The Pirate Fairy (also known as Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy) is a 3D computer-animated film from the Disney Fairies franchise. The film opens on a normal day in Pixie Hollow and Zarina, a Dust Keeper fairy, is always wondering the possibilities of what else Pixie Dust can do. They arrive at their secret hideout at Skull Rock where the fairies discover that Zarina and the pirates have grown a Pixie Dust Tree of their own. As the pirates set course for the Second Star, the fairies show up and engage them in battle while Zarina attempts to get the blue fairy dust away from Captain James who is wearing it around his neck. After finally getting back the Blue Dust, Zarina bids her fellow fairies goodbye and is about to go her separate way only to be offered again to come home, which this time she accepts.
In a post-credits scene, Smee is seen sailing on a ship where he spots James stranded in the middle of the Never Sea.
Printable Tinker Bell coloring pages from the movie Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings. Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings and it's associated images and material©Disney and used here with permission.
Small jingle and her friends came to Neverland northern most mysterious winter forest, where small jingle will encounter one and her unbreakable connection between the fairy Periwinkle and found enough to change an entire fairy world of secret. Site all the wallpaper, are collected from Internet, belongs to original author, please do not used for commercial purposes ! OverviewTinker Bell’s adventures continue when she and her friends venture into the Winter Woods. However, Fairy Gary is against her curiosity and tells her that dust keepers do not tamper with Pixie Dust. As the Winter Fairies perform their act, Zarina returns and summons some poppies that put all the fairies into a deep sleep except Tinker Bell, Vidia, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn and Iridessa; who take shelter, and Clank, who was gone at the time. With more control over their swapped talents, the fairies manage to throw the pirates overboard one by one and turn the ship off course with only the captain left on board.
They sail the flying ship all the way back to Pixie Hollow just as all the fairies start to wake up with no clue over what just happened. Tinker Bell coloring pages, Periwinkle, Vidia, Silvermist coloring pages, Rosetta and other TinkerBell fairy friends.

Print and color pictures of flowers and gifts, or even draw flowers for Mom with step by step instructions!
Through a chance accident, the iconic fairy learns that one of the winter fairies is actually her sister.
The film was originally slated to be released on October 7, 2013, but another DisneyToon Studios film, Planes, took its place, which itself moved to a theatrical film for August 9, 2013.
However, when her experiments with Blue Dust causes major chaos, she becomes excluded from dust-keeping.
After putting all the fairies to sleep, Zarina heads for the dust depot and steals the Blue Dust. The fairies attempt to get the Blue Dust back again, but Iridessa was unable to control her garden fairy talent and causes a chaos that reveal themselves and get captured.
Zarina is welcomed back and just before she promises to never again tamper with pixie dust, Tinker Bell insists that she show off her amazing talents-Pixie Dust Alchemy.
Small jingle is actually a little fairy fans known as "Peter Pan" story, before the encounter Peter Pan, she was a good friend in the fairy world with several small fairy responsible for nature's seasons, color conversion, wind, frost, snow and rain and so on. Determined to share each other’s lives the pair embark on a mission that brings them closer together yet threatens the existence of the warm fairies and the Pixie Dust Tree. Without the Blue Dust, the Pixie Dust Tree can’t make Pixie Dust and without Pixie Dust the fairies can’t fly, much to Iridessa’s horror.
Tinker Bell tries to convince Zarina to come home but she refuses, still hurt by nobody appreciating her talents.
At the moment James is victorious, but Zarina gains possession of one speck and when she tosses it to James the dust all over him goes crazy and makes him fly out of control till he passes through a wall of water summoned by Tinker Bell that washes off all the dust. At the festival, Zarina shows off her amazing talents in Pixie Dust Alchemy and, at the same time, switches Tinker Bell's and her best friends' magical talents to their rightful ones; each with a different color of powdered fairy dust, putting on quite a show.
Contrast, Disney launched the "Tinker Bell" is a series of four works can be seen as the story of the four seasons.
Eventually, Tinker Bell’s wings become damaged, and it is impossible to heal broken wings. While Clank stays to watch over the others, Tinker Bell and the other fairies go after Zarina who leads them to the coast and, to their shock, pirates.

After the fairies are taken down below the Pirates begin creating Pixie Dust which becomes a major success. Film by Sean Lurie served as a producer and co-directed, Peggy Holmes and Bobs Gannaway, Mae Whitman, Lucy Liu, Matt Lanter dubbing. At first, they think Zarina has been captured, but soon find out that their captain is none other than Zarina.
Curious about what it’s like to fly, Zarina sprinkles some of the dust onto James allowing him to experience the wonders of flying. In addition, Disney launched in 2011 when half an hour long "Wizard Cup Competition" (Pixie Hollow Games) with Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings "with the DVD launch. The fairies get the Blue Dust back, but when they try to make their escape, Zarina casts numerous colors of Pixie Dust switching the fairy’s innate magical talents.
After a joyful flight around the cave, James and the pirates suddenly betray Zarina and lock her in a lantern. Meanwhile Tinker Bell and the other fairies are trying to escape from their cage and so far they are not having much luck. It is revealed by the cabin boy, James (the future Captain Hook, which I totally called, and Zarina’s closest friend), that a year ago their ship turned a drift and they lost everything until they met Zarina who became their new captain with a promise to make their ship fly. Then they will able to plunder across the world’s greatest wonders and will stop at nothing as they’ll be in the sky. The fairies head for the pirate Pixie Dust Tree and manage to get their hands on the Blue Dust. However before they can make their escape, Captain James threatens to throw Zarina into the sea unless they return the dust to them. Tinker Bell willing gives up the dust and the pirates begin to pour it all onto the ship making it airborne.
After James takes the blue dust and jumps aboard, he throws Zarina into the water, leaving the fairies to save her.

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