Milou, a real sweetheart, asked me on Twitter what 3-5 books I would recommend most of all, when it comes to Self Help & the Law of Attraction. What I present here is purely Self Development and Law of Attraction related, because Kris Carr’s CrazySexyDiet is in my All Time Top 5 too. I honestly think he has written the best self help book I have ever laid hands on, this book has actually helped me grow.
Totally different than your average self help book, using basic and actually quite rational principles to apply to your life for the better.
If you need help getting your shit together when it comes to studying, work and deadlines, this is the book for you.
Spirit Junkie is her very personal story of how she integrated spirituality into her life and how that helped her to become more herself, a happier, healthier person and find her true purpose. There was once a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert – a writer of books, a thinker, an independent woman. What is it like to wake up in the morning and know that no matter what obstacles occurred, you will overcome them? If the recession's taught us anything, it's the fact that we've got to protects and grow our assets for the future. Starting a business, or bringing a radical idea to life is one of the world's most difficult and rewarding challenges.
Simple ways to improve your health, appearance or state of mind; from Eastern meditation to nutrition, hormones and yoga. Self-help books you must read before you die; from Dale Carnegie to Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins. Learn about religion and spirituality, or strengthen your faith with our list of the best spiritual self-help books.
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The following list of the greatest self-help book of all time was handpicked over the course of a month. Click on the books below to learn more about them, or click for our self-help book categories to find self-help bestsellers in your favorite genre. The Drama-Free Way: A Thought-Management Guide to Navigating Chaos and Thriving, by Jennifer Kern Collins.
You would think it was a novel, except that you’re learning concepts of creating true peace along the way.
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days and 40 Nights Toward Spiritual Strength and Personal Growth, by Iyanla Vanzant. Okay, so this is one of those books that truly saved my life years ago in my early twenties when I was in the midst of my deepest pain. One day, this treasure showed up in the mail, right when I was in the midst of deciding whether or not to get married or call off the wedding. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are, by Brene Brown. Begin to Live theLife You Choose™.Subscribe to our newsletter, One, andreceive the firstchapter of The Powerof Oneness FREE! In compiling a year in review, I couldn’t help but notice a tragic theme woven through many of these news events.
Summary: With much fanfare, investors scrambled to snatch up shares of this highly publicized IPO.
Lesson: With a common goal and a commitment to teamwork, individuals are truly stronger as a unit than they are as a single entity.
Summary: A highly decorated general and respected CIA Director sees his reputation crumble before him as allegations surface of an extramarital affair with his biographer. Lesson: In that moment, heroes emerged, as friends and family members put their own lives on the line to protect their loved ones. Summary: The pop icon was pronounced dead on the eve of the 54th Grammy awards, an event attended by many of her friends and close colleagues. Lesson: The Hollywood community paid a dignified tribute to a fellow performer at the gala Grammy event the day after Whitney Houston passed. Summary: Despite decreases in unemployment in 2012 as compared to the previous year, many Americans found themselves out of work and in long lines at the unemployment office. Summary: In the summer of 2012, persistent droughts throughout the middle of the country led to dangerously dry conditions as record temperatures soared. Lesson: The images of these fires cresting the majestic mountains with all-too-vulnerable homes in their path will not soon be forgotten. Lesson: Despite massive loss, the communities in New York and New Jersey came together in touching ways to support one another.
Summary: A nation was rocked to its core as its most innocent members were the targets of a lone gunman in Newtown, CT. Lesson: Surely, this event went directly to the heart of every person who saw the news that day. This entry was posted in Current Events, Oneness, Top 10 List, Year in Review and tagged 2012, current events, lists, top 10, year in review by Sandra Brossman.
Tony Robbins' self-help book, 'Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement', has landed at No. One of the most powerful concepts in all of Anthony Robbins’ books is the idea that we must take control of our destinies, not let life dictate where they go. If you've got enough passion and belief in your abilities, you've now got to find a way to break down the doors that keep you from your goals. The next day, Spielberg put on a suit, borrowed his father's suitcase (which he stuffed with two candy bars and a sandwich) and stolled into Universal Studios as if owned the place. Another trait shared by almost everyone's who has accomplished something great is the ability to quickly and powerfully bond with others.
