With this guide, I hope to provide tips for adventuring and raiding tombs in The Sims 3's World Adventures expansion pack. Don't Worry About Death -- Except for the Mummy's CurseI have yet to have a Sim die in a tomb. If you want to prepare yourself for the possibility your Sim gets cursed and want to break it quickly, buy a snake charming basket from the general store in Al Simhara, Egypt. Mummy snacks might give your Sim some time to search a sarcophagus and escape the mummy entirely. I Recommend Starting in ChinaNot only does Shang Simla, China have some of the easiest tombs to raid, and the cheapest travel price, it's also the home of martial arts and Pangu's Axe.
Travel with Another SimAs shown in the screenshot above, it's definitely possible to travel longer than 18 days with multiple Sims in the group. The Bare Necessities for an AdventurerThe first place you need to hit up if you want to successfully complete a tomb is the general goods merchant in whichever country you visit. TentsThese aren't always necessary on an adventure, as many tombs have beds your Sim can sleep in. If your Sim is strapped for cash, they can bring fruit along to satisfy the hunger need, since apples and other produce don't spoil while in the inventory. Shower in a CanWhile you might not care if your Sim isn't in the best mood or very clean while they're on an adventure, you must remember that bad hygiene will put them in a bad mood and lower the rate you'll gain your lifetime happiness points.
Types of TriggersThere are numerous types of switches to be found in the dungeons in World Adventures. Bring Your CameraThere are a lot of unique shots that can only be achieved while inside a dungeon.
Collections and FragmentsAs stated above, assembling collections can make great photographic shots so you don't want to sell them until you've at least got a picture. Improving this GuideJoin our Sims 3 Forum to post a correction or suggestion to this guide. Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game.
Disclaimer: - This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Disclaimer: this site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.
However, if your goal is to raid tombs, you're going to find it's better to take a single Sim on adventures. Sims get too freaked to risk touching a fire trap a second time and protect themselves from harm.
You need high level martial arts and athletics to boot to be able to kick a mummy's butt with any certainty.
Work on making two of your Sims well-travelled and they could eventually reach a combined total of 36 days.
You won't be able to keep food in your inventory for a long period of time because it'll spoil.
You'll need to drag statues on top of these types of switches, which feature a sun-type symbol.
This only happens a few times in my experience and is not nearly as common as the other types of triggers.

How could you get a nice picture of a floor trap or a mummy for your collection without having a camera handy inside a tomb? World Adventures is new and we are striving to provide the most accurate information possible.
Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers.
We'll discuss most of the basics of searching dungeons and getting past the puzzles inside. No matter how many times my Sim gets shocked, flamed or blasted with high pressure water they haven't died.
What's more, if you get to a puzzle you just can't get past, you can meditate and be able to zeneport past the problem area. You shouldn't head out without spending money so plan to take at least 2,000 Simoleons with you. Once your Sim has earned VISA level 3 in one of the locatons you can purchase the Sultan's Tabernacle with 2,500 ancient coins. Eventually you'll want to buy a lot of these to keep for avoiding repeat trips to the general store. It doubles as a method for removing the singed moodlet your Sim will get when they're electrocuted or hit with fire while in a tomb. I really recommend you hold onto any you purchase until you're sure a particular tomb doesn't have the key you need.
While they won't have a blast while they're searching through tombs, their fun need will level off. Watch out for holes on the ground or situated in walls where your Sim can find treasure and often a switch to get past a door or trap. Diving into one spot a few times in a row can also be useful because the Sim might not find everything on the first attempt.
You'll need to rotate the camera a lot to see them and they can be difficult to spot at times even using cutaway walls mode.
The only danger lies in Egypt, which has the most challenging tombs and features the new way to die - the mummy's curse. Losing a fight to a mummy doesn't always result in the curse, sometimes your Sim just gets knocked unconscious. It takes 3 and a half hours to meditate to this point but only requires level 5 in martial arts. It is extremely frustrating to be in the middle of a tomb raid and have your Sim run out of energy.
This is the very best option and gives a great night's sleep in the form of a 'Slept like a King' moodlet. It's a quick way to remove the moodlet allowing them a chance to disarm or cross by a nasty trap.
Follow the sparkles to see what door was unlocked or what other triggers could have been revealed. These pools are also useful for getting past fire traps because getting soaked can prevent the pain from fire. Bring the walls up or use the bottom border of the wall to search for places that can be inspected.

Once your Sim can kiss the cobra reliably they are essentially immune to the curse because they should be able to give him a nice big smack on the fangs before they die of the curse. All the time spent investigating rooms adds up quickly and some tombs may take a couple days' worth of time to complete. It's vital that you remember once your Sim wakes up you need to place the tent in your inventory. If you insist your Sim stay in an amazing mood, consider purchasing a snake charming basket from Egypt's general store. Having experience in the handiness skill may help to make this more possible but it's unclear.
Plan adventures with a single Sim in mind and you'll get much more done without all the frustration. There are three types of tent available, all are the same size but give better energy boosts depending on the cost.
You can't expect this to boost your Sim's mood nearly as much as a nice sit down dinner but it's a wonderful commodity to have along on a trip. It's good practice for the event where you need to break the mummy's curse, and you'll have a blast to boot.
If you get hit by a fire or electricity trap, head to the nearest dive well or use a shower in a can to eliminate the fear and allow them to attempt to disarm it. Eventually you'll want to buy a fat stack to keep you going for long periods of time to avoid continuing trips to the general store. If they can't, they can sometimes attempt to cross or look for a trigger to disable it otherwise.
Traps aren't really dangerous in this game, but more a nuisance and barrier that gets in your way. The description said something like "when they can't even move you can quick run", so I tried waste time inside the tomb until the Energy bar was empty and the Hunger was in the red zone (20% moreless) but still no good. I've been playing since the launch of the vanilla game and this is one of those wishes that I never can accomplish no matter what I do. Joe Bloggs] this teleports your sim to the Base Camp thus escaping tomb without escape powder. I started on the first door with a complex key, the one you step down the stairs and turn left. A  After that - you don't use another key to open another door so you must be in the wrong place.Make sure you went into the correct door.
So outside of the Temple there are two small houses on the right, and I entered on the first one, the only one that has stairs. Is that right?Admin: If you are facing the town from the temple of heaven - it's the one on the back left corner.

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