The Fenian Brotherhood was an Irish nationalist organisation dedicated to eradicating British rule in Ireland.
Many people around the world are convinced that secret societies run our world and have a hidden hand in everything from politics to business. The Freemasons usually top every list of secret societies  and are one of the most famous of all secret societies, the Freemasons have officially been around since 1717. The Order of Skull and Bones is a secret organization at Yale University that can count several US Presidents among its members. This is a group of Christian Master Masons that borrowed their name from a 12th Century religious military group. A Catholic organization whose members believe in celibacy and living a very plain and normal life, some would argue this society is not actually secret, although not much is known about their practices. Most people are probably familiar with the KKK and the role that they have played in racism in the United States. Ordo Templis Orientis is a society that was originally based on Masonic principles that was founded by a famous alchemist named Aleister Crowley.
Rosicrucianism was founded by German Protestants in the 1600s, and is very closely related with alchemy and alchemists. This society was founded by several famous Freemasons and is thought to be the precursor to the majority of modern day occult groups. The Krypteia was an ancient rite of passage for promising young Spartan men who had completed their formal education.

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The Club of Rome is a global think tank composed of prominent intellectuals and decision-makers such as Fernando H. While it is hard to know whether or not this is actually true, many people are still fascinated by them. It is one of the oldest secret organizations in the United States, and keeps it rituals very private. They believe in atheism and follow humanistic principles, and many people believe they are still trying to create a one world government.
This society does not have a membership, but is rather a yearly meeting of the most powerful and influential people in the world. The thoughts and ideas are based on three documents which tell stories about a famous alchemist by the name of Christian Rosenkreuz. The founders were actually Rosicrucianists as well, and Aleister Crowley was one of the most famous members. Naked and armed with only a knife, these 18-year-olds were instructed to survive by any means necessary as they patrolled the countryside in search of revolts and misdeeds. Cardoso, the former president of Brazil, and Rafael Hernandez Colon, the former Governor of Puerto-Rico. For those interested in knowing more, we have produced this list of the top 10 secret societies in the world.

There are three basic levels of Masonry, with the first level being Entered Apprentice, after this comes the level of Fellow Craft, and finally you may become a Master Mason. They have taken part in some of the worst aspects of racism in US history, and unfortunately still exist even today.
The belief system takes from numerous places including Christianity, Alchemy, Ancient Egypt, Qabbala, and many others.
Those who survived (and indeed many did perish) were welcomed with open arms into the Spartan army. Religious or cultural persecution is another reason that makes people stick together in secret groups. After all, the Brotherhood counted among its members thousands of men who had fought during the American Civil War as well as the financial support of tens of thousands of Irish immigrants. Many conspiracy theorists think that Skull and Bones is actually responsible for the creation of the CIA and a breeding ground for higher level CIA agents, although the CIA has denied that any link exists. Equipped with military training as well as patriotic love, the Fenians attacked Canada on three separate occasions in 1866, 1870 and 1871. On each occasion, they were repelled by a combination of Canadian voluntary forces and American government intervention.

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