The very essence of Tony Robbins' book, Unlimited Power, is learning to harness the power of communication – not just with others, but, just as importantly, the conversations we have with ourselves. Here, Tony Robbins focuses on finding balance in life – learning to experience true happiness and perfecting our pursuit of success.
Co-written with Joseph McClendon III, 'Ebony Power Thoughts' is an early book by one of the self-help book industry's titans, Anthony Robbins.
Just as a cult victim can be taught to believe the wrong things, we can train our bodies to believe the right things. De Botton arranged to observe a career counsellor, Robert Symons, as he interacted with his clients (after obtaining the clients’ permission).
Below I’ve compiled a list of books that I’ve either read, want to read, or want to refer to (even if they’re not worth a close reading). Both healthism and self-help assume that individuals are ultimately responsible for their problems, whether medical or psychological. We live in an age where technology can connect us with almost anyone anywhere, all in a matter of seconds, through texting, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Paradoxically, in the midst of all this instantaneous communication, enormous numbers of people are feeling desperately lonely. Beyond the obvious positive effects on our body, human touch also creates the ability to restore our minds and bodies with our spiritual connection. The next time you feel lonely or in need of physical and emotional reassurance, find a person or an animal you care about and give them a hug! It is very important to understand that the way speak to others is the way we feel about ourselves.  If we are feeling insecure and vulnerable, we are likely to reactively fire off angry words in an unconscious, futile effort to defend ourselves. When we use our words to mindlessly vent our feelings, not only does this hurt the people on the receiving end of our words, it ultimately proves to be very hurtful to ourselves because the words we send out to others actually forms an energy field around us.
By now you may be asking yourself, “How do I speak kindly to others when I don’t like the person to whom I am speaking?”  Actually, communicating with others with kind intention is not dependent on how you feel about the other person. The bottom line is that if you want to experience peace and love in your world, it is imperative that you choose words that are in harmony with these qualities.
You can develop the habit of consciously choosing words that are constructive for yourself and others. Take responsibility for how you communicate – The quality of your life is a manifestation of the energy you are projecting. Think before you speak – Ask yourself:  Am I talking to this person the way in which I want to be spoken?  We all have a split second, at the very least, to engage our minds before we open our mouths. Be conscious of what you are trying to accomplish through your communications – If you are clear about what you want to create or resolve with another, you will become aware of the words you need to use to create your desired outcome.
When you mindfully choose words that are in alignment with love, respect, and cooperation, you will discover that you are able to attract people and situations that coincide with the energy you are projecting.  From a spiritual perspective, this is the quality of life you were meant to live,  and you have the power to create it!
Sometimes the words and actions of people who have hurt you may feel so vicious that the thought of forgiving them seems like an impossible human feat.  No matter how hard you try, you may feel that you cannot reconcile your feelings about them, nor understand how anyone could act in such unkind ways. Believe it or not, the person you most need to forgive for any situation in which you have been hurt is yourself – not because you are “wrong,” but because you have made choices which have not been aligned with your soul’s need for inner truth and self-respect.
You may find it very liberating to realize that you do not need to feel warmly toward people who have hurt you, nor do you need to understand their actions, in order to forgive.
When you withhold forgiveness and choose to ignore the messages that are coming to you in the form of relationships, the universe will continue to present you with people and circumstances based on the same theme until you become aware of what you need to know.  It is as though you are in a play and the same actor exits and comes back on stage again wearing a new outfit.
The bottom line is that forgiveness is something we do for OURSELVES!  It is the most effective way we can free ourselves from self-defeating old patterns from the past and step into the infinite potential that we can only discover in present time.  When we do this, we are blessing ourselves and everyone in our lives by placing a greater priority on love and inner peace than on revenge and self-righteousness.
In next week’s blog, Part 2, we will discuss a simple exercise that will empower you to make forgiveness a part of your daily life. Click this link to order the downloadable audio meditation, “Free Yourself Through Forgiveness,” narrated by Sandra Brossman. Forgive The People Who Have Hurt You – Take back your power!  Every time you blame someone for painful experiences in the past you are allowing them to rule your thoughts! Express gratitude for the lessons learned – Focus on how you have learned and grown with every experience you have had.
