Religion is an odd thing because…Well, it’s an odd thing for a lot of reasons really.
Out with the old and in with the new, here are the best new religions of the past 100 years! Though it’s an Abrahamic religion – meaning that it comes from the same source as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others – Rastafari has a unique evolutionary path, as it traces its origins back to Ethiopian Christianity, which itself grew out of Coptic Christianity. While Rastafari used Middle Eastern religion to build something new, the Transcendental Meditation movement was rooted in Hinduism. Wicca carries with it some awful, awful stereotypes, with some folks writing it off as some kind of evil, Satanic witchcraft, and others turning up their nose at what they perceive to be a goofy amalgam of new age Earth Mother talk for middle aged women. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole when reading about the Nation of Gods and Earths, also known as the Five-Percent Nation.
Last month, I caused a bit of a stir with our list of Best Satanists, as a brouhaha broke out in the comments section between the Church of Satan faithful and supporters of the Satanic Temple. Breatharians believe – wait for it – that it is possible for human beings to live on breath alone. Chaos Magic is fascinating for the same reason that it is so difficult to talk about and describe: It can be kinda whatever. Created in the 1970s, the Church of the SubGenius is best understood as Discordianism’s puckish little brother.
If you’re in the market for a new religion, you could do a lot worse than the ones up above. Aubrey Sitterson is currently working on his own religion, which will mostly revolve around watching old I Love Lucy episodes. Hamden, CT 06517 MAP - TM location ABC’s Good Morning America - What did they say about TM?
Lange decided that Lynch’s new role as a public face of TM would make a fascinating documentary.
Much of the aura around TM remains mysterious; while popular celebrities—everyone from the Beatles to Oprah Winfrey—have embraced meditation, many TM followers also believe in yogic flying, in which practitioners manage to levitate. As a child, Lange’s family moved from Canada to Fairfield, Iowa, where Lange was taught in a TM school with twice daily meditation sessions. After hearing Lynch speak about TM seven years ago, Roth approached the filmmaker about becoming involved in fundraising and proselytizing. I’m not shy about saying that TM changed my life, and the cost associated is roughly equivalent to three months of antidepressants and blood pressure meds. The studies, conducted at Charles Drew University in Los Angeles and University of Hawaii in Kohala included African Americans and Native Hawaiians, 55 years and older, who were at risk for cardiovascular disease.
Participants in both studies who practiced the Transcendental Meditation program showed significant reductions in depressive symptoms compared to health education controls. The studies were funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health - National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. All comments and messages are approved by people and self promotional links or unacceptable comments are denied. Transcendental Meditation is a Hindu-based movement that finds popularity in the United States. Transcendental Meditation: The Roots of HinduismIn order to understand Transcendental Meditation and other extensions of Hindu philosophy, it's important to investigate the foundation of Hinduism itself.
Transcendental Meditation: The Diversity of HinduismTranscendental Meditation is just one example of the wide variety of Hindu worship, integrating diverse symbols, offerings, fasting, and dance. Transcendental Meditation: An Endless Life CycleHinduism rejects the biblical account of divine Creation and instead accept forms of pantheism. Invented in the 1930s, Rastafari made connections to older, more established religions, while also carving out something distinctly Jamaican in the process. Created in India during the 1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the movement took the traditionally Hindu practice of meditation and made it more accessible to a global audience (with some help from some pretty famous practitioners). Both of those characterizations miss the mark by a wide margin, however, as much like Asatru, it attempts to use pre-existing pagan beliefs to construct a new spiritual practice that is heavily based in ritual. Put extremely simply, however, it is a radical, mystical offshoot of the Nation of Islam, which is itself a radicalized – possibly heretical – offshoot of Islam.
The 1963 holy book Principia Discordia is a really great, weird and engrossing read, as it’s an odd, humor-filled deconstruction of not just specific religions, but the entire concept of religion, centering on Eris, the Greek goddess of discord.
This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.” “Transcendental Meditation doesn’t focus on breathing or chanting, like other forms of meditation. Brand, 35, speaking passionately and sincerely about the emotional solace he has found in Transcendental Meditation, or TM.
He found himself face to face with Bobby Roth, one of the key spokespeople for TM, and a long-time teacher and practitioner. The result is Transformation, which Lange is currently editing and aims to have ready for the fall film festival circuit. In 2010, German filmmaker David Sieveking released David Wants to Fly, a feature-length documentary that was critical both of TM and Lynch himself. Lange doesn’t believe in the levitation (“I’ve seen the YouTube videos, they’re just hopping,” he says). Together they founded the David Lynch Foundation, which raises money to train at-risk groups, including inner-city youth, how to meditate. If TM devotees are attempting to dispel the mystery and enigma around TM, Lynch may seem an unusual choice, given that the man behind such surreal epics as Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks is renowned for being mysterious and enigmatic.

