Nev Schulman, host of MTVa€™s a€?Catfish: The TV Show,a€? only found his true self after someone hid their own from him. In the 2010 documentary a€?Catfish,a€? Schulman exposed a troubled housewife in the Midwest who had lured him into an online relationship by posing as a gorgeous young woman.
The celibacy ended after 265 days when he found himself in a meaningful relationship with indie musician Shanee Pink. Schulman and co-host Max Joseph have spent three seasons on a€?Catfisha€? introducing a€?hopefulsa€? to the cruel reality of their online relationships. Manti Tea€™o, now an NFL linebacker, became the subject of national ridicule in 2013 when it was revealed that the girlfriend whose tragic death he had sobbed about before the cameras was actually a man who had been duping him online for years.

Schulman freely admits that his own feelings of inadequacy made him vulnerable to the overtures of Angela Wesselman, the 39-old-housewife who first posed as an 8-year-old girl and then her 19-year-old sister, Megan, to draw Schulman into a romantic relationship online. The problem was that it was so much easier to pass himself off as a better person online than to become one in real life.
Get full access to this show and many others.Sign in now with your TV provider (it's included with your TV subscription). Elizabeth finds out the truth about Carter and Carter must fight harder than ever to earn the trust of those around her.
Often they find that even if theya€™re not the victim of an outright hoax, the person theya€™ve fallen into a virtual romance with has been lying about one or more critical matters.

And in many cases, the victim is looking for a fraudulent relationship too, though they wouldna€™t put it that way. But Schulman stresses that what catfishers and hopefuls have in common is that neither is willing to deal with the personal issues that stand in the way of having a meaningful relationship in real life. He was finally willing to make changes that were much harder than merely glossing his profile.

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