While Lifetime still rolls out original movies on the regular, sister network LMN has instead been deep diving in the reality pool, but this weekend, each network has a new movie. Nachdem sich Tia und Tamera mit 14 Jahren in einem Warenhaus treffen, sind die beiden unzertrennlich und machen fortan alles zusammen. TV-Highlights, Hollywood Stars, Sport-News und Multimedia-Trends – das ist die Welt von TV Movie, die alle 14 Tage neu erscheint. Where To Get Princess Charlotte's Perfect First Birthday Portrait Ensembles – and that Adorable Walker! Princess Kate Shares 4 Sweet New Photos of Princess Charlotte – Just in Time for Her First Birthday! Putting their personal lives on display in Tia & Tamera, the pair promise their onscreen personalities are completely authentic. I have watched these two grow up on television and they are the types of women other than myself that I want my little girls to look up to. Lol you two lovely Mommas crack me up, yall in a wondeful conversation, then boom in a second in a argument.
Love this girls and so much talent and they are so good young lady’s ,the real thing an something to be prow of ,they had a show as teen they went to college ,they married to terrific mans and now they are man ,and so modest and down to earth Love you girls and you can do anything Tia and Tamera God Bless. What really impresses me about these ladies is that they started acting as kids…yet grew up into seemingly well-rounded, healthy, decent women rather than self-destructing like so many child stars seem to do! People magazine, may I suggest that like Essence mag did, that you also put Tia and Tamera on a cover for a refreshing change? These two women are a welcome departure from what we know of celebrities and their lifestyle.
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Olivia Martin's life as a spoiled, self-obsessed college student changes forever when her estranged father and stepmother die in a car crash, leaving her the guardian of her 7-year-old half sister and forcing her to take on adult responsibilities.
After posting your message, you can optionally share it on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, or MySpace. When Kate receives a letter informing her of a long lost twin sister named Linda, she is very hesitant. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Nachdem die Serie von 1994 bis 1995 auf ABC ausgestrahlt wurde, wechselte die Sitcom nach THE WB und lief dort noch bis 1999. This is such a welcome relief for me personally, to know that its still possible to exemplify good values, and to be funny and sexy and wholesome too. Browse through our guide of TV shows and seasons to find and watch full episodes and video clips online.
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I have now recently when I start watching there new show on style, love their personalities, they’re funny, fun loving, kind, I could go on all day, words can’t express how much I use to and STILL look up to these two beautiful women!
As he attempts to reunite the sisters, he reluctantly finds himself drawn to Linda – a vivacious, sexier version of his own wife. In der Sitcom spielten die beiden Tia Landry und Tamera Campbell, zwei Schwester, die bei der Geburt zur Adoption freigegeben und so getrennt wurden. Tia ist eine intelligente, flei?ige Schulerin, wahrend Tamera sich eher fur Partys und Jungs interessiert. She enters Witness Protection and is forcibly inducted into an abbey as "Sister Mary Clarence". But Jack will quickly discover the choice isn’t between two sisters, it’s between life and death as his affair with Linda proves to be much more treacherous than he could have ever imagined. Als sich die beiden mit 14 Jahren in einem Warenhaus treffen, beschlie?en sie zusammen zu bleiben, zusammen zu ziehen und erleben fortan alles zusammen.
Deloris has to follow the vows of poverty, obedience, hard work, chastity, and getting up at 5 AM. Was machen die Zwillingsschwestern heute?Die TV-Highlights aus den 90ern findet ihr im TV-Programm fur heute Abend der TV Movie.
The film also drew praise from both Catholics and actual nuns, as the film tends to portray Catholicism in general and nuns in particular as warm, welcoming, and human (as opposed to some of the other popular portrayals). The biggest draw is probably the music itself, which reinterprets such classics as "My Guy" into a religious format. Tia & Tamera no matter how old they are if they are married or not they are more grown up from most people I knw.
Deloris agrees to return as Sister Mary Clarence and teach the music class to a large group of very disinterested teenagers (led by a young Lauryn Hill). After a series of pranks being pulled on her, she strikes back in her own way and humbles the kids so that she can work with them. For introducing a lounge act into my convent, for utterly disrupting our lives, and exposing us all to mortal danger. Bait and Switch: Deloris leads the choir in a classical (and much improved) rendition of "Hail Holy Queen," before abruptly starting an up-tempo version. Better Than Sex: After two of the singing nuns refer to singing as being better than more innocent things such as "springtime" and "ice cream," the "heathen" Fish out of Water Dolores proclaims that singing is "better than sex," adding that it's what she has heard after a comedic Beat.
