seven continents. The message in Tristan’s story is that you can do whatever you want to do – you just need to take the leap and believe in yourself.
Earlier in the day, I’d stood in the morning sun while giving an interview to a Melbourne TV station. A few brave souls clustered near the start of the race and at various checkpoints along the way to cheer us on. 4.    What were three works of art – book, painting, piece of music – you can now say, had a great effect on you and influenced your own development as a writer?
5.    Considering the innumerable artistic avenues open to you, why did you choose to write a novel? The Breaking of Eggs uses a specific historical context (the collapse of communism in Europe) to explore issues that affect all of us: the nature of our beliefs, the paths our lives have taken and much else. I have never seen the point in writing books that people don’t enjoy reading, whatever the critical acclaim. I admire any writer who can tell a good story that raises intelligent issues about our lives and natures, and the world we live in, without striving too self-consciously to do so.
What were three big events – in the family circle or on the world stage or in your reading life, for example – you can now say, had a great effect on you and influenced you in your career path?
Considering the innumerable electronic media avenues open to you – blogs, online newspapers, TV, radio, etc – why have you chosen to write a book?

What I read about myself and the difference between the stories and reality is interesting.
Maybe in 5-10 years they will not be in the printed form, but they will exist…what else are you going to do on a beach? The start of the book is stories about my life, and the second part is tips and lessons that I wish I had known prior to starting Boost. Both these businesspeople have taken an idea, and created an iconic brand that has been a trailblazer in its respective field. While still in his twenties he opened John’s Bookshop, a second-hand bookshop in Mosman in which he sat for ten years reading, ranting and writing.
But is this just another fad diet, or is there something to be said about eating like a caveman?
Jai had been doing cross fit for a while and had come across ‘Paleo’ – a dietary lifestyle that encourages followers to eat like cavemen – consuming lots of meats, eggs, nuts, seeds and berries, while eliminating sugar, grains, legumes and dairy. A lot of things I just couldn’t get here in Cairns – specialist places sold out – it was frustrating.
Today, Paleo Cafes have opened in Paddington (Brisbane), Brisbane CBD, Bondi Junction, Newcastle, and the Mornington Peninsular, Victoria.
She reveals, “We initially had a few staff hiccups but finally got the right team in place by the January.
We both decide that having a baby was the catalyst for huge change in both our lives, giving us the opportunity to find our ‘thing’. The book provides practical information and advice on living Paleo along with 130 world-class Paleo recipes, all tried and tested in the Paleo Cafe kitchen.
The more our interview went on, the more I was inspired by Marlies’ motivation and dedication – not just to their business and Paleo lifestyle, but her powerful, positive outlook on life. She reflects for a moment and answers, “I think it is so important to show Troy that food comes from nature. The cafe now operates seven days a week and is well-stocked with all sorts of delicious ingredients for people to purchase and try their own recipes. You constantly need to revaluate what it is you want and take active steps and measures to get there. Line a 25cm x 30cm baking tray with baking paper. Place the cocoa mass, coconut oil and honey into a small saucepan over low heat and cook, stirring, until melted and well combined. The trip was planned around official marathons, not just any old 42.2 kilometres in any old country. Christmas had passed and they were looking for stories to fill the slow period up to New Year’s.
After I’d strained this muscle in my thigh, I went through a lengthy course of rehab.
I’m not sure how many Aussies really do have a go, but we say it a lot, so there must be an element of truth to it. But there was a full moon and although a lot of fog was about, plenty of natural light guided our way. My adductor strain gave me a couple of pinches, tightening up a few times through the distance. I’d imagined sitting on a beach, watching the sun go down on a tumultuous year, and getting ready for the greatest adventure of my life.
Daz went for it, picking up a rather large chunk of ice and hurling it at the head of a fellow pub-crawler. The Berlin Marathon, in September, meant I’d return to make the most of this spectacular city. Generally speaking, words and music move me more than art, especially when they come together in the work of obscure singer-songwriters like John Stewart, Tom Russell and Ralph McTell.
For more detail, I think that Toni Whitmont’s blog describes it perfectly (but then I would say that!).
In The Secrets of My Success, Australia’s hottest entrepreneur tells the inside story of the growth of Boost Juice, including her personal journey from housewife with no formal business training to successful entrepreneur. The trilogy has since sold over 50,000 copies in print and ebook and has been translated into French and Polish.
Genine Howard talks with Cairns mum Marlies Hobbs about how she so loved the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle so much for her and her family, she made a business out of it – a business that is booming with no signs of slowing down.
Once I gave birth to Troy and my milk came through, he became really unsettled and was constantly vomiting. At the time of speaking with Marlies, another handful of cafes are set to open in the next 12 weeks.
Flicking through an advance copy of the book, I was blown away by the inspirational nature of each and every page, filled with positive quotes and affirmations alongside mouth-watering food images.
After running a race in Africa, Tristan read the running magazine he was given and looked at all the marathons around the world and decided that was the best excuse to travel, see friends and partake in his adventure.
The challenge he set himself was not only to complete a marathon per week, but to get to a certain country by a particular time, as cheaply as possible.
My mum, Cherryann, was a bit teary, but she knew this was one of the biggest moments of my life so she was incredibly proud too. Daz and I were rugged up but hadn’t packed any big jackets, as they would have taken up too much space in our packs. On the way to the starting place that icy-cold night, I was filled me with trepidation, but this was soon overwhelmed by an unearthly feeling. From the sports hall we headed to the river, then we began a long 10-km loop, with the last loop finishing up back at the hall.

