I arrived early at the class purposely so I could position myself near the back, standard tactics by me whenever I go to an exercise class! So first of all we started with a warm up using the larger ball, picking it and swinging it from side to side, up and down and back to front. We then moved on to a range of Pilates exercises on the ball, such as core exercises, perfect for post pregnancy Mammas looking to lose the mummy tummy! I would advise this exercise class for post natal exercise as it will really help tone up your mummy tummy as well as the rest of your body!
Exercise Balls, Exercise Bands, Pilates, Therapy & Home Fitness Equipment for your health & fitness needs! Balls'N'Bands is your one stop shopping place for all you need to get fit using exercise balls and exercise bands. Our rankings are based on a variety of factors, including: customer reviews, our own 4-point criteria (see below), and the number of purchases in the most recent 6-month period.
Below you’ll find our top-ranked favorites and links to where to buy them at the lowest cost possible.
This amazing product was the first to market, has been a top seller for the past five years, and the customer testimonials show it. Your company did a great job of answering all my questions and helped me find a great deal.

I got myself a large fit ball and then a smaller ball along with a mat, and waited for the teacher to arrive.
Any new product released on the market will be reviewed and has the opportunity to make it on this list.
This unique product is one of the few that features a full lower back support with adjustments. So Pilates on a fit ball for an hour sounded like a challenge and I was determined to try it, even if I was to make a fool of myself! Balance and stability is key in this class, engaging your core really helps with this, something I discovered after rolling off the ball several times. When the class had finished I felt fine, like I had done a good exercise class, but not aching core. After hunting for new core exercises, I finally found an exercise class that felt like it had worked.
You’ll find it easy to strengthen your core and inprove your bodily health even while seated. It’s similarity to conventional office chairs make it a favorite for those who want a smooth transition to a more ergonomic approach to seating.
She will be going to different classes and testing the exercises to bring you tips and ideas on making exercise fun so you can enjoy a healthy, active pregnancy or get back in to exercise now your little one has arrived!

I went to the gym afterwards did my normal routine and felt pretty smug leaving the gym that day. The features that might be ideal for one individual, might not be the right features for another. The Gaiam Custom Fit encourages you to sit in perfect posture while being ultimately comfortable. Randy Weinzoff, this seat does wonders for reversing any back pain caused by sitting long hours at the desk.
It comes with a nice package of extras including a stretching guide and 1.5 hour DVD featuring different exercises and workouts you can do with this amazing product.
It comes with a adjustment bar, pump, desktop manual, and gliders for you to move around your workspace.

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