Where you are in life right now is the result of your thoughts from the past.  Being fully present empowers you to make new choices that can change your reality.  In fact, whatever you are thinking in this moment is creating your future!
You can access more insights to letting go of the past by ordering the book, The Power of Oneness, Live The Life You Choose™. Do you have any experiences you would like to share that have prepared you to live in present time?  As always, I welcome your thoughts. Nothing creates separation and discord among human beings more than when we judge each other.  While this is true, judge is a word that causes confusion for many of us.
On one hand, for centuries humanity has received countless messages through spiritual masters from all walks of life instructing us not to judge.
On the other hand, most of us would agree that we certainly need to use our judgment skills to navigate through this very complicated, polarized physical world of experience. Wow!  When we apply these definitions to how we engage with other people, it brings up a lot of questions.  For example, who among us is the one person who is supremely qualified to decide on the worth of anything?  Who among us appreciates being criticized or censured? In order to understand what is meant by letting go of judgment of others, we need to adopt a more neutral interpretation of the word judge. I welcome your comments, insights, and experiences on how we can let go of judgment of others. 2.   Accept people as they are without trying to change them to conform to your expectations. Be compassionate toward yourself and others – It takes a great deal of courage for any one of us to be here. Whatever you criticize about someone else is an aspect, to a greater or lesser degree, that you need to heal within yourself.
Being thankful for everything and everyone is the most effective way to create peace and prosperity in your life.

Developing an attitude of gratitude begins by choosing to remember that absolutely everything we experience and everyone whom we meet is happening for a reason.
This is a nice way to get back into it again, rehashing some of the previous entries that are my absolute favorite.
I have a MAJOR GIRL CRUSH on her and her work and I cannot wait for her next book ‘May Cause Miracles’! Ik heb mezelf beloofd weer meer over LOA en self help te lezen dus dit is een goede kick start. What is it like to feel that no matter what anyone said to you, your identity is not shaken?
There were no specific qualifications beyond personal experience, bestseller status and the desire to create a list of the top 100 self-help books that covered nearly every self-help book genre imaginable.
Tolle teaches move beyond thoughts of the past or future, and live, finally, in the present moment.
Artists, runners, chess players -- everyone can attain 'flow,' and there's little else like it. The four agreements are pacts that he believes you must make with yourself in order to be happy. A fictional tale of a woman trying to claw her way out of poverty, and real-world tips for quitting your nine-to-five. Pessimists believe external events are their fault while optimists view them as temporary roadblocks. A Harvard-trained brain scientist suffers a stroke that eventually leads her to a new state of enlightenment. Experiments on the fringe of science challenge some of academia’s most hallowed precepts about the power of the mind. Change your inner monologue from negative to positive and your life will change in unexpected ways. Like a poetic How-To manual, Kabat's book is evidence that everyone can benefit from meditation.
A former shy girl herself, Lowndes is now a professional speaker, and her book offers 85 ways to become more outgoing.
Tailored at job seekers, Bolles presses readers to find what they really want, then offers steps to get it. Clinical examples of the effects of bipolar disorder, and exercises that help readers prevent or halt the cycle. Beattie tells how she fell into a codependent relationship with an alcoholic, then helps readers detach themselves from harmful situations. Learn ot avoid the negative judgments that so many of us formulate with a mix of Eastern traditions and Western science. There are no unimportant events as they lead to the sum of our knowledge about the world and ourselves.
Money starlet Suze Orman explores why women have such a dysfunctional relationship with money. Having suffered her first migraine in her 20s, Bernstein has devoted a lifetime to understanding migraines.
The barriers to entry in online business are so low that almost anyone can do it, especially with some of the industry’s secrets. With so much of what we say communicated in movements, understanding body language is one of the best ways to improve relationships. After spending decades crippled by the effects of fear in her personal life, Susan Jeffers details her slow journey to empowerment.
