The first season of Dexter was an adaptation of Jeff Lindsay's first novel in the "Dexter" series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter. S1 E12 Dec 17, 2006Born FreeDexter follows clues left for him by the Ice-Truck Killer in an attempt to find the hostage. On Monday's midseason finale, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will finally get to see the child they gave up to protect in the show's first season finale. Thursday marks the premiere of The Secret Circle, a fish-out-of-water tale about an orphaned girl who discovers she's part of a secret coven of young witches who are coming into their own and discovering their powers.
This season aired from October 1, 2006 to December 17, 2006, and follows Dexter's investigation of "The Ice Truck Killer".
The episode will also feature Original parents Esther (Sonja Sohn) and Mikael (Sebastian Roche) coming face-to-face for the first time in 1,000 years. Thrust into the world of magic, Cassie also will be faced with a more puzzling challenge: Her future is "written in the stars" with fellow witch Adam.
Introduced in the first episode, "Dexter", this serial killer targets prostitutes and leaves their bodies severed and bloodless.

At the same time, Dexter's foster sister, Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), a vice squad officer, aspires to work in the homicide department, and Dexter's girlfriend, Rita Bennett (Julie Benz), wants their relationship to be more intimate. Cassie is taking on the role of Faye [see below] a little bit and starting to rub the sticks together and create a little turmoil with the circle. The great thing about being supernatural is that they can literally do anything at anytime." Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker) Eternally conflicted hunk Adam finds himself in the throes of a love triangle.
Though he loves his childhood sweetheart, Diana, he feels himself being pulled in Cassie's direction.
Unlike most of the other coven members, Adam is just naturally good, brave and steadfast in his ways. He doesn't have an agenda and he doesn't want to hurt anybody, yet he seems to keep doing it over and over again." [Laughs] Diana Meade (Shelley Hennig) The epitome of good, Diana is the leader of the coven who welcomes Cassie with open arms, though the sparking flame between her boyfriend and the new girl occurs unbeknownst to her. I think everyone can relate to just trying to have fun and not realizing that their actions have consequences. When she starts to realize what she's doing is quite bad, she really does feel bad about it." Melissa Glaser (Jessica Parker Kennedy) Faye's insecure sidekick, Melissa, tries to find herself in the growing coven.

There's a groundedness to her where all the other characters are figuring out what they want and what's going on. She's also got cool fashion sense." Check out all the familiar faces returning to TV this year Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter) Neighbor to new girl Cassie, Nick is the quiet and mysterious bad boy who uses his good looks to his advantage. In the next few episodes, he falls head over heels in love with someone who helps him get over the problems about connecting to another person, out of a lack of fearing of losing them again. At the same time, he's the bravest one in terms of running to the rescue of someone who's in need." Which witch sounds the most interesting so far?

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