One of the great things about being a wedding photographer in the Bay Area is that you get to witness a lot of different cultural traditions. Tagged architecture, bell, Blogsherpa, Buddha, Buddhism, Buddhist, Daijokyo Japanese Monastery, gallery, garden, Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple, Japanese, photography, posters.
The Buddha and his followers found their support from their society, as did many other mendicants such as the Jains.
I still find such support systems here in the states, imported from other countries that have hundreds of years of this kind of history. In the same referenced essay, Ajahn Geoff also notes that American society has no ready support system for people with aspirations of samvega.
What we do with the surplus of our economy seems to be as important as what we do not do with it. Will Buckingham mentions the investment of a meditation center in a dowser, bringing up the important question: what’s the relationship between a dowsing and a meditation center?
The answer, from the outside, is obvious: that Western Buddhists are part of a much larger world of curious beliefs, ranging from dowsing to homoeopathy to crystal healing to angel spirit guides, a well-meaning hodge-podge lacking in much rigour and in which it is possible to move seamlessly from talking about the neuroscientific evidence for the benefits of meditation to talking about ley lines, reiki and how to find your shamanic power animal. The New Age aspect of Western Buddhism is probably (and regrettably) not isolated to the West. I suppose if I were in Buckingham’s situation, I would just feel a bit uneasy to know my donations were being put towards a dowsing contractor.
This festival is widely celebrated in nations that are predominantly Theravada Buddhist, so this theme is both fitting and auspicious for our first post!
The string I wear is tied on my wrist by monks, usually following a brief ceremony where blessings and protections are chanted. The Last Airbender is a live action movie coming out on the weekend of July 4th based on a Nickelodean cartoons series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Going along with arun’s last post on branding, Western culture has definitely used the Buddha as a brand, a way to market products of all kinds, most of the time not related to Buddhism in any way. A friend passed along a question from a sibling on whether or not bodhi is an appropriate word to include in a professional logo. On any given day, there is very little about Nhu Lai Thi?n T? to distinguish it from the multitude of other Vietnamese temples across North America.
Along with the help of some friends, we’re launching Prapanca, a quarterly, online Buddhist journal featuring both original reporting and opinion pieces on a wide variety of Buddhist topics, but also fiction, poetry, and the arts.
I hope this magazine is able to showcase and promote the otherwise overlooked diversity in the Buddhist community.
I had never seen a Vietnamese Buddhist wedding ceremony before this one (or any Buddhist wedding ceremony, for that matter), so this was a special treat. I just arrived in Taipei Wednesday morning and my parents took me straight to the hill where my grandparents have their grave site. And in these kinds of situations, it is considered somewhat unseemly to raise questions about pesky things like evidence, or how all this is supposed to work or hang together. I could fill paragraphs of my often awkward encounters with New Age Buddhists of all stripes and colors. I couldn’t find any writing on this holiday hanging around the anglophonic Buddhist blogosphere—save a background mention in a Tricycle post. It’s also the name for the tree under which Siddhartha Gautama became enlightened as the Buddha. There is a main shrine hall, an ancestor hall—even a special stage set up for T?t ceremonies.
Much more to show of course, but thought I’d begin with a sneak peek featuring your Buddhist Ceremony.

The entire area is a cemetery, each person owning a certain enclosed spot separated by a small wall. It is this hodge-podge that has, over the years, made me increasingly uneasy with the various forms of Buddhism in the West, and the broader cultural context in which Buddhist practice takes place.
In fact, just yesterday I was taking with a friend about a certain group of Buddhists in China who would fall into this category. This new year is also celebrated in Nepal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, Punjab and Bengal (including Bangladesh).
I often give a non-response—I wear it because I’m Buddhist—a phrase which is far too often unsuccessful at repelling the dreaded follow-up question: What does it mean? This word has a special spiritual meaning for Buddhists, but it’s also crossed into mainstream English usage with a broader range of associations.
Celebrations for the Lunar New Year continue, and this includes the ancient tradition of temple hopping.
Statues of Buddhas, bodhisattvas and classic characters from Chinese Buddhist literature meet you at every turn, always accompanied by a incense holder for the devotee. I can’t wait to show a sneak peek from your wedding and reception at Palmdale Estates soon! There are no roads, no signs, and no permanent caretaker – the only way I would know where my grandparents are buried is through my parents. Cheng Yen and her penny-pinching house wife followers have a worldwide non-profit relief organization to provide aid to the tired, the poor, and others yearning to breathe free.

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