Many sexual addicts suffered from some form of abuse as a child, and they share the ability to once again regain a healthy sex life, too. Life is a series of games, says Berne, from power struggles at work, to flirtatious liasons with strangers, and the good news is they're not all bad. With exercises designed to get your creative juices flowing, you’ll soon find what's most important in your life. Proven techniques to calm your anxieties, conquer your fears, and put you in control of your life. What I love about this book is that it tells a great story with interesting characters who demonstrate the concepts the reader is absorbing. Her prose is poignant, creative and playful, with clever metaphors and skillfully sculpted imagery. While this has caused some people to feel sad and lonely as the year draws to a close, it’s a powerful exercise to take a deep look at each of these stories and uncover the lessons that can better our own lives in 2013. Almost immediately, the price of Facebook shares began to drop sharply leading many to wonder what happened to the powerful social media giant. Imagine putting yourself in the shoes of his family members for a moment to understand how the media frenzy might be perpetuating their emotional trauma.
All told, the armed gunman took the lives of 12 innocent victims in Aurora, Colorado that night. Even in the face of death, the power of love can be seen through the murkiness of tragedy such as this unforgettable event.
The circumstances surrounding her death were suspicious after she was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
This serves as an example of strength of the human spirit to move forward with grace in remembrance despite profound grief. The result was a series of devastating wildfires that ravaged Colorado for weeks, destroying 347 homes and claiming one life. As heart wrenching as it is to witness, material possessions are not permanent, just as everything in life is subject to change. President Obama and Mitt Romney differed greatly on subjects such as job growth, tax rates, women’s rights and the environment, and the voters turned out in record numbers. The devastation surpassed even the most pessimistic predictions, wreaking havoc on the Jersey shoreline and New York City and killing at least 125 people in the United States. An entire nation felt called upon to lend a hand with food, clothing, and medical supplies. Teachers and faculty protected the children, bravely shielding them from the barrage of bullets.
We can focus on the pain or instead, realize that there is one common theme throughout everything we’ve just discussed.
This starts, of course, with our minds where we often let our thoughts roam the dark corners of our pasts or futures.
Without these traits, Robbins writers, leaders wouldn't have the ability to keep trying after each inevitable failure.
Once inside, he found an abandoned trailer, grabbed some plastic lettering and put "Steven Speilberg, Director," on the outside of the door.
They see opportunities when they arrive, and they have the energy, drive and value system to pounce on those opportunities. Developing the power to bond with others is dependent on the fact that you've chosen goals that align with your values and passions. Once we're able to accept the adversities in life and communicate to ourselves the ways in which we can change them, we'll start accumulating small victories that will become great successes. His theories on the power of questioning, success in failure, and creating a complete vision of who we want to be, are powerfully written — in a way that will stir you to start making changes immediately. Robbins encourages us to admit that we want a lot of things out of life – money, great relationships and success. In his self-help audiobook, 'Get the Edge', Robbins encourages us to truly think about who we are; what we most in our souls, then take small, specific steps toward that goal -- including that a lot of self-help authors ignore, waking up early, exercising, eating right, and decompressing, so that we can realign our goals.
We can do this only through cooperation with our own desires and the desires of those around us. The authors use the words and actions of some of the most influential black leaders in the world to encourage us to hold ourselves to a higher standard. That's one of the central tenets behind Tony Robbins' self-help dogma, and it's called neuro-linguistic programming. The audio is an excerpt from a speech by Barbara Ehrenreich, where she elaborates on ideas from her book Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America. Unfortunately, there’s a huge commercial market in positive thinking, so her insights face an uphill battle. Or rather, it thrives in a particular vacuum—the one left behind by the disappearance of certain public values that once fulfilled our lives. Personal responsibility relieves society of the expense and inconvenience of creating healthier, more equitable lives for its members.
Through social media, we now have the capacity to almost instantly message out updates of our lives, pictures of family and friends, opinions about people, political viewpoints, birth notices, death notices, jokes, and even pictures of what we have had for dessert.
