Oprah Winfrey to CEOs, to world-class athletes, to actors and musicians, even your next-door neighbor is doing it.
There is more scientific proof coming out everyday proving what eastern cultures have known for centuries…. Meditation helps focus and clear your mind and allows you to un-stress from an ever-increasingly complex and technological world.
Studies show how meditation and mindfulness practice enhance your mental agility and attention by changing brain structure and function so that your brain processes information more efficiently and coherently – qualities associated with higher intelligence. Meditation relaxes your muscles and organs, and un-clutters your mind and gives you a mental vacation that totally rejuvenates your mind and body.
Studies show, without a doubt, the practice of meditation can relax you, focus your mind, change your emotional and psychological nature, improve your relationships, lower your blood pressure and bring you peace of mind. How Can a Simple Practice of Meditation Help Me Create Unlimited Financial Abundance in My Life? So I walked over to a phone and picked up the receiver and looked at the keypad. To my surprise, my fingers suddenly started dialing the number!
Because my body practiced dialing the number so many times before, it knew the number by heart. My body acted unconsciously – it was smarter than my brain! Did you know that by the time you’re 35 years old, 95% of who you are is a set of memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, beliefs and perceptions that function like unconscious automatic programs? Since 99% of what goes on in your mind and body is unconscious, those behind-the-scenes programs are responsible for most of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We go from automatic thought to automatic behavior to automatic emotional response and so on. Okay, you know this already….You create your reality by the thoughts you think, right? The first step is noticing those behind-the-scenes programs, beliefs and emotional reactions.
It turns out that just being aware of the unconscious programs that are running your life is the first step toward changing those mental habits and patterns.
And when you’re able to notice the programs that govern your life, you can make better choices for your future.
So what’s the best possible way of becoming aware of your conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotional reactions?
Your body doesn’t know the difference between an experience in life and one that you fabricate by thought alone.
Before long I was paddling a red canoe in turquoise waters framed by palm trees and white powder beaches. The high definition quality of the video almost made me feel like I was there, all I needed was a Mai Tai and the smell of salt-water breezes. But my point is… that you can create the emotion in your body by simply thinking about the experience, or in this case watching a movie. And if you repeat these emotions and associations of relaxation and pleasure long enough – they soon begin to create your future realities. In no-mind meditation, your brain waves shift to the Alpha state, and you enter a deeper level of consciousness. In this refined, fertile state, your mind is ready to receive new impressions and ideas, and your creative imagination expands and becomes inspired. I really want you to imagine what it would be like to have that amount of money in the bank. In order to feel what abundance is like, you want to make your body FEEL as if you were already experiencing that reality. Let’s start objectifying it and really turn up the volume until you see yourself wearing the shoes and sitting in the chair of a multi-millionaire! Imagine waking up in a luxurious million dollar condo overlooking the ocean. You feel the marble tile under your feet. You feel the coolness of the water as you swim in your private pool. You see yourself surrounded and imbued by luxury.
Maybe you’d be smoking a big fat cigar, eating fancy meals or drinking exquisite wines. Maybe it sounds like an expensive sports car, or the sound of your powerful yacht as you approach your million-dollar condo.

The key is to create a vivid picture in your mind and to access the feeling before its happened.
When you create situations over and over again in your mind, your body reacts chemically as if it’s already happened. Clarity Mind Meditations uses brain entrainment technology or binaural beats audio embedded into every Clarity Mind guided meditation track.
Binaural beats are specially engineered sounds played back at slightly different frequencies and heard in different ears.
The slight difference in frequencies played through stereo headphones results in the brain perceiving a beating tone as if the two tones were mixed naturally in the brain. The purpose of binaural beats is to train your brain to quickly get into the zone and experience deeper Theta states. Scientists have discovered that it is possible to channel and organize certain brainwaves via auditory stimulation to allow for deeper meditations, reduced anxiety, increased creativity and better sleep. When you listen to Clarity Mind Guided Meditation audio on your computer or mp3 player, you can quickly enter and stay in a deep Theta level all in a matter of minutes and it’s as easy as pushing a button.
Our brain entrainment technology embedded into every track gives you deep, effortless, enjoyable meditation in minutes. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of meditation without the need for expensive proprietary mantras or object phrases.
Enjoy simple, effective guided meditations designed with better outcomes in mind that give you deep, effortless and enjoyable meditations. Clarity Mind audio plays on multiple file formats on your iPod, iPad or any other multimedia player.
Just get out your mp3 player, put on your headphones and dial up Guided Meditation For Financial Abundance on your mp3 player or Iphone. Let your exhalation be longer than your inhalation, release everything that isn’t serving you.
Release anything in your psychology that is worrying you, making you fearful or causing you frustration. Imagine what it would be like to have a meditation master guide you through a meditation specifically designed to help you FEEL and EMBODY your financial abundance. With this natural but powerful meditation, you’ll be re-programming your mind and body with positive visualizations designed with your financial abundance in mind. Do yourself a favor and order your digital copy of Guided Meditation for Financial Abundance.