Eddie Souther explains he can't spring her from the convent, and also that she can't continue calling him from there.
Only one character in the entire movie insists that things should be the way they are, but she is subverted by everyone else. Call Back: Reverend Mother does not approve of the nuns leaving the convent at night, following Deloris into the bar across the streets, because people don't respect religious figures much in their neighbourhood.
Reverend Mother is more this in the second movie, having gone through a Defrosting Ice Queen in film #1. Comedy Film, Quiet Drama Scene: While a number of the character-driven scenes in the convent as Deloris gets to know the nuns could count as this, the best example is when she first meets Mary Robert. Even Evil Has Standards: Vince's hitmen Joey and Willy are very reluctant about killing a nun, even if it's someone they know dressed as a nun. Just the fact that she may have found God in her time at the convent is enough to make them uncomfortable and they even go along with her when she starts praying.
The Faceless: Pope John Paul II's face is never shown, even though he appears from behind (presumably because he's too famous to portray with an actor and they could never get the real Pope to make a cameo in this film).
Gender-Blender Name: As with many (but not all) nun orders, all of the nuns are named "Sister Mary X", with X being a male saint's name.
The only two exceptions are Reverend Mother, who is called only by her title, and the nearly-deaf pianist Sister Alma.

Romantic songs such as "My Guy" are given new lyrics, focusing on religion rather than romance. I'm gonna kill her myself!" I'm Going to Hell for This: Mary Lazarus believes sneaking ice cream into the convent is an indulgence, however .
Locked Out of the Loop: Monsignor O'Hara and the Reverand Mother are the only ones in the covenant who know about Deloris's true origins until Deloris gets snatched by the mob.
This could be seen as an inversed Mighty Whitey trope, since Deloris is the protagonist (unlike most Magical Negro characters), and she takes over the choir by proving she is better at it than any other nuns. A Minor Kidroduction: The film opens with Deloris (about age nine) getting into trouble at a Catholic school for naming The Apostles as John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Reaction Shot: The scene in which the choir represents its new and improved self is full of these.
Cynicism: Pretty high on the idealistic end, as Diana Ross cover songs are all that's needed to turn a slum into a vibrant street corner.
The Reverend Mother expresses cynicism that her nuns can handle the harsh realities of the street, but that's because she's the "Stop Having Fun" Nun and her lesson is about how you can't shelter yourself away from the real world. While the surname was chosen, it seems that her given name was spelled that way even as a child. Take a Third Option: Regarding singing the traditional way as Reverend Mother wanted or the new popular way brought by Deloris in the Pope visit. They ended up singing the first verse traditionally and then transitioning to the newer way.
Exemplified best when she is running for her life in the beginning she knocks people down and just runs. Vow of Celibacy: Deloris is not pleased when she is informed of the requirements of being a nun by the mother superior. It's made quite clear, albeit obliquely, that the reason she disapproves of her daughter's desire to sing and instead tries to force her to focus only on education is not a general "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" or "you have to have better opportunities and do better than I did" mentality, but because her husband tried the same path, failed utterly, and left the family destitute.
So it isn't that she disparages Rita's dream, but that she finds it impractical and unrealistic and is afraid pursuing it could cost her, the same as happened to him.
Fantasy-Forbidding Mother: Rita's mother is determined to squash her dreams of becoming a singer. She won't even allow her to join the school choir as an extra curricular because she thinks she should be spending all her time studying to get into a good college.
Funny Background Event: After the rap segment in "Joyful Joyful", we see one of the boys run like a bunny to get back into his position in the choir. Hey, Let's Put on a Show: While the choir competition in the sequel isn't created or put on by Deloris and the other nuns, it otherwise fulfills this trope, seeing as it a) gives the students confidence in themselves b) proves the school is and can be successful again and c) convinces the archdiocese not to close it. Nails on a Blackboard: In the second film, this is how Deloris gets the students' attention. Passing the Torch: In the first film, Deloris gets to know the sweet, Shrinking Violet novice Mary Robert, helping her to find her voice (literally) and become confident in herself.
In the sequel, Mary Robert performs something of the same role (and even lampshades it to Deloris) for Rita.
Previously On: The events of Sister Act are summed up with a medley at the beginning of the sequel. Save Our Students: The sequel, where Deloris' nun friends ask her to help turn around the choir of the Catholic school she attended as a child. Also overlaps with Saving the Orphanage, since thanks to the greedy superintendent, if Deloris can't turn the problem class around, the archdiocese is going to close the whole school and have it torn down to make, yes, a parking lot.

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