Secret Extensions would make the perfect gift for any woman in your life this holiday season. Secret Extensions are the invisible hair extensions that give your hair thick and natural looking volume and length in seconds.
I would have loved to receive a set of Secret Extensions as a gift, and I highly recommend them. Secret Extensions would make a great stocking stuffer this Christmas. Secret Extensions are the newest and one of the more inexpensive ways to wear hair extensions. Secret Extensions are made of a keratin-conditioned polyester fiber that moves, feels, and looks just like your real hair, and is available in a variety of colors to perfectly blend with your existing hair color.
Secret Extensions are made of a “keratin conditioned fiber” that looks and feel like real hair. To make your extensions blend in better, add a little shine serum to your hair before applying the strands. If you are using extensions with clips, then place them n the direction your hair will be going.
Find the perfect height for your ponytail by drawing an invisible line from the direction of your jaw line to the back of your head. If you have not yet tried a totally pulled back bun or a pin straight pony, now is the time to do so.
In order to hide the headband, you must pull your own hair through to cover it or it will be visible. Do not use temperatures in excess of 320 degrees Fahrenheit on your Secret Extension Headbands. I seen Daisy's commercials and was a fan but then I caught her on HSN and ordered 2 colors!!
First of all, the packaging is super cute and they are wrapped up well to make sure they get to you safely. Now, I have to point out that these are synthetic hair and that I would love to have real ones. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer and there are just a few days left for you to get it in time for Christmas.
They are made of an all new Keratin Conditioned Fiber that moves like, feels like, and looks like the real thing.
This product, which Daisy Fuentes is the face of, is said to be blended better and can be removed so much easier than other extensions. Secret Extensions can also be washed, trimmed, and curled, and that the adjustable headband will remain in place until removed by you—even while exercising.

You can also purchase a second Secret Extensions for $29.99, which will qualify for free shipping. However, keep in mind that this guarantee is voided once you open the package, so there’s no way to try it out in advance.
Secret Extensions are made using keratin conditioned fibre that gives it an almost real look. Unlike many other traditional extensions, Secret Extensions use a “revolutionary patented headband” that allows for faster application and removal.
You can also get a second set for an additional $29.99 with no additional shipping and handling. This will make your hair look super soft and silky, which will match the extensions perfectly!
Unlike many updoes, it is more beneficial to have clean hair when attempting to create the perfect pony. This will give place natural tension on the rubber band and help it to leave your hair with a smooth and finished polish. If you have never tried extensions, fall is the perfect time to start….just not on a windy day! No person's hair is all one color, so you may wish to match your extensions to the ends of your hair for a more natural look. When I first saw them on TV, I thought that I would definitely give them a try because I have always wanted extensions and these ones are pretty inexpensive.
The best part is that secret extensions are available in different colors that perfectly blend in to your hair. I think that they would make a great gift, and I will definitely be getting a pair for my mom.
It also helps if your hair is wet so that the rubber band holds tighter and keeps those wispy pieces down. That way it still has some volume on top, but will be super smooth and silky throughout the rest of your head.
The Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is what my hairdresser uses when I get my hair done and it works great.
Just pull over like a regular headband, and these locks will blend seamlessly into your natural hair for the added volume and length you've been wishing for.
I also wear extensions that cost me hundreds of dollars and these are easier because you can put them in yourself.
I’d love to hear what you guys think of them, so please comment below with questions, tips, or experiences.

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Secret Extensions are convenient for use too because there are no clips, glue involved and thus no damage to your hair. It’s a good idea to tease the back of your head and also wear you are going to lay the headband.
You can also use foam rollers to give a nice lose wave to the extensions for a more natural beachy look.
Luxy hair has super great quality, but is a little pricier and takes more time to put in, but definitely worth it.
I use the Brushlab Jumbo Hair Brush because it works great and my hair always feels silky afterwards.
You can straighten, curl and otherwise style them to give your hair the added oomph it needs. They looked pretty red online but when I received them they were nowhere close to my red hair and sadly found out they could not be colored so had to return them. I'm so happy with my purchase in the red-brown since I change my haircolor and these blend beautiful! I like cutting them myself because I know what looks best in my hair and don’t have to worry about someone else cutting them too short. So, don’t forget those headbands or headpieces during your next night out with the girls….or even just tomorrow at work. With salon-inspired colors to pick from, it's the fast and stylish way to get the glamorous look you crave. Leaves you hair feeling so soft and smooth and I’ve noticed that it greatly helps with my split ends. I mix the red and burgundy because I have dark hair and I love the hint of purple it gives.
The great price of these lets her have the fun of longer hair without such a money investment.

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