Each mindful breath, each mindful step, reminds us that we are alive on this beautiful planet.
Walking meditation is first and foremost a practice to bring body and mind together peacefully.
Walking meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh during a Day of Mindfulness at Deer Park Monastery.
When we see that the earth is not just the environment, that the earth is in us, at that moment you can have real communion with the earth.
We have to practice looking at our planet not just as matter, but as a living and sentient being. When we take mindful steps on the earth, our body and mind unite, and we unite with the earth. You may like to try this exercise while you walk: Breathing in, I know Mother Earth is in me. Paul Tillich, the German theologian, said, “God is not a person but not less than a person.” This is true of the earth as well. When we recognize the virtues, the talent, the beauty of the earth bodhisattva, love is born.
When we walk mindfully on the face of the earth, we are grounded in her generosity and we cannot help but be grateful. All the Buddhist stories tell us that the Buddha had a lot of happiness when he sat, when he walked, when he ate. If you walk reverently on the earth with two other people, soaking in the earth’s solidity, you will all three radiate and benefit from the energy of peace and compassion.
When you walk reverently and solidly on this earth and I do the same, we send out waves of compassion and peace.
One way to practice walking meditation is to breathe in and take one step, and focus all your attention on the sole of your foot. Thich Nhat Hanh is a renowned Zen Master and poet, and founder of the Engaged Buddhist movement. This is a meditation practice to try outdoors, and a way to make the most of our beautiful Pembrokeshire scenery, whilst also calming and centring yourself. Try to practice this walking meditation when you aren’t in a rush or have nowhere important to get to (difficult I know in hectic times!), however if this is not possible you could leave extra early on your walk to work, maybe take a more scenic route and use the extra time to check in with yourself and relax before you start the day. Obviously unlike other forms of meditation you will have to keep your eyes open and remain aware of your surroundings (or you might end up in a hedge!) and the sights and sounds all around you, but not distracted by them. Set aside at least twenty minutes for your walking meditation, and choose somewhere fairly level without many obstacles. Before you begin, take a minute to stand still, focus on your breathing and empty your mind. As you walk, concentrate on relaxing every part of your body in turn, starting from the feet and slowly working all the way up to the top of your head. Really pay attention to how each part moves and feels with every step, and try to release and tension you feel there. Don’t worry if your mind wanders, when you notice this happen just try to bring your awareness back to your body and your footsteps. Walk slowly and calmly, breathe deeply and enjoy being at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Have tried this myself before and thought it would be impossible but it really wasn’t!!!! 34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US.

This entry was posted in Twin Fun, Twin Travels and tagged beach vacation, special moments with son, traveling with twin toddlers, twin blog, twin mom blog. Recent CommentsClare on 5 Ways to Keep Toddlers Safe at Easter Egg HuntsOUPA on Welcome 2014! Wherever we walk, whether it’s the railway station or the supermarket, we are walking on the earth and so we are in a holy sanctuary. No matter what we do, the place to start is to calm down, because when our mind and our body have calmed down, we see more clearly. But if we see the earth as only the environment, with ourselves in the center, then we only want to do something for the earth in order for us to survive. The universe, the sun, and the stars have contributed many elements to the earth, and when we look into the earth we see that it’s a very beautiful flower containing the presence of the whole universe.
So you don’t have to wait until you die to go back to Mother Earth, because you are already in Mother Earth.
All of the earth’s qualities of patience, stability, creativity, love, and nondiscrimination are available to us when we walk reverently, aware of our connection. When they see someone sitting in a prison cell solidly and stably, it feels a bit threatening. If we rush from one place to another, without practicing walking meditation, it is such a waste. If three hundred people sit or walk like this, each one generates the energy of mindfulness, peace, and compassion, and everyone in the group receives that healing energy.
It is this compassion that will heal ourselves, each other, and this beautiful green earth. If you have not arrived fully, 100 percent in the here and the now, don’t take the next step.
Notice each breath and the number of steps you take as you breathe in and as you breathe out.
Your half-smile will bring calm and delight to your steps and your breath, and help sustain your attention.
Might have been helped by the lovely surroundings of Picton Castle – maybe another post? You look so much like Mummy with her straw hat, finding treasures with us every morning while on vacation. When we walk mindfully, we see the beauty and the wonder of the earth around us, and we wake up. When we look into our own bodily formation, we are made of the same elements as the planet.
Any living being who has awakening, peace, understanding, and love can be called a bodhisattva, but a bodhisattva doesn’t have to be a human being. The bodhisattva is not a separate spirit inhabiting the earth; we should transcend that idea.
She came to the United States to study English literature before going back to Vietnam and becoming a nun. So she waited until the lights had gone out, and she would sit like a person who has freedom. After practicing for half an hour or an hour, you will find that your breath, your steps, your counting, and your half-smile all blend together in a marvelous balance of mindfulness.
Many ancient cultures believed there was a deity that inhabited the sun, and they worshiped the sun. When we look into a tree, we see the tree is fresh, it nourishes life, and it offers shade and beauty.

There are not two separate things—the earth, which is a material thing, and the spirit of the earth, a nonmaterial thing that inhabits the earth.
We need to be awake to the fact that the earth is in danger and living species on earth are also in danger. When she was out in the streets advocating for peaceful change, she was arrested and put in prison. She taught other prisoners in her cell how to sit and how to breathe so they would suffer less. We also know that there are times, because of illness or physical disability or because our mind is caught elsewhere, when we cannot walk freely like the Buddha. Allow your lungs as much time and air as they need, and simply notice how many steps you take as your lungs fill up and how many you take as they empty, mindful of both your breath and your steps.
You might find that you take three steps during your in-breath and four steps during your out-breath, or two steps, then three steps. If our mind is caught and preoccupied with our worries and suffering, we miss these things.
But when I do walking meditation and touching the earth, I do not have that kind of dualistic view. They were in a cold cell, but through their walking meditation, they were grounded in the solid beauty of the earth. It comes from our capacity to breathe, to walk, to sit mindfully and recognize the wonders of life.
It is what allows you to recognize what you are doing in the current moment and to say to yourself, I am alive, I am taking a step.
We can throw fragrant flowers on the earth, or we can throw urine and excrement on the earth, and the earth purifies it. The earth is not just your environment, to be taken care of or worshiped; you are each other.
We have to protect the earth with the same commitment we have to protect our family and ourselves. There are those of us who are in prison, like Sister Tri Hai, and only have a few feet of space. But if we sit mindfully, if we walk mindfully and reverently on the earth, we will generate the energies of mindfulness, of peace, and of compassion in both body and mind.
You can also try making the in-breath and the out-breath the same length, so that you take three steps with your in-breath and three with your out-breath. The earth has a great capacity to endure, and it offers so much to nourish us—water, shelter, food, and air to breathe. A young person who has love, who has freshness, who has understanding, who offers us a lot of happiness, is a bodhisattva. You have more freedom than people outside who are imprisoning themselves in their agitation. When we have difficulty, we can leave that difficulty behind and let the Buddha walk for us.
To be grounded in the earth is to feel its solidity with each step and know that we are right where we are supposed to be.
The pine standing in the garden gives us joy, offers us oxygen, and makes life more beautiful.

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