For the first and possibly only time in history, thank to an Exclusive Partnership with the Vatican, you can now enter inside the Vatican Secret Archives which has been kept closed for centuries. The tour will then allow you to climb up to the Vatican’s first astronomy tower, the 200-foot-high Tower of the Winds. At the top you’ll visit the chambers bursting with color and succulent frescos spread across the 30-foot-high walls and a coin-sized hole in the wall revealing a tiny circle of sky.
This exclusive gives you access to places that are off-limits to the public, allowing you to see a side of the Vatican that most never will. Please note that this tour is very limited, subjects to strict rules and needs to be booked much in advance.

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It was built in 1578 for the pope’s astronomers to track the movements of the sun and stars, record the shifting directions of the wind. Every March 21a ray of sunlight will point at noon on an eight-pointed rosette in the floor to mark the spring equinox.
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They are a small collective, based across the UK but with main recording facilities in Croydon, South London. Because access is only via the Secret Archives, very few from the outside world set foot it in here.

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