Together they have successfully combined the multi-cultural beats, sensuous electronica, guitar and piano flavors and occasional vocals of their legendary Buddha-Lounge series with the peaceful atmospheres of their healing and meditation music, resulting in an innovative new form of music ideal for Yoga and other pleasures.
Yoga Planet is the gracefully modern alternative to traditional yoga music and is also ideal for exercising, intimate parties or just relaxing. The results are uniformly stellar, surprisingly accomplished and quite varied for this particular genre. Unlike a lot of these types of albums, each song offers the listener a different take on the theme, while maintaining continuity of mood (a requirement for a good chill-out album). Check out the bossa nova-ish "Luminous Sunset," the trippy-jazzy "Gliding in Azure," the Ibiza-tinted exotic world flavors of "Asana Lounge" or the laid-back funkified "Soft Landing" to sample the assortment of grooves and beats that awaits you and your customers. The music opens like a beautiful flower, lush melodiousness escaping like pollen, invading your senses.
Getting caught up is what music is all about, and The Gordon Brothers play a wicked game of catch. Their nice combination of groove artists and spiritual solace seekers gets you dancing if you want to, but it can send you into a deep meditative trance as well. Yoga Planet was designed for moving through a series of yoga poses, and the Gordons seem keyed in to just what sounds and tempos best suit the mixture of exercise and contemplation that are daily asanas. Each track offers a low, steady soulful beat, spine-tingling electronic sounds, whooshing and purring ambience, flutes, percussion, vibes, strength, love, power, everything the body needs to get closer to its healing source. With simple, propulsive bass lines, "Gliding in Azure" comes rolling out like the notches of your spine in a slow downward-facing dog before settling into a deep reggae bass line with a twirling-backward melodic back end, jangling tambourine, wood blocks, and alternating currents of lowrider groove and deep dub.
Lurching nice and slow into a reverb-drenched synth melody, the track simultaneously delivers the pulse-setting grooves and takes a back step so you've got lots of room to mellow out.
It works well as party music for a sophisticated cocktail party or a late-night, post-club slow-dance-athon, as evinced by the lounge-lizard vibes of "Luminous Sunset" (you can almost hear the sounds of sophisticated happy-hour revelers in the background).

The Gordons can do it all, and with Yoga Planet they've created a unified work that transcends its modest ambitions to become a nice any-occasion sort of disc. A portion of the album sale proceeds go to the Save the Rainforest network, so you know their hearts are in the right place, but you would know that from the music. The Gordon Brothers don't have to say a word there are no vocals to make it clear that they know their stuff. LA Yoga Magazine Award-winning sound visionaries David and Steve Gordon are the duo who brought us Buddha Lounge and Earth Drum.
The compositions on this release are similar to what they've delivered in the past, which are very loungy, peaceful and cool beats. For the most part, Yoga Planet is a "chill out" album that has a respectful intention. There is very little stress or tension going on between solo instruments and the rhythm tracks. The Gordon Brothers sound is electronic, hypnotic, soothing and repetitious with a very deep space and grooviness lassoed with acoustic guitar riffs and a variety of feel-good music samples.
The tracks evoke traces of trance sequences that certainly provide a healthy balance of hypnotic vibrations and calming ambience. Should you be in need of some new grooves to fill your soul, this album is polished and nails the genre down to a format.
The music here can be a very good choice for yoga classes, bodywork as well as for trip-hop-type dance rooms Music Design In Review With the many meditation and healing albums they've released over the years, David and Steve Gordon have proven that they know how to craft a graceful album of ambient music. Their work on the various albums on the Sequoia Groove label ("Buddha-Lounge," "Cafe De Luna") has shown that they have a good grasp of groove as well.
Both of those proficiencies are brought together in a celebration of yoga practice on YOGA PLANET.
The music here was designed by the brothers specifically to enhance a daily set of asanas, featuring lush, earthy beats coupled with multi-cultural instrumentation, flute, piano and lounge-oriented synth atmosphere.
It strikes a perfect balance between being stimulating and calm, providing a mellow environment within which yoga, bodywork or deep relaxation can flourish.

Having passed 25 years as a record label, you can imagine they have one heck of a discography. Although initially determined only to create electronica remixes of their worldbeat music, they wound up only using a few elements of the original tracks, opting instead to let their creative juices flow in entirely new directions.
The deliriously exquisite result is Yoga Planet, which could serve as a soundtrack to a future documentary detailing what happened after the oceans rose and two billion people had to move to higher ground. In other words, while Yoga Planet sounds so fresh that it could actually be from the future, that future is much closer than we think. Instruments used on Yoga Planet range from guitars, bass and drums to keyboards, piano, Native flutes, world percussion and much more. While "Asana Lounge," "Luminous Sunset" and "Savasana Glow" are particular favorites, every track deserves close attention. The title, Yoga Planet evokes the idea that just as the practice of yoga isn't limited to one form, the available music shouldn't isn't either. These brothers have been releasing award-winning albums for over 25 years, continuing their success with Yoga Planet. The smooth melodies of Yoga Planet are hypnotizing, creating a trance-like mood that falls somewhere between wakefulness and dreaming. Some songs are a little more jazzy and upbeat, getting me snapping my fingers and getting into the groove with whoever is around me at the time. Mellow, yet energetic, Yoga Planet is a combination of sensual electronica, electric and acoustic guitar, piano, keyboard, native flutes and multi-cultural beats. Helping to keep a relaxed focus without falling asleep or getting so excited that you burn all your fuel too quickly, the tracks evoke an awareness within.

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