Focus on why you have the position, the seat at the table, the opportunity to speak at a conference…Think about your successes and accomplishments — give yourself a silent, in-the-moment pep talk!
Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInIn the past year I’ve been rejected a monstrous amount of times. Thinking like this can damage your self confidence in the long run and can cause you to quit on yourself too early, blame, make excuses and never try again. So after so many rejections I faced or face, I look at my ratio of successes, what could be changed and how I can improve next time.
AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. If you’re a regular around here, you know that we have several posts on raising confident kids! All you’ll need is a printed photo of your each child (this should be a current photo of their face) and the above free printable printed. I used to do this with the kids I mentored and I loved watching their progress grow year after year. If you’re looking for more to include in your save notebook, I bumped into a similar idea on Pinterest and  found several other great worksheets that work on self esteem which would pair perfectly with this one! The fourth of our twelve children will be leaving the nest in another couple of months, and it has my husband and me reexamining the job we have done (thus far) raising our children. Make sure your children know what you expect of them, then oblige them to obey cheerfully and completely.
One of the most important things a father can do for his children is to love their mother, and vice versa. Expose your children to as broad a range of experience as you are able: music, sports, travel, missions, charity, social and cultural events, etc. Read well-written and beautifully illustrated picture books aloud to your children when they are little, yes, but continue to read engaging novels, inspiring biographies, and thought-provoking non-fiction aloud, even after they grow too big for your lap.
Stress the importance of integrity, humility, self-discipline, and willingness to stand alone. Set reasonable limits on screen time of any sort, including but not limited to television, computers, smart phones, tablets, and video games. Teach them to lose with grace and to win with humility, conscious that their natural talents and abilities are gifts from above. Model for your children the character and behavior you wish them to exhibit, but do not pretend to be perfect (or expect your children to be). Education is more than regurgitating facts; our kids must also learn to reason and to think through things on their own.
Beginning with letting your two-year-old choose what she wants to wear, allow your children to make their own decisions whenever possible, and be supportive of their choices. Whether your toddler takes a spill while learning to walk or your grade-schooler makes a C on his spelling test or your teenager makes a wrong turn while learning to drive, swallow your fears. Our ultimate goal is not to raise oversized children, but to raise mature, responsible adults.
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I stumbled upon your website when looking for a Christmas word search to do with my children. What a very inspiring list – lots of things to remember for now and as my little ones grow. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Would you like to take ten years off your appearance, reduce your risk of heart disease, boost your energy, stabilize your moods, and simultaneously divorce-proof your marriage?
If you surf social media sites for more than 60 seconds at a time, you’ve probably come across a link to a BuzzFeed page.
The more we read and share these posts, the more we send the message that we want this, and so more and more articles circulate. If you do get caught up in a less-than-productive BuzzFeed post, as many of us sometimes do, here are 8 ways to remind yourself that you are super smart, unwaveringly strong and smokin’ hot – always! Create reminders for yourself and others that you are beautiful as you are, like Post-It notes in your room, car and even in public bathrooms – check out Operation Beautiful for inspiration.
If you’re looking at images on the internet and in the media, think critically about the negative messages they might be sending and then move on to something more inspiring.
Tell yourself how beautiful you are, no matter what you are wearing or what the media says you should look like, and that there is so much more that makes you beautiful than just your appearance.
Surf websites and show your support for material that stimulates your mind and helps you challenge beauty norms rather than tells you what you should look like or how to be desirable. Surround yourself with people who support you and love you unconditionally for who you are, not how you look.
But Dembele is confident that if they play how they have played so often this season, they will be able to secure an important win at White Hart Lane. No nail biting or cuticle picking or hair twirling or pen clicking or coin-rattling in your pocket.
Remind yourself that you’re happy to be there, in that situation, at that event, at that moment.

When you enter a conference room or restaurant, put your hand out to confidently shake the other person’s hand. It used to bother me, affect me, and I even considered the person rejecting me to be a hater. In fact, a bad attitude will stop you from jumping over your rejections and leaving them behind.
All it takes is gaining that much more knowledge than you already have to boost your self confidence. Rejection makes you a better, stronger, wiser person as long as you look at it from the right perspective.
With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. As you build confidence in your body, you should not rely on losing weight to feel good in your own skin. It’s such an essential piece of a successful childhood recipe that I wanted to offer yet another fun resource for both parents and teachers. Encourage each child to use the photo of themselves to best draw their face and then write 6 positive words that best describe them, for young children write their words for them. It was fun to see the details they added to their face each time and the words they choose to describe themselves with. As such, it requires an extra measure of wisdom from above, as well as strength, endurance, and consistency. Take pleasure in relaxing with your children, especially after they’ve spent time working alongside you. This will furnish them with a more well-rounded view of the world and will hopefully make it easier for them to find their place in it. This is fairly easy when they are little, while you still enjoy complete control over their schedules, you pick all their friends for them, and they have not yet discovered a way around those child-proof locks (a skill some kids acquire at an exasperatingly young age). Feed your children square meals, and if you want to nourish their souls as well as their bodies, preserve the family dinner hour.
Model servant-leadership, and challenge them to follow Christ’s example, who came not to be served, but to serve. It would probably be both unrealistic and impractical to attempt to eliminate all electronic media usage from our homes, but any child who spends 53 hours a week staring at a screen could probably find something more productive to do with much of that time. Stress the importance of always playing fairly and if you must err, err in favor of your opponent. Be honest about personal flaws and quick to admit mistakes, apologizing and asking your children’s forgiveness when you wrong them. We can ask questions of them to help the process along (Socratic method), but we must not shy away from their asking questions of us, as well. You can offer your kids guidance and encouragement without smothering and micromanaging them. Don’t get so focused on correcting your children when they do wrong that you forget to praise them when they do right. Remember that we ALL have mishaps and we ALL make mistakes — surely this one is not the end of the world. Facebook and other social media sites are riddled with links to videos, memes or quizzes that can easily impact ideals of beauty, gender and sexuality.
We see a woman sitting with her legs crossed and her knees pulled slightly in to her torso. Even though there are some rays of hope, there are still broader issues at hand here: the objectification of women, the perpetuation of insecurities, and the presentation of molds we all must fit into. Reinforcing your inner attributes can give you confidence that no dress or shoes can and serve as a reminder that you are more than just a body. It will help direct your purpose in life and take the focus off of negative body image moments.
If you hear or see messages that trigger negative thinking, challenge them with the truth you know: the way you look does not determine your worth. Keep your focus on the things that matter most to you; your goals, your intentions, and your dreams.
And that will without a doubt lead to the outcome and achievements you’re looking for. Keep that up and you’ll breeze through each rejection without any sign of slowing down.
Someone who has never been rejected probably hasn’t tried to expand beyond their comforts. With this link, you can build confidence and strength in yourself no matter the status of your appearance or health.Reward your bodyYou must take into consideration that your body is working non-stop, no matter what you are doing. This free printable activity is one of my favorite self-esteem-building projects to do with kids year after year. Do not allow children to disregard the rules without consequence, or to speak to parents (or anyone else) in a disrespectful manner.
Spend time with your kids, individually (use errands as an opportunity for one-on-one time) and as a group. This task becomes more challenging, though no less important, as children grow older and begin to make most choices themselves.