He’d told me how he needed running to keep him focused and fit for his two baby sons. Now we’d be staying at the wrong hostel, in the wrong part of town, in the wrong country. There was a moment of silence, followed – thankfully – by some wild laughter and then a barrage of return fire. I was lucky enough to have about as good an education as you can get – Charterhouse School and Cambridge University. Whether that was prescience, self-fulfilling prophesy or lack of confidence, I have no idea. I would just like the health, the energy and the inspiration to continue to write about things that interest me for as long as possible, and to continue to be published. Along the way, she discovered the 30 business and leadership tips she calls her ‘recipes for success’. I didn’t believe medication was the right way to fix my problems – within five weeks of changing my diet my skin cleared up. For anyone who has gone through the process of franchising knows, this is a remarkable feat. But once you self-regulate on Paleo, it’s not as expensive and you find you have no cravings and not eating as much. The recipes are quick and easy (even I could make it) and all gluten and refined sugar free. I knew that once people came into the cafe they would see that it is possible and sustainable to give the Paleo lifestyle a go. My eldest sister, Rebecca, was excited, but I knew she was also jealous: she loves adventure and travel. I don’t think it came over on camera, but I felt like that leg was going to bounce away. Kevlar gave me lots of time and showed great patience (even when I wasn’t listening to him), helping me get on track for the year ahead. I mean, I was running along a Swiss river in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve, for Pete’s sake!
We were set to spend my 33rd birthday, 3 January, in Israel, which would leave a few days before we needed to travel to Lake Tiberias for my next marathon. Most of them were quite silly, but that was the point, and many would expose Daz to the risk of arrest or retribution. The most poignant moment was when Daz spilt an entire beer on his crotch in the process of negotiating a peace settlement. I think, and certainly hope, that this attitude is neither weak nor indecisive, and that an admission of ignorance is the essential precondition for knowledge. The Secrets of My Success also explores how Allis’s personal philosophy based on a love for life has brought the company loyal customers and created satisfied, dedicated employees.
It got to a stage where I couldn’t sleep … it was nothing like I expected motherhood to be,” Marlies says of the painful time. We provide products there at their fingertips – there’s no excuse, and it just makes sense!” Marlies says passionately.
Add to that the mental and physical exhaustion of managing time zoneschanges, jet lag, loneliness and financial pressures and you have one amazing adverture. As I left him in the mist and charged on to finish my first run, I was alone, unable to see more than 20 metres in front and nothing behind. They even had awards for the fastest athlete from each country, so being the only Australian, I cleaned up.
How Darren went home with a girl that night while reeking of beer is beyond me, but such is his magical presence.
And also: don’t assume it will happen either, and don’t believe the cliche that everyone has a novel in them. The school was very casual, we called the teachers by their first name and there were no uniforms. I want readers to have a laugh (normally at me) and with a bit of luck the reader will take something away, to help them in their life and business journey.
It takes three to four weeks to cure your addiction to salt and sugar, for your body to reset.
On top of a clean diet it’s about getting enough sleep, exercise, playtime, laughter, getting your feet in the grass, getting out in nature, meditating, doing yoga, living a wholesome lifestyle…you become in tune with your place on Earth. The New York Marathon was in November; I just grinned at her, silently hoping I would make it that far. I had no ingredients and said to Jai, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere to have lunch, meet a friend and still live a normal life?’ The idea to start a Paleo Cafe came to us and we registered the business name the very next day!
I guess Paleo is about finding out what works for you as there are lots of different variations. Using an electric mixer or hand mixer, whisk eggs, salt, bicarbonate of soda and vanilla seeds on medium speed for 3 minutes. Pour into baking tray and bake for 25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.

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