When we physically touch someone in a kind, loving way we are doing something which technology cannot do – we are communicating our feelings of love and acceptance at a level that is far deeper than words. Ironically, the people on the receiving end of our words of fury are typically the people who are in our inner circle of family and friends because these are the people whom we feel will accept us, no matter what we are saying.  Not surprisingly, we can end up alienating the very people who are most supportive of us because it is exhausting and self-destructive to be around someone who is constantly hurling cruel words. This can prove to be an endless cycle of mindlessly projecting damaging words, only to discover that we are attracting the same type of responses from other people.
Mindfully choosing your words is a healthy habit that you develop because you respect yourself.  Creating a verbal battleground with others does not create the quality of life you want to live because you are likely to feel guilty most of the time, so what are you gaining? If you are communicating with people in a respectful way, that is the quality of life you are creating.  If you are mindlessly reacting to people and situations with anger and negative intentions, then this is also the reality you are creating. Once our thoughts are spoken, it is not possible to retract the energy we have projected, so it is well worth our while to do a quick mental edit of the words we are thinking before we say them.
This will help you to steer clear of getting into the “negative zone” of engaging in hurtful verbal exchanges with unproductive results. By forgiving yourself, it becomes easier to forgive others and to move out of the victimhood perception. You may even make a healthy decision that it is not in your best interest to be in the physical presence of people who have hurt you deeply. It could also be that we recognize that what this person is doing that is causing us pain is the same thing we have to someone else in the past.  The important thing is that when we view our relationship issues in this way, we are learning from, rather than judging the other person.
Rather than construing the word judge in a polarized way that involves attacking or assessing the value of another person, we can rise to a higher perspective by perceiving judgment as an act of discernment.
Whatever we find annoying in another person is an aspect that, to a greater or lesser degree, we need to heal within ourselves. Accordingly, align your thoughts, words, and deeds with kindness, respect, and cooperation.
Every situation you experience and every person you meet is an opportunity for growth and greater insight to universal truth and love. Take responsibility for the fact that your thoughts, words, and actions, and even your underlying motivations, are constantly impacting the entire world. So, if we perceive gratitude in a conditional way, we are quite likely going to have long and frequent periods of time during which we do not feel thankful. If you want to start playing around and experimenting with the Law of Attraction, this is a book worth investing in.
But it has great anecdotes, quotes, exercises and is filled with information from all the leading motivational gurus and other succesful people. Some of the techniques I talk about in my To Do List post come from this book and Brian Tracy gives an honest plan to becoming good at what you do too, like reading field literature and prioritizing the most important things.
See people you like, avoid people you don’t, eat healthy with the occasional cupcake and if you can, drink champagne.
Ik heb er zelf al een aantal gelezen (geen van deze post toevallig): The Secret, The Science to getting rich, Think and grow rich, Ask and it is given (niet helemaal), The Answer van John Assaraf, Seven Habbits of highly effective people van Stephen R.

Also I really would like to be more confident and don’t find what other people think so important. Almost instantly they knew that they were soulmates, and they also knew that they would never, ever get married. What does it feel like to reap the rewards of having others cherish you for your true worth and vice versa? A breakthrough program for conquering anxiety, depression, obsessiveness, anger, and impulsiveness. A book that delves deeply into the causes of our fears and discomforts, then gives tips to overcome them. Meet the scheduling quadrant -- a way of assigning every task a weight, then tackling those tasks in the proper order. Stop letting your mind sail on auto-pilot, and see how easily your thoughts are swayed by others -- then change that fact. Self-talk techniques that should help mild sufferers of depression and anxiety overcome their worst problems with medication.
Overcome your fear of public speaking and performing by turning bad experiences into an opportunity for growth. Here, Kiyosaki identifies the four forms of income: employee, business owner, self-employed and investor and shows us how to move between them.
Depression, anxiety, procrastination, guilt, pessimism and low self-esteem all stem from the same place: patterns of negative thinking. Given my years of personal struggle, education, experience as an addictions counselor and now as a life coach, plus all this reading, it’s packed with stories, informational content, exercises and the science behind how we become addicted to the drama in our own minds and how that influences our outer world experience.
