For years, travelers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India's ashrams and retreat centers to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda healing. From by-donation yoga programs at a southern India center to luxury wellness retreats at an upscale Himalayas destination spa, these 10 retreat centers accommodate every budget and level of interest, from the yoga-curious to experienced meditation practitioners. The Art of Living International Center, a 65-acre campus located on top of the Panchagiri Hills outside Bangalore, is a popular destination for peace-seekers from abroad heading to India for the ashram experience. Meditation Retreats give you the opportunity to retreat into silent contemplation, to explore your inner self.  These kind of spiritual retreats are an exploration into consciousness, an opportunity to tame the 'monkey mind' and find some stillness in a fast moving world. When we take time out of our everyday lives to meditate, we are increasingly aware of how the mind functions, how scattered our thoughts are and how in turn this affects our daily lives. If you want to make a brake and take time for yourself, a few days escape can be enough to renovate energies and find back your balance.
This is a program based on positivity, Vital Life Energy and the philosophy of "A Smile Breeds a Smile" that will help you specially during difficult moments or when you get the feeling of having a monotonous live.
You can arrive in Bali any day of the week, as long as we have confirmed availability with you. Whether you're looking for a disciplined daily meditation routine at a spiritual center or a luxury spa with a focus on wellness and healing, the country's many retreat centers all promise visitors stress reduction, self-discovery and an escape from a busy urban lifestyle. With mountainside trails, gardens, a lake and organic farms surrounding the facility, it's the perfect place to get some peace and quiet.

Achieving enlightenment may be an unrealistic concept to the Western mind, so how about focusing on creating your own sense of inner calmness, a harmonious mind. By retreating from the outside world and focusing within, you’re giving yourself a wonderful gift. We’re proud to team up with Four Seasons to offer luxury Bali meditation and yoga holidays.
It's a chance to get away, refocus and have simple, positive, fun all organised and accompanied by your personal Woman Escape host. You will be taken shopping to great places, have endless massages, healing therapies, manicures & pedicures.
This is a program suitable for people of varying ages; those who have experienced emotional upheaval, professionals who need to relax on all levels, those who do not wish to holiday alone or mothers needing a break (we can even organise childcare for the duration of your stay). You will stay  far from crowded and noisy areas, enjoying some peace and relax atmosphere.
You can book within the operating dates alone or organize the best time to come with your own group of friends. Guests (who come from all cultures and religious backgrounds) are invited to participate in voluntary service, helping with cooking, cleaning and general upkeep of the ashram.
By practicing meditation regularly we can gain clarity and calmness in the face of life’s challenges.

Learning or improving your meditation technique during an intensive meditation retreat, you hold the tools by which to manage yourself in the outside world. You can get dressed up for sunset cocktails over shimmering waters and mingle in some of the fabulous bars and restaurants if you would like to.
But close enough to great restaurants, shops and leisure activities if you decide to enjoy them, it is your own decision.
Our recommended meditation retreats focus on creating a harmonious mind, using it to make our body’s healthier and purifying the mind, releasing past negative traumas. We’ve personally experienced both physical and emotional release during silent meditation retreats and witnessed alleviation of ailments. If you feel unfocused in your personal life or work, a concentration meditation is in order.
When meditation becomes part of your daily life, troubles become more manageable, general health improves and calmness and clarity are welcomed.

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