Clarity Mind Meditation audios are crystal clear and encoded in the mp3 format and sound gorgeous on your ipod or ipad.
With a simple push of the button, you’ll get to the Alpha level quickly, so that your body and mind can be re-programmed for the financial abundance you deserve in your life. If for any unlikely reason your Clarity Mind Meditation audios don’t live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email.
To order your copy of the Guided Meditation for Financial Abundance just click on the link below. Serenity Moments ® is a new brand of scenic relaxation and meditation videos produced by Real Art Studios featuring serene and beautiful locations filmed in high definition video widescreen format and can be displayed on either a standard or high definition TV set.
Our relaxation DVD titles currently available include The Canadian Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park, the Hawaiian Islands, with other beautiful locations coming soon. Brain researchers and neurophysiologists have discovered that with continued use the brain becomes entrained into remaining in this relaxed state. Discover the secret to success by accessing your subconscious mind while relaxing on a virtual vacation with our beautiful videos. If you would like to carry our product in your retail store we would be happy to put you in touch with our distribution company. El secreto, la ley de atraccion: Meditacion Guiada ( Guided Meditation ), Kelly Howell [AUDIO CD ] - Aprender a meditar.
DatosMEDITACION GUIADA ( Guided Meditation ), Kelly Howell [AUDIO CD ] - Aprender a meditar.
Los archivos encontrados en esta web, deben ser utilizados con el unico fin de evaluacion y deben ser borrados despues de 24hs de ser descargados, si les gusto, hagan el esfuerzo de comprar el original. Chakra meditation is a great way to eliminate blockages and to restore yourself to a state of complete holistic health - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our guided chakra meditation downloads are designed to help you balance and cleanse the energy centers of your body.
This guided chakra meditation uses creative visualisation, affirmations and subtle energy awareness to promote relaxation and deep healing. This inspiring meditation experience uses soothing music with theta frequencies and positive affirmations to help you connect with your higher self and open up to the voice of your spirit.
Seven Sacred Centers is a collection of seven soothing tracks that will awaken, purify and enliven the energy centers of your body.
The content of this website, including all music, all text, all downloads, all music samples and all other material are owned or controlled by Spire Audio or their content and technology providers. As I listened to the sounds of the wind and waves against the boat, I could feel my body start to relax. Listen to the soothing voice of a 30 year meditator and get expert practical guidance for better results in no time. You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 60 days of your date of purchase.
The Serenity Moments meditation and relaxation video series is a perfect tool for those practicing Mindfulness Meditation which has been clinically shown to be effective for the management of stress, anxiety and panic, chronic pain, depression, obsessive thinking, strong emotional reactivity, and a wide array of medical and mental health related conditions. When the brain is in Alpha or Theta wave states the mind can actually create new neural pathways, heal the physical body as well as enable one to develop deep insights by making it easier for the conscious mind to access the smarter subconscious mind. El uso de estos archivos corre por su cuenta, El secreto, la ley de atraccion no se hace responsable de cualquier mal uso del contenido.
Featuring the lovely voice of Susanne Kempken, Connecting To Spirit is deliciously relaxing and it's bound to make your heart sing.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Our product has been hailed as a major medical intervention by a leading clinical psychologist in early clinical trials and with continued use makes an ideal brain entrainment tool and healing aid.
Brain researchers have also declared that the subconscious mind is smarter than the conscious mind by a ratio of ten million to one.
Los archivos se encuentran alojados en servidores publicos gratuitos.Todo el material publicado en mi web, ha sido RECOLECTADO exclusivamente de internet de sitios publicos, por lo que este material es considerado de libre distribucion. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Thus this product will be a huge benefit to those who wish to tap into and harness the brilliance of their subconscious mind and well as help those who are suffering from stress, trauma or depression or those who desire a virtual vacation. En ningun articulo legal se menciona la prohibicion de material libre por lo que este Sitio Web no infringe en ningun caso la ley.
The audio productions on this site are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or republished without written permission. Solo tienes que colocarse los auriculares y dejar que las suaves ondas Theta calmen el sistema nervioso y tranquilicen su mente. Este best-seller clasico de Brain Sync ha ayudado a cientos de miles de personas a explorar y experimentar la meditacion.Usted sera guiado a crear un santuario interior, un lugar donde pueda ir a regenerar el corazon mismo de su ser. Enjoy deeply relaxing music with theta frequencies and positive affirmations to help you relax, balance your throat chakra and strengthen your natural ability to express yourself fearlessly and with love. Enjoy heart warming music with theta frequencies and positive affirmations to help you relax, balance your heart chakra and open you to the most powerful force in the world - love. Los pensamientos negativos son dramaticamente arrastrados por destellos brillantes de comprension y entendimiento. Living From The Heart is the fourth album in a series of chakra meditations by Susanne Kempken.
Usted sentira como si estuviera planeando en haces de luz y su alma se elevara a los mas altos niveles de conocimiento universal y creatividad.Mas BeneficiosSentimientos de plenitud y bienestar.

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