The crossover exists because Enoch and Animo were shown in a database of criminals in an episode of Secret Saturdays.
TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. He also said that Big Foot was a guy in a suit, and yet Saturdays mentioned him in this episode.
One episode had Kevin claim that magic doesn't exist and is all just misunderstood alien abilities, and he is proven right in that episode.

Since Ben sucked it out of Argost and shot into sky, does that mean how are they gonna bring aliens back to life? I'm less found of redesigns with few exceptions (Shocksquach, Ripjaws, Animo, Attea and maybe Psyphon) Does anybody here prefers new designs of some old characters over the their previos ones?
Zak's change in voice is actually justified due to him being 3 years older and the people playing his parents seemed to at least try to sound similar.
I did like that they referenced TSS canon and had decent enough explanations for what was going on.

Also it just feels wrong to bring back Argost to life just to kill him off again in such anti-climatic manner.
I don't mind the "power suits" but I'm too use to seeing them in semi realistic clothing to fully appreciate the suits.

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