Kamal is extremely forth coming and raw in his account of his journey from suffering physically, emotionally and professionally, to healing, wealth and abundance through a very simple (again, love simple) approach to practicing self-love, one of the most powerful energies there is. Somehow Michael Singer has managed to take some serious Buddhist-like teachings and wrap them into simple language and relatable stories.
Put simply, our security has never been rooted in money, it just became more apparent in 2012. The process of rebuilding has been tough for the communities of Colorado Springs, Boulder and others. But Americans all agreed on one thing — they were sick of the division between the Republicans and the Democrats causing paralysis on issues of key importance in Washington.
He had the grace to display the ultimate forgiveness in reaching out to the family of the shooter and asking everyone to remember not to identify with the crisis but to remember that love will heal us all. Robbins gives us practical techniques to channel and corral our thoughts, so that we start producing results we’d always fantasized about.
Passion, he says, is what kept aging baseball player Pete Rose diving headlong into second base as if he were a first-year rookie. Spielberg was an aspiring director who decided he was going to do whatever it took to get a foot in the door at Universal Studios.
He continued the routine all summer until he'd met nearly writer, director and editor on the site. Tony Robbins talks about forming "clarity of values" as the way to stay on track when nothing seems to be going right.
If you're talking with others about things you love, you're naturally going to get excited about it, and that excitement, Robbins believes, will feed new, more powerful relationships. Best of all are Robbins’ personal revelations on the events that would lead him to a new and unique way of living. Once we stop trying to hide our desire for those things and focus on them, we start to approach our full potentials. NLP refers to the process of altering your 'neurological' responses or reactions to certain situations and experiences by using language ('linguistic') and new patterns of behavior ('programming').
His most common lessons include overcoming fears, neurolinguistic programmaming (changing your autonomic responses to stimuli), maintaining high energy levels and motivation. Although I never got around to writing about it, I’ve repeatedly recommended a great article by William Davies called The Political Economy of Unhappiness.
Healthism is an anxious preoccupation with one’s physical health, encouraged by those who profit financially from inducing anxiety. Perhaps we have become so preoccupied with living in our heads, that we are becoming disconnected from our body-mind connection. Touch is a means of communication that is so critical that research shows that infants deprived of direct human contact grow slowly and even die.
Gently rubbing someone’s back, giving a hug, holding someone’s hand, and even a pat on the back can go a long way in nourishing that person’s soul, as well as your own; for when you touch another person in a kind way, you are blessed in return. We need to use our skills of judgment to discern situations, opportunities, agreements, and decisions to determine what is in our greatest good. Stated simply, when we let go of judging others, we focus on the goodness (Godness) within everyone, rather than what is wrong with them.  When we practice being non-judgmental, we offer others the opportunity to find themselves and to meet us partway. For example, if one of our large life lessons is that need to stop giving our power away to others, we will most likely attract controlling personalities into our reality until we figure out how to love ourselves enough to take control of our own life.
That last bit may sound weird, but for me it really helps to revisit my previous posts; I mean, I wrote them because that is how the Law of Attraction makes the most sense to me. They did not need that external validation of their feelings – at least they thought they didn't. We have collectively co-created a culture that is addicted to drama and the path it is leading us down as a human race is, frankly, unsustainable.
The author gives us four simple things to focus on to be more peaceful and productive in life: making no assumptions, speaking with integrity or being impeccable with your word, not taking things personally, and always doing our best. They go off into the wilderness for their recovery process and the parents stay at the camp’s base to learn from the owners how to engage with their kid in healthy, supportive ways when they get home, to create new patterns and habits, least their teens fall back into old patterns of  substance abuse. Iyanla has it broken into sections of “phases,” and within that each “day” has a lesson or point of focus presented in only a few short pages of teachings and insights about universal concepts, followed by a “workbook” segment to do your own processing, reflection and discovery.
Big Magic strikes a beautiful balance between offering stories, insights, laughter and wisdom while calling the reader forth into their own creativity.
This book took me several months to read, as I would pick it up and process for a few days and then come back to it when I was ready for more. But often times it is via the insights that come through another’s struggles we can gain some footing in our own awarenesses.