Use it as an opportunity to discuss and dissect the day’s events, both within your family circle and in the world at large. Good manners make a young person stand out in a crowd in a more memorable way than the wildest tattoo or body piercing can ever do. Sharing books together this way is the surest way to foster in your kids a lifetime love for reading, which itself opens whole new worlds of knowledge and experience to them. Do not be unnecessarily harsh with them, and be quick to forgive when they repent of wrongdoing.
Anticipate, encourage, and answer their inquiries in a way that is intellectually honest, morally upright, scientifically accurate, and neither defensive nor overly-dramatic. But be forewarned: Their thoughts, tastes, and values may not always line up with yours 100%, which is okay. Neither can you expect to cling tightly until the day your child turns 18 (or 21 or 30), and then let go all at once. Engaging with these pieces is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we use a critical eye. It would be interesting to know whether the model’s intention was to cover up her belly because of insecurity or whether it was just a pose she happened to assume.
Is the media truly reflecting what goes through our minds, or do we think that way because the media tells us that is how we are supposed to? Trying on a bathing suit doesn’t have to mean that you end up feeling terrible about your body. Conversely, when you give in to whining, you reward and reinforce the very behavior that drives most of us crazy and thereby encourage your kids to whine all the more. Kids who are given cause to doubt that fact spend a lot of emotional and psychological energy worrying that their parents may divorce (then feeling somehow responsible when they do).
One of the most important lessons you can teach your child is to work hard and to take pleasure in a job well done. Even then, parents should be aware of the company their children keep, the movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the websites they frequent — not for the purpose of micro-managing or being legalistic (that plan will backfire, for sure), but in order to discuss freely and frankly any potential hazards of which parents are aware.
Teens whose families eat dinner together at least five times per week are far less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol or engage in other risky behavior.
This feeds into insecurity and sends the message that we should hide ourselves instead of learning to love and take care of our bodies.
You can show your body how thankful you are by treating it to a reward at least once a week. Of course, it should go without saying that we need to maintain a happy, positive attitude ourselves. This can completely undermine a child’s sense of stability and security and will often sidetrack the normal development of confidence and competency in multiple areas.
Take delight in their company, and let them see that delight in you eyes and your smile and your manner.
They also tend to eat more fruit and vegetables then children in families who do not consistently dine together. Parents can reserve the right to overrule younger children whenever they deem it necessary, but as your kids grow, look for ways they can express their individuality in a manner that is acceptable to both of you. Keep a firm hold on the end while they are younger, yes, but be willing to spool out the thread smoothly and steadily as needed.
This presents a contradictory message about the meaning of “sexy”: revealing clothing and suggestive poses, or hiding our bodies? Yes, we all find different attributes attractive, but that doesn’t mean that what we prefer is right, or the way that we all should look. You can take a bubble bath, get a massage, buy a new dress or go for a walk in your favorite spot.Sit up straightImproving your posture will help you not only feel confident, but look it as well. You will feel so much better about yourself when you stand or sit tall, plus it’s much healthier for you. There is no substitute for your intentional, fully-invested presence in the life of your child. It’s easy for people to get stuck in these beauty ideals or in a narrowed dichotomy, such as being attracted to fixed “types” (only small and thin or big and curvy and nothing in between). You will draw more heads when you walk with confidence.Find something new to loveLook in the mirror each night before bed, just examining your body.
I’ve been competing in pageants for over 5 years and have experienced multiple rejections that have increased my courage.
Remind yourself when you have bad moments that you have many positive attributes.Get physicalExercising provides a much needed mood boost, whether you choose to walk, run, jump rope or lift weights.
Your goal does not have to be to lose weight, but it should be to feel good in your own skin.Eliminate triggersEverybody has something they read, look at or hear that leads to feeling less confident.
Whether this includes Facebook photos of your ex and his new fling or airbrushed photos in a magazine, you need to get rid of it. Hide status updates from people who upset you and cancel magazine subscriptions that lower your confidence.There truly are ways you can feel great about your body without starving, crash dieting or binging on workouts.

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