All the money has always gone to help more people learn meditation, and hundreds of thousands have learned for free.
Participants were randomly allocated to the Transcendental Meditation program or health education control group, and assessed with a standard test for depression - the Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression (CES-D) inventory over 9-12 months.
The largest decreases were found in those participants who had indications of clinically significant depression, with those practicing Transcendental Meditation showing an average reduction in depressive symptoms of 48%.
For older Americans, depression is a particularly debilitating disease, with approximately 20% suffering from some form of depression.
African Americans have approximately 1.5 times the rate of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and Native Hawaiians have 2 to 4 times the rate of cardiovascular disease compared to the whites. Research has found that a dose-response effect exists whereby the level of depressive symptoms is linearly associated with the prevalence of cardiac events. Other offshoots of Hinduism increasing in attention due to the New Age philosophy are the Vendata Society, Self-realization Fellowship, Theosophy, Ecknakar, and the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishna). On a daily basis, most Hindus worship an image of their chosen deity, with chants (mantras), flowers, and incense. Hindus believe that only Brahman exists, and all else is illusion (maya), including all creation. Even though TM involves regularly practiced rituals, international organizations and some dubious health claims, there is some discussion regarding whether it’s actually a religion. While slightly different religions, Asatru and Odinism both attempt to recreate the religious beliefs of pre-Christiand Scandinavian and Germanic peoples. The NOGE’s central teaching is that black people are the original inhabitants of Earth and that all black men are gods and all black women are earths. Created in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, Raelism maintains that all terrestrial life was created as part of an alien science experiment.
Instead, it encourages a restful state of mind beyond thinking…A 2009 study found Transcendental Meditation helped alleviate stress in college students, while another found it helped reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression and anger.” “Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it’s relatively quick to learn and easy to master. Select number of seats One seat Two seats Three seats Four seats Please select* Mr Ms *required Reserve seat(s) ? Or call 888-LEARN-TM (888-532-7686) Local cities we serve Milford, Meriden, Middletown, Hamden, Branford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Waterbury, New London, Waterford, Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Naugatuck, Cheshire, OrangeLearn Transcendental Meditation in Greater New HavenAttend intro talk You are invited to a special introductory talk on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique in Greater New Haven. It’s a simple, natural technique practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.Transcendental Meditation — brought to the West in 1959 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi — is an ancient technique that's easy to learn and enjoyable to practice. In 2008, Lange was in India for the funeral of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement. That led to an introduction on the Ganges to Lynch, one of several celebrities who have been trained in TM technique. For the past four years, Lange travelled with Lynch across North America, Europe and Asia, capturing his passionate lectures about the TM movement and its profound impact on his life. In the film, Sieveking interviewed subjects who charged that the TM movement bilked followers of their money and that the maharishi was a womanizer.
Lynch has largely filled the gap created when the maharishi died, becoming the public face of TM. Lange says it’s this complexity that makes Lynch the perfect subject for a documentary feature, and a lens through which to explore TM.
Data was collected on 53 Native Hawaiian men in Kohala, Hawaii, 55 years and older, who had at least one additional major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Western "sects" based on Hindu concepts have also grown in recent years, including Christian Science, the United Church of Christ, and the Unity School of Christianity. Worship, whether in a home or temple, is primarily individualistic rather than congregational. According to Hinduism, there is no start or finish of creation, only continuing successions of life and death. From there, things get more complicated, with the introduction of Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet.
While both religions are actually atheistic, the Church of Satan puts a heavier emphasis on ritual as well as some rather hardline Ayn Rand-esque libertarian philosophy, while the Satanic Temple exists largely as a political group promoting reproductive rights and the separation of church and state. The religion links up nicely with Chariots of the Gods-type thinking, as it also claims that religious stories of angels and gods are all just about our alien creators.
It was there, on the Ganges River, that he met the man who would introduce him to Lynch, the famed filmmaker known for his eccentricity. Depression is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, with even a moderate level of depressive symptoms associated with increased cardiac events. Hinduism is a massive and eccentric group of divisions founded on more than 2000 years of diverse philosophical and religious writings. Humanity knows a lot more now than it did even 20 or 30 years ago, so why are people still clinging to tired, dusty-ass religions from hundreds or even thousands of years ago? They’ve come under fire for their racial ideology as well as criminal activity, but they were also a big part of classic Wu-Tang records, so you know…take the good with the bad. The thinking goes that practitioners can train their body to convert sunlight into a kind of life force that powers their body. You can reserve a seat for your chosen date by clicking here, or by calling (203) 248-3000 using the calendar on the left, or calling (203) 248-3000.What you’ll learn at an intro talk Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety How TM improves brain function and memory Why TM is easy to practice Why TM works from the start Why personalized one-on-one instruction is needed How to learn TM in Greater New Haven TM instruction requires personal one-on-one instruction from a certified TM teacher, so it won’t be taught during this group introduction. Over six million people have learned it — people of all ages, cultures, and religions.What if I “can’t meditate”?
