Later, when Backster and his colleagues did experiments around the country with different instruments and different plants, they observed similar results.
Generally for experiments involving lie detectors, electrodes are connected to a suspect and then the suspect is asked meticulously designed questions. Backster did an experiment in which he connected the lie detector to a plant and then asked a person some questions. In order to test how well a plant can recognize things, Backster called on six students, blindfolded them, and asked them to draw lots from a hat. When the remaining live plant was connected to a lie detector, every student was asked to pass by it.
Backster discovered that the same fixed curves would be drawn on the graph paper when plants seemed to sense the death of any living tissue, even on the cellular level. In experiments done at Yale University Medical School during the 1930s to 1940s, the late professor Harold Saxton Burr discovered that there were energy fields around plants, trees, human beings, and cells. Reincarnation and The Power of the Truth Signs of the Times: Time Travel, Mind Travel, Or Mere Perception? What a cruel world we live in if plants feel things via some kind of nervous system similar to ours. Os traigo este disco de Stevie Wonder, Estebita Maravilloso para los amigos, con el que pase muchos ratos en mi tierna juventud. Es un disco extrano para su epoca (salio en 1979) cuando la fama de Stevie Wonder era maxima en Estados Unidos.
Stevie Wonder hizo un disco en gran parte instrumental con muchas mezclas de sintetizador convirtiendose en unos de los primeros disco grabados digitalmente. Aqui os dejo unos tutubos, espero que lo disfruten, ahora yo recomiendo escucharlo entero y dejarse llevar por el. This is a place for Peace, Introspection, Sharing; to pause awhile at a Waterfall, cross a new Bridge, or hold in view a particularly Beautiful Flower for some Meditation. Solitary organisms are (according to current belief) doomed to die, after they completed their life cycle.
Still, our Turritopsis nutricula (could we call it Joe??) managed to find a way to beat that.
They’re able to return to polyp stage due to a cell change in the external screen (Exumbrella), which allows them to bypass death. So, I'm thinking - since these critters are immortal, we should all be knee-deep in them by now. My happiest (well, some of my happiest) moments are when I am in quiet contemplation of the majesty of nature, and have the fortune to capture that moment to share with others. Die ihm verliehene Urkunde endet mit dem Satz: „Er hat das Buch selbst, die Form des Buches, zu einem entscheidenden Ausdruckstrager gemacht. In 1966, using a lie detector, he accidentally discovered that plants have high-level emotional activities that were similar to those of human beings. In theory, a plant will increase its conductivity and decrease its resistance after it absorbs water, and the curve recorded on graph paper should have gone upward.

According to past experience, Backster knew that a good way to elicit a strong reaction from a person is to threaten that person. They discovered that even if leaves were picked off from a plant and cut into pieces, the same reactions were recorded when these pieces were placed near the lie detector electrodes.
Aristide Esser, the director of medical research at the Rockland State hospital in New York, repeated the experiment by asking a man to incorrectly answer questions in front of a plant the man had nurtured and cared for since it was a seedling.
One of the choices had instructions to uproot one of the two plants in the room and destroy it by stomping on it. For example, when Backster returned to New York from New Jersey, he found from the records on the graph paper that all his plants had reactions. He noticed this by accident when he was mixed some jam into the yogurt he was going to eat.
Backster thought Burr’s experiments offered the only insight into his egg experiment.
Imagine what kind of trauma a culture trained to mow their lawns regularly must cause plant life. Sus historias, en riguroso blanco y negro, y de una atmosfera morbida y terrorifica,  participan por igual de la estetica del cine mudo y de la iconografia mas clasica del mundo del grabado y la xilografia tradicionales, son terriblemente crudas, directas y apasionantes. Recuerdo como lo escuchaba sin entender muy bien aquella musica pero que se quedo grabada en mi memoria.
Conforme lo escuchas vas recorriendo el mundo envuelto en una capa de sensaciones acusticas, desde la creacion del mundo y pasando por todos los lugares donde habitan las plantas . What you have to do is think small; not microscopic, just big enough to see with your naked eye. Hydrozoa are a huge class of predatory animals that live mostly in saltwater, closely related to jellyfish and corals.
What these little folks do is they revert completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after they reach sexual maturity. As far as scientists have been able to find out, this change renders the hydrozoa virtually immortal. Hence, the body’s electric field changes, and this change is what is recorded by the equipment. But when the student who had committed the crime walked by, the electronic pen started drawing frantically. Apparently, the preservatives in the jam killed some of the lactobacilli in the yogurt, and the plants sensed this.
After nine hours, the graph paper records indicated the heartbeats of an embryonic chick a€“ 160 to 170 beats per minute a€“ the same as a chick embryo that had stayed in an incubator for three or four days.
He decided to put his plant experiments aside for a time to explore the implications of the egg experiments and how his findings might relate to the issue regarding the beginning of life. Ahora he rescatado este disco despues de tantos anos y la verdad que con el tiempo ha ganado.
Every contribution and every thought an expression from all who care for the Earth in some way.

Turritopsis nutricula is a hydrozoan, and it’s considered by scientists to be the only animal that cheated death.
When a lie detector is connected to a human body, the pen records different curves according to the changes in the person’s mood. This reaction indicated to Backster that plants are able to remember and identify the person or thing that causes them harm. He noticed that the time of the plants’ reactions was the moment when he decided to return home from New York.
En suma, un artista con un talento poco comun.  Especialmente recomendables son sus obras sobre Mexico, Cinema Panopticum o los magnificos relatos graficos contenidos en Hellville. Then he thought of something more terrifying: burn the leaves that were connected to the lie detector.
Esser, who had not believed Backster, saw for himself that Backster’s theories were correct. Researchers Use Teleportation To Beam A Single Photon 97km Mars rover: Its All Unnecessary! With this thought, even before he went to get a match, a bullish curve rapidly appeared on the graph paper.
To test his theory, Backster did an experiment and found that when brine shrimp were put into boiling water via an automatic mechanism that did not require human intervention, the plants had very strong reactions. It was likely that when the plant saw he was determined to start burning, it got frightened again. If he showed hesitation or reluctance to burn the plant, the reactions recorded by the lie detector were not so acute. And when he merely pretended to take action to burn the leaves, the plant had almost no reactions.
1990 zeigen die Kunsthalle Tubingen, der Kunstverein Munchen und das Kunsthaus Zurich Kiefers Bucher aus den Jahren 1969 bis 1990, insgesamt 45. Fur Kiefer hat das Buch den Charakter des Experimentellen, der Notiz, des Vorlaufigen und Intimen. Es sind aber auch die in der Urkunde benannten Schutzschilder, denen keine Bucherverbrennung etwas anhaben kann. Kiefer bevorzugt einfaches, holzhaltiges Papier, Tapetenreste wie auch verkohlte Leinwande als Gestaltungsgrundlagen. Spuren von Befall, Zersetzung und Brand dokumentieren die Verganglichkeit des Bildes – aber auch der darin aufgehobenen Erinnerungen. Kiefer hat sich Schaftstiefel verpasst und lasst sich, den Hitlergru? praktizierend, in der Landschaft aber auch vor sudeuropaischen Kulturstatten fotografieren.

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