The Bremont ALT1-WT Worldtimer seen in the movie trailer is a special 'Kingsman' edition, with Kingsman text and K logo on the dial.
The Bremont watch is part of the Kingsman collection, and is exclusively available on the MR PORTER website for $24,430. Another watch in the Kingsman collection is the black Bremont ALT1-B Automatic Chronograph. Complete the lookIn the same film, the characters of the secret service wear Cutler and Gross eyeglasses and sunglasses.
An adaptation of the comic book created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar (the creator of Kick-Ass) Kingsman stars Colin Firth (his first foray into action) as an older James Bond type who recruits his thug nephew into a secret British spy agency. You can find Copeland on Twitter here here and buy his latest book, We Are Not Hoodlums, here.

The watch has a rose gold case, a white dial, three subdials, date window and a brown crocodile-embossed leather strap. MR PORTER and director Mr Matthew Vaughn have created this collection from Ms Arianne Phillips’ costume design for Kingsman: The Secret Service.
Their links to special forces around the world make them ideal for the modern spy" says director Mr Matthew Vaughn on his decision to collaborate with the iconic horology brand.
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The Roto-Click® bezel of the watch enables the user to work out global time zones using the International landing location.

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