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Earl Nightingale’s insights into success and personal development have transformed millions of lives.
His most famous book, The Strangest Secret, is known as one of the greatest books on success and personal development of all time. Enough of me, below is the full audio recording that Earl Nightingale made of The Strangest Secret. Today I am going to share with you a simple method to attract money with speed, pleasure and ease. There is a planting phase where you have to determine where you will be sharing your value with others.
People with the lottery mentality are constantly looking for harvest and not on planting and cultivating.
When you focus just on the outcome of getting money only with out skill development, you are sending out an energy that will repel instead of attract money to you.

First, you must write down all of your gifts and talents and find a service that you will enjoy serving humanity. Thanks for sharing Dr Lisa.It is rather interesting that to attract money one should not be thinking about making it.
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Next is the cultivation phase where you need to consistently be sharing your value every day with your audience. To get the outcome you must commit to the process while emotionally detaching yourself from the outcome.
Do you have one talent that you love to do every day and don’t care whether you get paid for it or not? When you detach yourself from financial compensation, the The Law of Averages kicks in and you will be compensated for the QUANTITY and QUALITY of the service rendered.

From the trillion dollar budget deficits in our government to the billion dollar lottery jackpots. Jones money is an exchange of value for services rendered to better humanity. The process to attract money is similar to farming which has three distinct phases. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post,every single one of us are designed to serve humanity with specific gifts we were blessed by God with.
If you don’t have this book I highly recommend you download it right now to your mobile device.

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