The teenage years are crucial - your children are growing up, trying to establish their place and identity in a rapidly changing and confusing world! But, what really makes a teen so vulnerable are the hormone changes- starting at puberty, these changing and raging hormones wreck havoc into teens’ behaviours and cause mood swings.
Girls are more prone than boys to attempt suicide, although boys are more likely to actually kill themselves.
Sometimes children go through bouts of low self-esteem, resulting in them not making the most out of time spent at school or opportunities they are presented with. Encourage your child to take healthy risks, such as making a new friend, trying out a new activity or doing something that scares them a little. If your child is being particularly negative and wallowing in self-doubt, it’s important to redirect inaccurate beliefs and remind them of their strengths. However, if you’re concerned that something deeper may be bothering your child, ask them more detailed questions about school, friends, and how they view themselves.
Practice Good Posture: The way you walk and sit says a lot about how you feel about yourself.
Think Less: Over thinking about a past disappointment or a future tests is the quickest way to invite doubt and fear into your mind. Focus on the Positive: Do not look at how far you still have left to go, instead, look at how far you have come.
Smile More: Frowning generates depression and feeds the entities of doubt, fear and worry, therefore you have to make a conscious effort to always wear a smile on your face.
Let Go of Envy: It may take the strength of ten thousand Hercules to be happy for someone who has accomplished something that you also want to accomplish, but you must find that strength. Surround yourself with Awesome: Statistics show that children who grow up in a smoking and drinking household are at greater risk to picking up the habit! Talking fast might not accomplish anything and not only that, it can leave you and everyone else in the room feeling confused. Thinking negative brings you down in so many ways and can totally destroy your self confidence. Get into the habit of in the evening when the day is done; write down at least 3 things that you appreciate about yourself.
Building up your self confidence won’t happen overnight so don’t feel bad if you don’t see any results from doing these steps right away.
Each time you buy Dove®, you help us and our charitable partners provide inspiring self-esteem programming for girls. I have realized by reading the personal stories from Dove and other Facebook fans that I must begin this education with my daughter now while she is still young and keep doing it. Self-esteem is a vital characteristic for a healthy individual and an important development in growing up to be a contributing and productive member of society. A Native American Seattle area family lifestyle blogger, LaVonne is the author and editor of Long Wait For Isabella.
But if you see the following warning signs of suicide- you know they are heading for trouble. They include playing sports, taking on challenges, helping others, and having people to look up to. Here at Tutor Doctor we know how important it is to nurture and build up your child’s confidence, which is why we’ve come up with 4 ways to help build up your child’s self esteem. It will do great things for their feelings of self worth by making them feel important, loved and valued.
Even though there’s always the possibility of failure, without taking a risk there is also little opportunity for success. For example, if your child says to you; “I can’t do this maths homework, I’m really bad at it” say to them, “You’re a really good student, remember that amazing grade you got in English last week?
I know you’re doing your best- keep going!” Believe us when we say lots of encouragement will do wonders for building up your child’s self-esteem and will help them grow into a confident individual. This is because encouragement acknowledges the effort your child has put in, rather than praise which only recognises effort after they have done something ‘right’.
It is the epitome of trust, strength and hope, and it’s the mindset that you are awesome regardless of what other people may say.

