Delivered by Karen Loring, this session will explore what Self Development is, how we might develop ourselves, and look more closely at how change works and how to manage it.
Feel free to check out the following pages in your quest in understanding self development and the part it has to play in your life. Basically, the more self-development I do to become a better leader, the more my team will benefit from the training.
Self Development is foundational to all people in sales, network marketing, internet marketing, mlm, real estate, and anyone who is an entrepreneur.  Bottom line.
I am at a different level of development, so the personal development information takes on a different level of meaning and understanding for me.
If you wish to be successful, you need to work on yourself, mentioned Jim Rohn when he mentored to thousands.

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We will provide some answers and some background to the questions raised in the last section.
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After all in life we are the most important ingredient and to make the most of our talents and skills, energy and enthusiasm is to truly honor the life that we have in our hands.

Self development, utilizing your talents, realizing your potential, boosts your self esteem and enables you to get the most out of life. And become the best that we can be - for if there is a competition in life then it is with ourselves (and with no one else, though it very much appears to be that way).

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