The next step is for an inner strength to emerge that many of us did not realize we even had … the choice to define ourselves by our values. On a tourist tour of the facility, he slipped away from his group, and wanted onto a set where live filming was taking place. If we don't have clear ideas about what's important to us, we're not going to stay on the right path.
CANI is a commitment to one small step we can take every single day to improve our lives and move closer to our goals. I knew that if I read about self-help I would want to write about it, and I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to do that at The Health Culture. It’s about the responsibility of Britain’s National Health Service to keep workers happy, not for the benefit of employees, but to improve corporate efficiency. But in the past there was always a countervailing force, an American stew of shame and pride and citizenship that kept these impulses walled off, sublimating private anxiety to the demands of an optimistic meritocracy. Self-help is an anxious preoccupation with one’s psychological self, encouraged by an abundance of self-help literature, personal seminars, and tell-all TV shows. We can also choose words that are cruel, damaging, depressing, and discouraging.  We each have the power to choose whether we want our words to hurt or heal. Gilbert recounts her journey arguing throughout that one cannot be happy, one cannot save a marriage, unless they first truly understand what it is. Benton interviewed more than 100 CEOs to figure out how their thinking differs from that of everyone else. As we each take personal responsibility for our own thought patterns and “feeling good” we become less dependent on our circumstances or other people to make us happy, which allows us true freedom to create, to live, to express our authentic spirits, to live our greater purpose, to play and to just be.
He elaborates on all of these concepts with examples that make these lofty ideals practical and understandable. What’s brilliant is that all the teachings of creating peace are applied to work relationships, marital partnerships, parenting and also seen from a global level, as the camp owners are two men: one Israeli and one Palestinian. She brilliantly speaks about the energies of creativity that are out in the ethers in the form of ideas, circulating about the planet looking for a human to partner with to become manifested or expressed in physical form. It explores how the world we inhabit inside ourselves has to be reformed, healed, upgraded before we can experience the peace and happiness we truly desire.
There, he fell into an engrossing conversation with the head of the company's editorial department.
Your plan doesn't have to be so radical, but it does have to include some form of action – and in most cases it's going to be quite different from your normal routine. Filled with more than 40 neurolinguistic programming exercises, this book also fills us in on some of the field's most important theories. That force has gradually been weakened by the erosion of all sorts of structures, from the corporate career track to the extended family and the social safety net. Even if the author isn’t there personally, reading their words makes it feel like they’re in the room with you.
This book provides the how to of managing your thoughts and energetic states to live in alignment with your spirit and effectively work with the law of attraction to create your most flowing, joyous, harmonious life. The wisdom in these pages is presented in a relatable, easy-to-follow manner, with personal stories and examples to enhance the reader’s understanding and ah-has. Her experience and examples give us permission to listen to our creative urges and to take risks with putting our “work” out there. Brene Brown’s work has opened us up to letting the eff-ups be exactly what they are and even finding value in them (egads!) But somehow this is all so liberating. It feels like they understand you and are nudging you forward with wisdom, patience, and faith in the process. It is one of the most powerful little collection of thoughts I’ve ever read—when translated and applied to my own life. While a standard book store might not categorize this as a “self-help” book, to me it gets that job done through painting a new picture of how to interface with our fears to more effectively live our higher purpose and let our souls be expressed through us. It looks at the over-arching themes that need to be addressed in order for us to grow into who we are capable of becoming.
I transcribed dozens of passages into my “quotes collection” journal, and then I referred back to them over and over again in the dismal moments. This book offers a look into “wholehearted living,” which focuses on our innate worthiness, which is not contingent on our performing, proving or earning.
When we are living that path, we cannot help but grown and expand—the true essence of healing. It’s a timeless classic and can be revisited at any stage of life, in any circumstance along the journey. Fortunately, and probably thanks to these folks (among many others), I’ve come out on the other side on my own life journey to where things are much easier, more peaceful and fun that ever before in my life. It gives us tools to cultivate courage, compassion and connection, and to be vulnerable, which allows the true riches of life to permeate our beings and take us to a new level of feeling alive and expressing our soul’s essence.

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