Nevertheless, you can learn to take life’s disappointments and use them to grow even stronger and more confident. Slouchy, slow walkers and lazy sitters permeate sadness and depression, while quick paced, head up and shoulders back walkers and legs crossed, relaxed sitters radiate pride, confidence and complete surety. Make it a habit to simply think less – occupy your time with positive things that take your mind off of your worries.
We have the annoying habit of focusing on the negative while sweeping the positive under the rug.
While working out may hurt physically, doing so can subconsciously releases endorphins, calms the mind and balances the neurological system.
Know that neither success nor failure determines your self-worth, therefore you shouldn’t feel envious, instead, the success of others should inspire you to push harder and come out stronger. Start by writing a list of the person you want to be, however, write it as though you are already living it – saying I am instead of I will. People are easily influenced by the people and situations in their lives, therefore you must make a deliberate effort to only surround yourself with awesome. There are a few on this list I think would help me – not thinking too much and decluttering.
The main reason as to why is from not believing in themselves and lacking in self confidence. Start setting goals that you know you can do then set a couple of big goals but never overwhelm yourself with lots of big goals without having small goals in between. It can cause you to become depressed and you’ll find yourself unable to complete the tasks. Instead of working on changing your big habits first just focus on the small habits then build up to your big habits. It doesn’t matter what kind of negative thought you’re having stop it in its tracks right away. You might also consider going to a therapist to help you with building up your self-esteem. Show her beauty in all forms – expose your daughter to more than just the standard media definition of beauty. Volunteer with her – helping other people and stepping outside of comfort zones can help your daughter in so many ways. Help her share with her friends and family – look for ways to educate friends and family about real beauty and true self worth.
Dove supports partnerships with after-school programs, self-esteem building events and education resources. It is important and I am thankful to get a chance to share just a little bit about this Dove campaign. Girls, in particular, have to be fostered through the process of developing a healthy self-esteem as they deal with body image and peer pressure. Having confidence in themselves will mean that your child can try new things, learn more, ask questions and most importantly thrive in life. Remember to always make eye contact with your child so that they recognise that you’re giving them your full attention and listening to exactly what they’re saying.
By conquering something they are scared of or tackling something new will be especially helpful in building up self-esteem levels. Let’s work together and see if we can figure this homework out.” Reminding your child that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses is a key way to help build up their self-esteem levels.
Praise can sometimes make a child feel as though they are only good enough if they have done something perfectly, and too much can create pressure to perform and set up a continual need for approval from others. On the other side of self confidence is doubt, fear and worry – these three entities have the annoying habit of stealing confidence away; suddenly you forget about your awesomeness and begin to over-focus on your short comings. You are awesome, close your eyes, think about the positives in your life and remember your awesomeness. Making New Year resolutions, goals and new dreams is one thing but a lot of us tend to never finish them.
You will start to feel better about yourself after you start to achieve the small goals and that will build up your confidence.

Complaining causes doubt and a lot of other problems that you might not even think about at the time. It’s almost the same as to when you’re trying to set small goals but this time it’s focusing on your bad habits. Maybe you just woke up and already being hard on yourself for waking up late and having a lot of negative thoughts about the day.
It might be hard to write down the things that you appreciate about yourself but the more you do it, the easier it will become and it will help your self-confidence in a lot of ways.
I try not to be too hard on her, but I often fail and expect more than her almost five years can live up to. When they live in a home where they feel valued it is easier for them to grow up with a feeling of self worth.
The most important message to send your child is that effort and seeing something through to the end is what really counts.
Here is an example of a self confidence affirmation list: I am confident, I am strong, I am successful, I am a great parent, I am financially secure, I am healthy, I am sexy, I am intelligent, I am talented, I am a great spouse, I am a positive role model, I am changing the world for the better. Additionally, you should watch less news and gossip less, instead play silly games with your kids and invite awesomeness into your life.
Once your place is free of clutter, your mind will begin to free itself of confidence killing negativity. If you’re trying to stop smoking then that’s not a small habit but let’s say you have a habit of always arriving late. Slouching makes you not only look bad but can cause you to feel lazy and not want to accomplish anything plus it’s bad for your health. Instead, they tend to speak slowly because it shows that they are confident with what they are doing. Being kind and generous to others can make you feel so much better about yourself and at the same time, it can really help the other person in many different ways that you might not even see openly.
When you start feeling negative about yourself or down then replace those thoughts with positive ones. When it’s near the end of the month go back and read all of those things that help you to feel better about yourself. With images being bombarded at her daily and the ever increasing global internet age she will grow up with so much more advertising being thrown at her. Start working on your self confidence and in time you’ll be able to complete those goals and dreams that you have in mind. Let’s say you want to lose weight and cannot motivate yourself or maybe you find yourself not having any energy to do so – first step would be to stop making excuses, then to stop complaining and find the solution you need to help you with losing weight.
You can practice sitting tall in your room then you can practice walking around standing tall. Maybe you need to go and finish your degree in college so that way you can get a better job. Once you’ve started to overcome your small habits you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. The more you practice it, the more you’ll get use to it and before you know it, you’ll find yourself never slouching again.
Once you are doing the things that you love and have a job that you really like, you’ll start to feel so much better about yourself. Pray and mediate some more in order to figure out how you can overcome any negative self images that you might have.
Say positive affirmations about the day and about yourself whenever you start to feel down or whenever you to start to think negative.

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