Camera in hand, Lange was among hundreds of people in wooden rowboats waiting to witness the scattering of the maharishi’s ashes.

The first, "popular Hinduism" is articulated by worshipping gods, making offerings, ritualistic practices, and prayers. Repeated lives or reincarnations (samsara) are required before the soul can be liberated (moksha) from the body.
Basically they think that people can become plants, which is a nice thought and all, until people start dying. However, you’ll have the opportunity to meet local TM teachers and sign up to learn the TM technique. Adherents of Hinduism differ in belief systems, with no dominant doctrine or overarching truth. The second, "philosophical Hinduism" is comprised of a multifaceted system of meditation, yoga practices, and the study of early philosophical writings. An individual's present life is determined by his efforts in previous lives (the law of karma), and the physical body is ultimately an illusion (maya).
Hinduism has its background in ancient paganism, in which nature, animals, and humanity are represented by various gods and goddesses. Traditional Hindu movements include the Ramkrishna Mission and Vedanta Societies, Sri Aurobindo Society, Satya Sai Baba Movement, Self Realization Fellowship, and International Sivananda Yoga Society.
Bodies are usually cremated, and the soul goes to an intermediate state of punishment or reward before rebirth into another body. The TM technique can only be taught by certified TM teachers in a course carefully personalized for each individual.
No concentrating or focusing No control of the mind No mindfulness (monitoring of thoughts) No trying to “empty the mind” How can TM be effective if it’s so easy? Although Hindus believe in many gods, they believe in Brahman as the one definitive, impersonal, spiritual actuality over all existence. Reincarnations are experienced until karma has been removed and the individual soul is reabsorbed into Brahman. It makes me calm and happy and it gives me peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life!"Hugh JackmanFind a TM teacher in Greater New HavenYour privacy is important to us.
Of these, approximately 780 million live in India, 20 million in Bangladesh, 20 million in Indonesia, 20 million in Nepal, 3 million in Sri Lanka, 2 million in Pakistan and 1.5 million in the United States. Freedom from infinite being and final self-realization of the truth (moksha) is the goal of existence. Yoga and meditation (especially raja-yoga) taught by a religious teacher (guru) is one way to attain moksha.
The other paths for moksha are the way of works (karma marga), the way of knowledge (jnana marga), and the way of love and devotion (bhakti marga). Hinduism's fundamental goal is to escape the cycle of reincarnation, and thereby to erase the illusion of personal existence - eventually becoming one with Brahman. Each local TM center offers a payment plan (above), as well as partial grants or partial scholarships for those facing financial hardship. For more information, contact contact your local TM teacher.Non-profit organizationThe Transcendental Meditation technique is available in the USA through Maharishi Foundation USA, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.
100% of the course fee supports the organization’s educational and charitable initiatives in the U.S. MoreHelping those in needOver the past several years, full TM scholarships have been given to more than 500,000 at-risk students, military veterans, homeless people, and others in need through partnerships with other non-profit organizations and foundations.Questions?
Deep inner calm Proven effective for stress and anxiety Full story Clarity of mind Clarity of mind Clarity of mind Improved focus, productivity, and memory Improved focus, productivity, and memory Improved focus, productivity, and memory Full storyFull storyFull story Heart health An effective natural approach Full story Other evidence-based benefits Insomnia The most common cause of insomnia is stress and anxiety. Many research studies have found that the TM technique is highly effective at producing a state of deep inner calm. Many people report an immediate improvement in their sleep quality after learning the TM technique. Treating and preventing alcohol, nicotine, and drug abuse through Transcendental Meditation: A review and statistical meta-analysis.
The patterns of reduction of drug and alcohol use among Transcendental Meditation participants. The use of the Transcendental Meditation programme in the prevention of drug abuse and in the treatment of drug-addicted persons. Effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation program in preventing and treating substance misuse: A review. Transcendental Meditation as an epidemiological approach to drug and alcohol abuse: Theory, research, and financial impact evaluation.
The role of the Transcendental Meditation technique in promoting smoking cessation: A longitudinal study. A neuroendocrine mechanism for the reduction of drug use and addictions by Transcendental Meditation. Overall, I am more balanced and at ease.”- Peg Samuel, Founder of Social Diva Media How do I learn?The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to learn and provides a lifetime of benefits. TM center — one-on-one or in a small group Group meditations at TM centers Local events providing deeper knowledge to enhance your TM experience Online access to special videos, articles, and more Questions?

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